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Welcome to the debut of No-ad-LIB.blogspot has come about to bring forward information on the Dalton McGuinty government and its ministers, to raise serious questions not really expecting any response. In St. Catharines Minister James Bradley is out with his bag of tricks or treats to collect votes. No-ad-LIB as well as mayorgate has proven how questionable Minister Bradley's promises are. It is not only Minister Bradley, but Environmental Minister Wilkinson and his ominous prediction on a “dirtier Ontario.” Municipal Affairs Minister Bartolucci and his mandate to enforce the Municipal Act and Government Services Minister Takhar. Minister Takhar could be renamed Horrendous Takhar and all the proof is available on

Bring your comments and thoughts whether you agree or otherwise. It is time for open discussion even if Premier McGuinty would rather stay quiet on this one. 

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Monday, August 22, 2011

In Memory Of An Inspirational Canadian: Mr. Jack Layton

In sorrow and in memory of a man who inspired the meaning to be Canadian.  Although I have no political allegiance Mr. Jack Layton was a man I admired and thought of as a true example of someone who had a love for Canada, for its people and the ideals that make this country what it is.  With deepest sorrow I pass on my condolences to the family of Mr. Jack Layton.  Though we bid you farewell sir we will not forget you.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Minister Jim Bradley Protecting a Political Pal

Minister James (Jim the rock) Bradley you are out hot on the trail to find votes, full of empty promises and a cheque book from boss Premier Dalton McGuinty. You come to the people of St. Catharines with lies of dignity and service, I know better Minister Jim Bradley. Here and now I confront you with questions can you find any courage or dignity to answer them?

As Minister for Municipal Affairs you were in the position of responsibility to enforce the Municipal Act. What part of that did you find hard to understand when you swore an oath? On March 30, 2010 I sent you a letter outlining in clear language and with absolute proof of a breach of the Municipal Act by St. Catharines Mayor Brian McMullan and a St. Catharines Councillor Jennie Stevens. The evidence I provided was the recorded answering machine message left by Councillor Stevens, in her own voice (not a voice actor). This message confirmed that Mayor McMullan had fixed a lawful by-law fine. Fixing a fine is illegal! No mayor has the right to forgive, put aside, fix or in any way interfere with a lawful by-law fine. It is a breach of the Municipal Act, breach of Oath of Office and possibly criminal. As the minister responsible for the enforcement of the Municipal Act you had the responsibility to investigate and act. Do you remember your response to me? Now before you shoot off too soon, in my letter to you and to Premier McGuinty I had said that I sought legal advice. I did not say I retained legal counsel on the issue nor that I had a lawyer taking legal action. Under no circumstances did I say in my letter of March 30, 2010 that I had retained a lawyer on the issue that was brought to you. I did say that I had asked the lawyer who was to handle an environmental issue for advice, nothing more. The advice I got from that lawyer was to try and contact the Minister for Municipal Affairs.

Now your response dated May 3, 2010. Do you remember that one? You walked away from your responsibility with an excuse. First of all a breach of the Municipal Act and a corrupt act by a mayor you called “a local responsibility” and you said “best resolved locally.” The Mayor, Mayor Brian McMullan of St. Catharines, committed a corrupt act, who in the municipal offices of St. Catharines has the authority to enforce the Municipal Act? You also said that since I retained legal counsel that you could not intervene. Mayor Brian McMullan of St. Catharines is a friend of yours? What you had in front of you was concrete proof of a corrupt act by a pal. You Minister Bradley protected a pal at the cost of your oath! Will you try to deny that Mayor Brian McMullan is a friend, a pal?

Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees equality to all Canadians. An ideal worth fighting for a treasure to behold. As a minister sworn to uphold the laws of the land you are still thought of as an equal Canadian to any other. Yet as an elected member of government there are times when your integrity has to be weighed against certain rights of action. As a minister responsible for the enforcement of the Municipal Act you walked away from that responsibility to protect a political pal. Now that political pal only a few months later came to your door with his hand out for a contribution to his election campaign. What did you do Minister James (Jim the rock) Bradley? Political contributions are signs of support, none of us are stupid enough to believe otherwise. They are not bribes are they? Well the question does linger when someone contributes more than the Municipal Elections Act allows. Yet generally a political contribution is a way to say that you support a particular candidate. No argument on that eh?

As Minister for Municipal Affairs you protected your pal Mayor Brian McMullan. Mayor Brian McMullan was putting together the pennies for his re-election campaign. You Minister James Bradley gave Mayor McMullan (now you remember who he is right? The same guy you protected from breach of the Municipal Act as Minister for Municipal Affairs responsible for the enforcement of the Municipal Act) a financial contribution. A slight conflict of interest? A question of integrity? Most definitely yes on all counts! You Minister James Bradley provided a clear sign of support, in the form of a cheque, money order or credit card to the same political pal you protected only a few short months prior.

Contact with the Ombudsman's Office of Ontario led to advice that I first refer this to the Integrity Commissioner. I have done that in writing. Again my proof is not possible to deny.

You now have been moved to the Community Safety & Correctional Services ministry and pseudo Solicitor General. There you were given proof, hard evidence of Niagara Regional Police intentionally lying on police incident reports, official documents of record sworn under oath. The situation revolves around your pal Mayor Brian McMullan. What did you do with that one?

As a minister of the provincial government you swear an oath Minister James Bradley. You not only breached that oath you brought shame to the office of Minister. Protecting a corrupt political pal wasn't enough, you were arrogant, so arrogant that you gave a financial contribution to his re-election campaign after. Your arrogance supersedes it all. Now you're here Minister James Bradley with your bag of tricks or treats, all full of lies. Answer my questions, find some dignity to do so. I didn't think so. Answer the people of St. Catharines. You swore an oath Minister Bradley as did your pal Mayor Brian McMullan. You both corrupt the office of public service and democracy.

Answer Me Minister James Bradley!

Alexander Davidoff
53 Almond Street
St. Catharines, Ontario
L2T 1G2

August 10, 2011

Office of the Integrity Commissioner
Suite 2102, 2 Bloor St. E
Toronto, Ontario, M4W 1A8

Dear Integrity Commissioner:

After contact with a representative from the office of the Ombudsman of Ontario and upon advice I am bringing to your attention a serious situation regarding a current MPP of the Liberal Party. The integrity of our elected representatives is not only an integral component of the public's trust in government it is the basis for fair and equal representation.

In St. Catharines a situation surrounding a corrupt act by the mayor unfolded in 2010. All the details and evidence was sent to the Premier, Dalton McGuinty and to the Minister for Municipal Affairs, at that time Minister James Bradley. The issue described and backed up with direct evidence was breach of the Municipal Act and breach of Oath of Office. All of this very serious and full evidence in support of the allegations provided. As Minister for Municipal Affairs, Minister James Bradley was responsible for the enforcement of the Municipal Act. These were breaches of the Municipal Act that could not be ignored.

A response came in writing from Premier Dalton McGuinty dated April 20th 2010. In that response the Premier states, “as this issue falls under the responsibility of my colleague the Honourable Jim Bradley...” Then came a response from Minister James Bradley dated May 3rd 2010, with it shock. Everyone here in St. Catharines knows that the Mayor Brian McMullan and Minister Jim Bradley are friends not only associated through politics. Yet the clear breaches of the Municipal Act and Oath of Office by Mayor McMullan could not be ignored. I had spoken with a solicitor prior to writing to both the Premier and Minister Bradley. It was upon legal advice that I had turned to my elected government for action. Minister Bradley's response was not understandable at all.

If this was simply an issue of not agreeing with the decision of an MPP then I would not have grounds to bring it to your attention for investigation. It is far beyond that. Minister Jim Bradley protected Mayor McMullan from investigation and any action. Minister Bradley's response of May 3rd 2010 made that clear. That was not enough and would be difficult to prove that Minister Bradley had other considerations as motivation beyond the responsibilities of an elected MPP, one responsible for the enforcement of the Municipal Act. What Minister Jim Bradley did following this is what needs questioning and investigation.

Several months after the response was sent by Minister Bradley a financial contribution was made by Minister Bradley to Mayor McMullan's re-election campaign. Financial statements of Mayor McMullan declare a campaign contribution and an address for the contributor. Once again financial statements of Minister Bradley provide the confirmation that it is his address. As a minister responsible to take action in a breach of legislation and law Minister Bradley refused to do as was required. Then only a few months later he provides support to the re-election campaign of the very individual that he had the responsibility and mandate to investigate.

This was a public sign of support, a blatant and arrogant sign of support. It was not enough that Minister Jim Bradley protected Mayor McMullan, a friend form consequences of his actions. Now Minister Bradley provides the proof of support that raises serious questions as to the actions of the minster. True as any resident of any city or town in Canada we can provide support in any form to a candidate in an election. It is our right to do so in a democratic society. Yet the conduct of Minister Jim Bradley goes beyond democratic rights and freedoms. Minister Bradley is an elected public official and his conduct, his actions are open to public scrutiny. A financial contribution in this situation was both arrogant and stupid.

Minister Bradley's response of May 3rd 2010 now stands in a new light and open for questioning. His excuse that I had sought legal counsel was insane. If I had filed legal action at the time then it would be appropriate to mention. Legal counsel is only legal advice and cannot nor should it prevent the Minister responsible for the enforcement of legislation to act accordingly. This campaign contribution proves the support and friendship between Minister Jim Bradley and Mayor McMullan. It is without hesitation a question of the integrity of Minister Jim Bradley and the integrity of his decisions and actions. An investigation is needed into the actions of Minister Jim Bradley. This is within the mandate of your office and cannot be ignored.

Sincerely yours,

Alexander Davidoff.

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Monday, August 15, 2011


Today is my birthday and Mayorgate takes a rest from the serious. Thank you to all of you and today I celebrate my joyous family; my love, my friend, my precious wife. And today I celebrate my community that I am so proud of. I post only the following words written by my daughter Alexandra on my birthday card.

Thank you all. 

Birthday card artwork by Alexandra Davidoff

What makes a toast? Not the edible, half burnt, tomato on top kind. The toast of a celebration, a good feeling, a smile, or just a plain old dinner routine. What successfully defines the opulence of hitting one glass against the other, and making that fragile clang. What makes this so delightful that through the ages man has always gravitated toward it and his favourite cup, to express the lightness of his heart. Does it matter if the toasting cup is made out of crystal, Styrofoam, plastic or paper? Does it matter if the drink itself is non alcoholic? Does it matter if one's toasting hand is adorned with bling? For decades the toast has symbolized the spirit of man, jovial and for at least one moment of the day free of vulgar mistrust in itself. No matter the celebration, be it an anniversary, a birthday, of a goal of your favourite sports team, toasting symbolizes the unity of a group of individuals who celebrate together, bringing their glasses into a tight circle and laughing. Maybe the clang of a toast seems primate (hey, there are other ways to celebrate other than attempting to chip your glass and spill your booze! Try simultaneous table kissing) but this is a tradition that has wonderfully survived generations, wars, religions, emotional conflicts, and the discovery of the Internet. You know, not a lot can survive these things, memory getting lost from one generation to the next, the physical ruin of wars, religions that are forever caught in bitter argument, emotional conflicts laying waste to morale, and the Internet which has dismantled the need for real time friendships (see Facebook and web chatting). So let's toast to toasting, and celebrate this timeless tradition in style.”

Cheers to you all.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Mayorgate began with a purpose, to speak without fear for the values of our community and to this day stayed silent on the horror our community has faced. So it is with utmost respect for the families and friends of those who passed that the silence has to be broken. It is the callous language and sentiment expressed by those who we demand more of.

What has flatlined Dr. Joanna Hope, NHS interim chief of staff is our trust in the NHS. What has flatlined is our trust in a government that has stayed virtually silent. What has flatlined is any trust in the Excellent Care For All Act 2010 touted by Premier Dalton McGuinty and Health Minister Deb Matthews. The official web page of the Premier's office states this, “It could be said ECFA could be the single most important piece of health care legislation since the creation of our publicly funded health care system.”

The NHS has stood idle as its house burned. In response the interim CEO Sue Matthews brought in a public relations professional. Another pillar of our St. Catharines community The Standard wrote in its editorial on Friday August 5th 2011, “Niagarans should look forward to a very favourable return on that investment.” No one has raised one basic fact of a P.R. professional. His loyalty is only to the client not to anyone else. That Public Relations professional is not here for us, for our community. He is here only for the NHS. He is only carrying the concerns of the NHS. Thank you The Standard and Corey Larocque. Corey you also say this: “We'll bet right now the results of Flynn's study will indicate general satisfaction with the NHS in St. Catharines, widespread disaffection in Niagara Falls and Fort Erie and a middle-of-the-road response from Welland.”

St. Catharines has carried the heaviest weight of the horror with the greatest number of deaths. Have you spoken with the family or friends of those who paid with their lives? Corey Larocque for The Standard have you spoken with those who survived the hell and asked what was the price of survival. Are they to be discounted in your statement “general satisfaction with the NHS in St. Catharines”?

It is with humble sorrow I think of the victims, those who passed and those who attempt the difficult road to recovery. It is with disappointment and even anger I say to the NHS that no public relations professional can erase the memory of what this community has tried to endure. I have no politics or political doctrines to follow yet I say to you Premier McGuinty for years you and your ministers have pointed the scraggly finger at the Walkerton legacy. Now you can carry the NHS legacy of a death toll at 37 (to date).

In closing a final question to the NHS. Now that you have a P.R. professional and have used such sensitive language to speak of a possible end to this horror, will you report any new cases of infection?

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Double Dipping - Part Two (Part Deux)

Questions have been raised on candidates and the 'double dipping' of campaign contributions. A committee formed, as all committees about as effective as wet bathroom tissue. Forgiveness dished out in the name of caring for public cost. I can suggest a few more decisions that were more appropriate for such consideration. But alas it was decided that it would cost too much for the laws of this land to be actually enforced. A venerable politician raised a point of monetary value of a political soul. With this I cringed in fear and doubled over with laughter at the possible response. A protagonist who raised the issue to public light hailed for her efforts, yet gave no logical response as to why selective justice was her choice and why the greatest offender left out in the clear by her decision process. Still no one has raised the question as to why it was necessary for a contributor to provide the bowl twice for a candidate to in fact double dip. In clear language, why was it necessary for Mr. Dan Raseta, Mr. Len Pennachetti, Mr. Nitsopolous and Mr. Rankin (I apologize if I left out any other names and not given you individual credit), to contribute twice to the one candidate???

We have all heard the story of Adam and Eve. How Adam being a little dense and unaware of God's rule or the Municipal Elections Act followed the temptress down a path of ruin. Here Mr. REGIONAL COUNCILLOR and ex-mayor Tim Rigby the price of a soul was only an apple. I read how Mr. Raseta bragged to the Standard reporter Matthew Van Dongen about his political contributions. I quote Mr. Raseta again from that article by Van Dongen: “It is not unfair, because those are the rules, we're very passionate about our community so this is our way of participating in the democratic process. I would encourage anyone who feels the same way about their community to do the same.”

Mr. Raseta you said “because those are the rules,” did you imply that you read the rules? As a contributor to a candidate in a political election you have to read the rules, true? After all it is the element that can influence an election. Now Mr. Raseta let me show you the rules and a copy is posted here. Now I quote from the bible – The Municipal Elections Act.

A contributor who contravenes the contribution rules may face a fine of up to $25,000.00 ($50,000.00 for corporations and trade unions) and/or up to six months in prison if the offence was committed knowingly.”

Wow now that's somewhat different to “because those are the rules,” eh. Oh and did you read the point, A contributor is limited to a maximum of $5,000.00 in total contributions to candidates running for office on the same council or board.”?

You brag about your pride in the community and so on. But I ask why did you find it necessary to dish out twice the maximum to one candidate? Obviously you had seen the rules, you knew the maximum amount. Why was it necessary for you to give twice to the same candidate? Are you from N.Y., you know the thing about named twice because it's so nice.

I understand pride in my community. I understand pride in my Canada. I don't understand why a corporate contributor finds the need to give twice the maximum to a candidate. So Mr. Raseta why did you find the need to give twice the maximum allowed $750.00 to Mayor McMullan? True you did give twice the maximum allowed to others like Councillor Tim Rigby, and more. Why did you Mr. Len Pennachetti find it necessary to give twice the maximum of $750.00 to Mayor McMullan? In the 2006 Election you only gave the maximum of $750.00 why twice in 2010? Why did you Mr. Nitsopoulos find it necessary to give twice the maximum of $750.00 to Mayor McMullan? Why did you Mr. Rankin find it necessary to give twice the maximum of $750.00 to Mayor Brian McMullan?

True you all, or most of you, gave twice the maximum to other candidates as well. True your lawyers sent letters for refunds. And yes there were maybe others who did the same, yet it were your names that were made public. It was Mr. Raseta in an interview with Van Dongen of The Standard who bragged of his “passion” about his community. Mayor Brain McMullan stayed silent throughout the public spectacle of 'double dipping' always referring to consultations with his campaign manager, yet he was one of the worst offenders. Ms. Lancaster was praised for bringing this to the public's attention, yet I won't praise selective justice. Our chosen chairperson of the Audit Committee Mrs. Pinder chose the excuse of saving tax payer money and not to enforce the laws and legislation she was given responsibility over temporarily. Is it not the taxpayer who pays for our courts, our judges and our police. Is it not the tax payer who pays the salaries of all our elected and non-elected public servants. Is it not the tax payer who is owed the full truth and all the facts. And is it not the taxpayer who if he transgresses in any way minor or more seriously has to face the weight of the law. Mayor McMullan may clam up on the truth but logic paints a different picture of Mayor Brian McMullan.

The laws and legislation of the ELECTIONS ONTARIO ACT were even strengthened for the 2010 campaign. Maybe Mrs. Pinder businesswoman should of read the booklet each candidate received. Penalties for the contravention of the Municipal Election's Act, 1996 had been increased for a reason. Under no circumstances can we allow anyone to have any outside or undue influence on those we elect to govern us. Yes I heard Mr. Raseta and his passion. I also heard him say “because those are the rules.” Mr. Raseta is a business man of some success and should not be in any way thought of as a fool or a buffoon. A successful businessman in today's world especially is successful when armed with the greatest ally and weapon in success – information, knowledge. Mr. Len Pennachetti (the center of the liable suit against Mr. Preston Haskell by ex-councilor Andrew Gill (read CASE STUDY: Andrew Gill vs. Preston Haskell ), Mr. Nitsopolous and Mr. Rankin would be considered successful business men. Why then would any one of them find the need to contribute twice the maximum to Mayor Brian McMullan or any other candidate?

Yes ex-St. Catharines mayor and now elected Regional Councillor Tim Rigby diminished this to a snide remark on the value of a politician's soul. Councillor Tim Rigby it is far more than that sir! I guess integrity has inflation affecting its value as well. You remember a time when there was honour and integrity in political service? Heck you've been around long enough to remember that. Now we as a society have become so blase of dishonesty and the lack of integrity in our elected. So Regional Councillor Tim Rigby such a statement as you made only demeaned a long and experienced career in public service, or have those long years made you even more jaded?

So in the end the legislation and laws tightened to protect the interests of people in our community fall flat on their lawmaker's butts. Mayor Brian McMullan stands with fondue sauce all over his face still probably consulting with his campaign manager, unapologetic. Other candidates saved by inflation. The protagonist hailed for selective justice. Our chosen chairperson, temporary judge drops a gavel on a wet sponge and splatters dollar signs into the air in place of responsibility, law and protection of the public's interest. Yet no one questions those who provided the golden apple of temptation. Municipal Election's Act 1996 strengthened with serious penalties for contributors, ...$50,000 for corporations and/or up to six months in prison if the offence was committed knowingly.” No one questions the money trail, here is where Tonto would come in handy. After all we build our society on the pillars and foundation of money, development, economic growth, not on the value of a soul.


In light of those last words there lingers a little question regarding another contribution. Not doubled nor even at the maximum. Rather small on its own yet more questionable than most. All philosophical questions of integrity, value of souls and more can be raised here.

This blog began for one major reason. A corrupt act by Mayor Brian McMullan and Councillor Jennie Stevens - breach of the Municipal Act, breach of Oath of Office. Our Charter of Rights which guarantees us all Canadians equality before and under the law only made a joke. Slowly the whole mess has been made very public here in the pages of A final and most alarming instalment to come.

Here are the facts and you the reader make up your own mind and answer the question at the end.

When information broke of the illegal fixing of a fine by Mayor McMullan and Councillor Stevens it was a shock to some degree. It's all here every piece of the evidence and direct proof. True Mayor McMullan crowed the day after the election (an election peppered now with more breaches of the Municipal Election's Act, questions of integrity and honesty and of course dollar bills), that there was no foundation to this evidence. The NRP used in an attempt to discredit the evidence, The Standard to lie in print about the evidence. A final update soon to be posted the most alarming of all. Yet now comes another alarming question.

In March 2010 I wrote both Premier Dalton McGuinty and Minister for Municipal Affairs, Minister Jim Bradley. The Premier replied April 20th 2010 and said that this was the responsibility of Minister Bradley. Ontario's Minister for Municipal Affairs is responsible for the enforcement of the Municipal Act and the Municipal Election's Act. A response came from Minister Jim Bradley dated May 3rd 2010. We all know here in St. Catharines of the association of Minister Bradley and Mayor McMullan, after all Minister Bradley represented, and for now still does, our city of St. Catharines for many years.

I brought to Minister Jim Bradley as Minister for Municipal Affairs a serious breach of the Municipal Act. The response you can read for yourself. Minister Bradley sheltered his pal Mayor McMullan with the excuse that it would be out of place for him as the Minister responsible for the enforcement of the Municipal Act to intervene as I had legal counsel. I had not said at the time I was taking legal action only legal advice. At the time the legal advice was to attempt and resolve the issue with the appropriate ministry responsible for the enforcement of the Municipal Act. Minister Jim Bradley walked away from his responsibility. Why?

Fast forward to the 2010 Election and the campaign of Mayor Brian McMullan. Look at his financial statement of contributions, no not the 'double dipping' with Mr. Pennachetti or Mr. Raseta etc. No look at the contribution by a James Bradley, the address of the James Bradley. Now look at the front page of the financial statement of Minister James Bradley and his address listed there. True the amount of the contribution not large not doubled or anything. True Minister and Mr. James Bradley are residents of the City of St. Catharines. Yes it is true that under the Charter of Rights we are all equal and with equal rights. Now the proverbial – but. Only months prior to this Minister Jim Bradley as Minister for Municipal Affairs responsible for the enforcement of the Municipal Act had in front of him information of a serious breach of the Municipal Act by Mayor Brian McMullan. This contribution shows support, heck why else would anyone contribute to a candidate in an election, community passion alone?

So now the question to the Integrity Commissioner and to you as you are the people of this city of this Canada. As Minister responsible for the enforcement of the Municipal Act, even the words of the Premier, confirm: “As this issue falls under the responsibility of my colleague the Honourable Jim Bradley...”, Minister Jim Bradley had to deal with a breach of the Municipal Act and a serious one at that. Minister Bradley walked away form that responsibility and sheltered his pal. Now months later Minister Jim Bradley makes a financial contribution to the re-election campaign of his pal Mayor Brian McMullan. Does this raise issues of integrity and much more? Does this raise questions of conduct by a MPP?

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