Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Update: November 1st 2010.

Update: November 1st 2010.

Bergsma of The Standard lied knowingly and I have challenged her in the open, publicly. VanSickle as City Editor was responsible for the lie and equally lied publicly. On October 26th 2010 top of page A6 is this caption.

“Mayor: Second place finisher says he’s appalled by votes for Beam, Davidoff and LeBlanc.”

As you read this page, a continuation of a Bergsma story from front page, you will see a quote by D’Intino on paragraph number 7, and I quote:

“Why would someone vote for Terry LeBlanc or John Beam, who registered at the last minute and who didn’t even want to be elected” he asked. “The fact that two of them together got almost 2000 votes is appalling to me.”

Mr. D’Intino does not mention my name. Bergsma and VanSickle lied again. WHY? It comes apparently easy for both.

Now listen to the voice of VanSickle the City Editor for The Standard. He called me on October 27th 2010 and I recorded him. VanSickle almost ready to cry in his voice. The hypocrite goes on that he wants to talk to me as “father to father.” According to him his kid brought my flyer to him where publicly I call Bergsma, VanSickle, Kriluck and Bullis liars. They are! Now he says that I slandered them yet no threat of lawyers. McMullan threatened me on October 22nd by phone that he referred this to his Toronto lawyers. Where are they McMullan? I am still waiting! Councillor Stevens threatened me with her “solicitors” in August. Where are they Stevens? I am still waiting! Neither McMullan nor Stevens can carry through with their threats as under no circumstances can they risk the public airing of their corrupt act in fixing a lawful by-law fine. I WELCOME IT McMULLAN! I WELCOME IT STEVENS!

Now VanSickle as the City Editor cries on the phone that he has been exposed as a liar! He says I slandered him. If I was wrong and you can prove it you would want to take action. VanSickle you know you lied and all you can now do is cry? You have impressed me I do say. VanSickle tries to make me say specifically what he lied about and in the end says, “We stand by what we print.” Thank you VanSickle legally I needed that. So you stand by October 26th and page A6? So you stand by the lie printed October 22nd page A3? So you stand by the lie printed October 14th page A3? By the way VanSickle your name appears on the top of each page mentioned! Any comment on that VanSickle, not “father to father” but man to man? I don’t think so. Listen to VanSickle’s voice and you can only be sickened. A liar caught now has to cry.

To you McMullan. Any Toronto lawyers yet? I am still waiting. On October 26th 2010 you are quoted as saying the “blog… isn’t true.” Do you stand by that McMullan? The voice of Stevens isn’t true? Mark Leeson only a liar? Is that what you are saying McMullan? When you called Mark Leeson at home, remember that McMullan, angry as hell. You told him not to record the conversation are you sure it wasn’t? You called Mark Leeson after 8:00 pm angry at why he gave the answering machine message by Stevens to anyone. Remember that? When you met with Mark Leeson at the local branch of the Legion in Merritton and said that the ticket was taken care of, do you remember that?

Now listen to a uniformed police officer from the NRP he was at my home on October 22nd 2010. He came to get background information on the Lindal harassment. This officer stayed for 35 minutes, 45 seconds and was recorded. What you have here is only a portion of our conversation relating directly to Stevens and her telephone answering machine message. Listen to a uniformed police officer as he explains how to handle a by-law fine if one believes it to be
unjust. Maybe McMullan you want to call this officer a liar too!

Neither Bergsma nor VanSickle or anyone from The Standard will walk away from the consequences of their intentional lies. Neither McMullan nor Stevens will walk away from the consequences of their corrupt act in fixing a lawful by-law fine.

Where are your lawyers McMullan? Where are your solicitors Stevens?

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