Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Mayorgate began with a purpose, to speak without fear for the values of our community and to this day stayed silent on the horror our community has faced. So it is with utmost respect for the families and friends of those who passed that the silence has to be broken. It is the callous language and sentiment expressed by those who we demand more of.

What has flatlined Dr. Joanna Hope, NHS interim chief of staff is our trust in the NHS. What has flatlined is our trust in a government that has stayed virtually silent. What has flatlined is any trust in the Excellent Care For All Act 2010 touted by Premier Dalton McGuinty and Health Minister Deb Matthews. The official web page of the Premier's office states this, “It could be said ECFA could be the single most important piece of health care legislation since the creation of our publicly funded health care system.”

The NHS has stood idle as its house burned. In response the interim CEO Sue Matthews brought in a public relations professional. Another pillar of our St. Catharines community The Standard wrote in its editorial on Friday August 5th 2011, “Niagarans should look forward to a very favourable return on that investment.” No one has raised one basic fact of a P.R. professional. His loyalty is only to the client not to anyone else. That Public Relations professional is not here for us, for our community. He is here only for the NHS. He is only carrying the concerns of the NHS. Thank you The Standard and Corey Larocque. Corey you also say this: “We'll bet right now the results of Flynn's study will indicate general satisfaction with the NHS in St. Catharines, widespread disaffection in Niagara Falls and Fort Erie and a middle-of-the-road response from Welland.”

St. Catharines has carried the heaviest weight of the horror with the greatest number of deaths. Have you spoken with the family or friends of those who paid with their lives? Corey Larocque for The Standard have you spoken with those who survived the hell and asked what was the price of survival. Are they to be discounted in your statement “general satisfaction with the NHS in St. Catharines”?

It is with humble sorrow I think of the victims, those who passed and those who attempt the difficult road to recovery. It is with disappointment and even anger I say to the NHS that no public relations professional can erase the memory of what this community has tried to endure. I have no politics or political doctrines to follow yet I say to you Premier McGuinty for years you and your ministers have pointed the scraggly finger at the Walkerton legacy. Now you can carry the NHS legacy of a death toll at 37 (to date).

In closing a final question to the NHS. Now that you have a P.R. professional and have used such sensitive language to speak of a possible end to this horror, will you report any new cases of infection?

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