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Update: May 1st 2011

You have read the lies by Officer Cataldo of the Niagara Regional Police in his Incident Report and have heard the voice recording of Officer Catlado from October 24th  2010. Now comes part two of the Niagara Regional Police and their attempt to destroy, taint and tamper with the evidence of the corrupt act by Mayor Brian McMullan and City Councillor Jennie Stevens. The Niagara Regional Police in fact made three separate attempts to discredit the facts and label me, the final update will follow soon and it is as alarming as Officer Cataldo's full and intentional lies on the Incident Report #2010-103419.

On October 22nd 2010 Officer Donovan of the Niagara Regional Police Service came to my home. Officer Donovan said he was sent to gather facts on the harassment and threat by the mother of Councillor Stevens, then a candidate herself for Regional Council, one Pat Lindal. Officer Shawn Donovan stayed in my home for over 30 minutes. HE WAS RECORDED, the full recording is available here. Before I say anything else Officer Donovan was respectful, polite and took pages of notes. You will hear him on several occasions stop me to read back his notes, as he put it so he gets it right. Well Officer Donovan, only because you showed more manners will I say then that you must of put your notebook into the dryer on a gentle tumble cycle. Yet a lie is a lie, it is the distortion of facts for an ulterior motive and Officer Donovan if you had in fact used your notes you may of written a report that was at least loosely based on fact and truth.

So now to page 3 of 7 of the Incident Report #2010-102654 compiled by Officer Donovan of the Niagara Regional Police, and again I stress Officer Donovan was recorded. Once again I stress that a police Incident Report is a serious legal document, it is used as evidence and can be the difference between a conviction or acquittal. One individual, and I've spoken to several, was told by a judge that he appeared honest and credible, and he had no record of any past wrong doing, yet the judge said that he had to take the officer's Incident Report as fact and convicted that individual. The officer in that situation LIED both in court and on his Incident Report. Sadly for Chief Wendy Southall, Chief of the Niagara Regional Police Service I can prove outright your officers LIED on their Incident Reports. That Chief Wendy Southall is a frightening situation.

Now Incident Report 2010-102654 and its contents. Constable Donovan I have to say that either your note taking isn't worth much or you simply had trouble with facts and truth. You open up paragraph number 3 with words that make no sense. First of all you were dispatched by Det. Sergeant Clint Sears because of my letter to Chief Wendy Southall. Now listen to your own voice on the recording and try explain your words on the Incident Report #2010-102654. I told you and Chief Southall, and indirectly then Sergeant Sears, that Pat Lindal harassed and threatened businesses for advertising in the newsletter. You wrote, “as a result of a article written by a Pat Lindal.” Do you have problems hearing people? You read your notes back to me on more than one instance through the 30 plus minutes you sat in my home! Preston Haskell is a senior but there is no junior Preston Haskell, and where the hell did you get all that stuff a “member of numerous environmental agencies boards in St. Catharines”? First of all St. Catharines has no environmental agencies, I think I am the only environmentalist in Niagara with a real background in environmental work. The “sounding board for virtually anyone wishing to be heard,” where did that come from?

Paragraph four starting with the famous “Davidoff,” oh before I go on though your grammar is crap you should read before pushing that print button. First of all, I NEVER said to you I had “knowledge” of something, that would diminish what I had done. I told you I had proof, evidence Constable Donovan of the corrupt act! So in paragraph 3 “Pat Lindal (no further information)” and now “Jennie Stevens....seeking re-election for regional council,” the rest of that sentence is pure insanity. You go on to say the stuff of “knowledge”....”regional council” and “violated rules under the Municipal Elections Act with the help of St. Catharines mayor Brian McMullen,” (by the way Constable Donovan 'mayor' should of been with capital 'M' as its a title and you misspelled the Mayor's name 3 times). All of this an absolute stupid lie! It does continue though. What I am “outraged” over Constable Donovan is the insanity of this paragraph and the complete stupidity of the lies. For God's sake man you were recorded don't you realize that? This paragraph, its sentences and dare I use the term 'thoughts' were taken and thrown into a dryer, tumbled and evidently came out dizzy, confused and simply stupid.

So paragraph 4 a total jumble of lies now onward we go to paragraph #5. This is truly an adventure eh. Now you have surgically separated the harassment by Pat Lindal of innocent people, turned it into a farce and now you step on the facts. You say, “he will conduct his own investigation....” When the hell did I say that Constable Donovan? Finishing you say, “To date the writer has no knowledge...” and that is the only truth you spoke of Constable Donovan.

Constable Donovan was sent on an expedition to discover facts for a Det. Sergeant. He had a 'handy dandy notebook' and sat in a comfortable chair. He was recorded, each and every word ( I no lie, just listen to him) even when he interrupts to re-read his notes so that he is getting all the facts correctly. He then writes an Incident Report that is a lie and a rambling misrepresentation of facts, jumbled up, twisted and wrapped with a cover sheet present to Detective Sergeant. What do you think the great detective did. Just look at the next page!

Chief Wendy Southall, Chief of the Niagara Regional Police, the opening words on page 5 are, “Following a police investigation.” What investigation? Was it the facts presented by Constable Donovan? Heck he lied and mumbled through his teeth. Did your detectives speak to any of the innocent people harassed and terrorized by Pat Lindal? Did your detectives speak to the publisher of the newsletter? Oh, that's right your detectives waited for the victims to contact them, that's how it works then? So a harassing letter sent to a business to force it not to advertise in a publication, a publication that made public the corrupt act of her little girl, so momma decides she doesn't like the truth public not even on a limited basis, she then decides to threaten those who have nothing to do with the article. But hell your 'detectives' read the letter and not the Criminal Code!

Chief Wendy Southall can you explain the lies by your Constable Cataldo in his Incident Report #2010-103419? Chief Wendy Southall can you explain the lies by your Consable Donovan in his Incident Report #2010-102654? No you can not Chief Southall not in any logical form, yet the truth is so damaging and dangerous. Both constables recorded, how were they going to get away with it Chief Southall? All that's left is part three, the final chapter of this evidence of the actions of the Niagara Regional Police in an attempt to destroy evidence, tamper with facts, label and slander an individual willing to fight for the truth and the law.

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