Monday, August 15, 2011


Today is my birthday and Mayorgate takes a rest from the serious. Thank you to all of you and today I celebrate my joyous family; my love, my friend, my precious wife. And today I celebrate my community that I am so proud of. I post only the following words written by my daughter Alexandra on my birthday card.

Thank you all. 

Birthday card artwork by Alexandra Davidoff

What makes a toast? Not the edible, half burnt, tomato on top kind. The toast of a celebration, a good feeling, a smile, or just a plain old dinner routine. What successfully defines the opulence of hitting one glass against the other, and making that fragile clang. What makes this so delightful that through the ages man has always gravitated toward it and his favourite cup, to express the lightness of his heart. Does it matter if the toasting cup is made out of crystal, Styrofoam, plastic or paper? Does it matter if the drink itself is non alcoholic? Does it matter if one's toasting hand is adorned with bling? For decades the toast has symbolized the spirit of man, jovial and for at least one moment of the day free of vulgar mistrust in itself. No matter the celebration, be it an anniversary, a birthday, of a goal of your favourite sports team, toasting symbolizes the unity of a group of individuals who celebrate together, bringing their glasses into a tight circle and laughing. Maybe the clang of a toast seems primate (hey, there are other ways to celebrate other than attempting to chip your glass and spill your booze! Try simultaneous table kissing) but this is a tradition that has wonderfully survived generations, wars, religions, emotional conflicts, and the discovery of the Internet. You know, not a lot can survive these things, memory getting lost from one generation to the next, the physical ruin of wars, religions that are forever caught in bitter argument, emotional conflicts laying waste to morale, and the Internet which has dismantled the need for real time friendships (see Facebook and web chatting). So let's toast to toasting, and celebrate this timeless tradition in style.”

Cheers to you all.

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