Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We The People Of Ontario Have No Protection

I make this statement clear and loud. We have no protection when we identify any improper acts by those we elect. Office of the Integrity Commissioner of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario says so in writing with the official emblem on top of the letter plus the French translation to the right of the official emblem in case you need it repeated.

We elect them but have no protection against them! That is the power of democracy in Ontario! As we consider issues of importance in the looming provincial election we must remember this. Place your X against your chosen one and then shut up for the next four years. Don't dare think you have any voice afterward. The Office of the Integrity Commissioner is only there for elected individuals to raise questions of integrity and conduct against each other. I can see him being the busiest individual in government. Somehow I don't think he needs any staff at all. Who in their right mind would believe that our elected would point out issues such as this against each other? Come now the wheel does turn and what happens when the shoe and foot are exchanged (sorry couldn't help that one).

For instance here in St. Catharines' home base riding for Minister Jim Bradley (the issues raised before the Integrity Commissioner relate to Minister Jim Bradley, read Double Dipping - Part Two (Part Deux) and Minister Jim Bradley Protecting A Political Pal), has a PC candidate Sandie Bellows. A story in the Sun newspaper by Christine Blizzard states that Sandie Bellows is a close personal friend of Minister Jim Bradley. Without hesitation Sandie Bellows survived hell at the hands of an animal. My personal views on such offenders goes way beyond bracelets. Sandie Bellows without question is an individual with strength beyond many and deserves every ounce of respect. But we are now in the minefield of politics. As much as I respect Bellows and her strength under no circumstances would I believe she would look at the facts raised against her family friend Minister Jim Bradley objectively. Jim Bradley is quoted by Christine Blizzard with these words, “I said we will start the campaign as very good friends and we will end the campaign as very good friends.” So much for the Integrity Commissioner and who he really works for.

The Office of the Integrity Commissioner did not clear the minister nor put his name in their response. The Office of the Integrity Commissioner took 14 days to review all the evidence provided them. The Office of the Integrity Commissioner did not advise as to who would be the right person to handle such an issue. The Office of the Integrity Commissioner only said they are not there for the public, the people of Ontario. So who is? Who listens to the people of Ontario?

My original letter to the Integrity Commissioner is posted to show who the minister is that is in question. The Integrity Commissioner left his name out intentionally only naming the name of the ministry. This leads to incorrect conclusions, it appears an intentional misconception presented by the Integrity Commissioner. I am setting the facts straight, this does not relate to any minister of the McGuinty government other then Minister Jim Bradley in his time as Minister for Municipal Affairs and Housing in 2010. The information brought forward to the Integrity Commissioner does not relate to the current Minister for Municipal Affairs Rick Bartolucci. The Integrity Commissioner intentionally left out Minister Jim Bradley's name, why?

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