Thursday, August 25, 2011


Welcome to the debut of No-ad-LIB.blogspot has come about to bring forward information on the Dalton McGuinty government and its ministers, to raise serious questions not really expecting any response. In St. Catharines Minister James Bradley is out with his bag of tricks or treats to collect votes. No-ad-LIB as well as mayorgate has proven how questionable Minister Bradley's promises are. It is not only Minister Bradley, but Environmental Minister Wilkinson and his ominous prediction on a “dirtier Ontario.” Municipal Affairs Minister Bartolucci and his mandate to enforce the Municipal Act and Government Services Minister Takhar. Minister Takhar could be renamed Horrendous Takhar and all the proof is available on

Bring your comments and thoughts whether you agree or otherwise. It is time for open discussion even if Premier McGuinty would rather stay quiet on this one. 

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