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Minister Jim Bradley Protecting a Political Pal

Minister James (Jim the rock) Bradley you are out hot on the trail to find votes, full of empty promises and a cheque book from boss Premier Dalton McGuinty. You come to the people of St. Catharines with lies of dignity and service, I know better Minister Jim Bradley. Here and now I confront you with questions can you find any courage or dignity to answer them?

As Minister for Municipal Affairs you were in the position of responsibility to enforce the Municipal Act. What part of that did you find hard to understand when you swore an oath? On March 30, 2010 I sent you a letter outlining in clear language and with absolute proof of a breach of the Municipal Act by St. Catharines Mayor Brian McMullan and a St. Catharines Councillor Jennie Stevens. The evidence I provided was the recorded answering machine message left by Councillor Stevens, in her own voice (not a voice actor). This message confirmed that Mayor McMullan had fixed a lawful by-law fine. Fixing a fine is illegal! No mayor has the right to forgive, put aside, fix or in any way interfere with a lawful by-law fine. It is a breach of the Municipal Act, breach of Oath of Office and possibly criminal. As the minister responsible for the enforcement of the Municipal Act you had the responsibility to investigate and act. Do you remember your response to me? Now before you shoot off too soon, in my letter to you and to Premier McGuinty I had said that I sought legal advice. I did not say I retained legal counsel on the issue nor that I had a lawyer taking legal action. Under no circumstances did I say in my letter of March 30, 2010 that I had retained a lawyer on the issue that was brought to you. I did say that I had asked the lawyer who was to handle an environmental issue for advice, nothing more. The advice I got from that lawyer was to try and contact the Minister for Municipal Affairs.

Now your response dated May 3, 2010. Do you remember that one? You walked away from your responsibility with an excuse. First of all a breach of the Municipal Act and a corrupt act by a mayor you called “a local responsibility” and you said “best resolved locally.” The Mayor, Mayor Brian McMullan of St. Catharines, committed a corrupt act, who in the municipal offices of St. Catharines has the authority to enforce the Municipal Act? You also said that since I retained legal counsel that you could not intervene. Mayor Brian McMullan of St. Catharines is a friend of yours? What you had in front of you was concrete proof of a corrupt act by a pal. You Minister Bradley protected a pal at the cost of your oath! Will you try to deny that Mayor Brian McMullan is a friend, a pal?

Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees equality to all Canadians. An ideal worth fighting for a treasure to behold. As a minister sworn to uphold the laws of the land you are still thought of as an equal Canadian to any other. Yet as an elected member of government there are times when your integrity has to be weighed against certain rights of action. As a minister responsible for the enforcement of the Municipal Act you walked away from that responsibility to protect a political pal. Now that political pal only a few months later came to your door with his hand out for a contribution to his election campaign. What did you do Minister James (Jim the rock) Bradley? Political contributions are signs of support, none of us are stupid enough to believe otherwise. They are not bribes are they? Well the question does linger when someone contributes more than the Municipal Elections Act allows. Yet generally a political contribution is a way to say that you support a particular candidate. No argument on that eh?

As Minister for Municipal Affairs you protected your pal Mayor Brian McMullan. Mayor Brian McMullan was putting together the pennies for his re-election campaign. You Minister James Bradley gave Mayor McMullan (now you remember who he is right? The same guy you protected from breach of the Municipal Act as Minister for Municipal Affairs responsible for the enforcement of the Municipal Act) a financial contribution. A slight conflict of interest? A question of integrity? Most definitely yes on all counts! You Minister James Bradley provided a clear sign of support, in the form of a cheque, money order or credit card to the same political pal you protected only a few short months prior.

Contact with the Ombudsman's Office of Ontario led to advice that I first refer this to the Integrity Commissioner. I have done that in writing. Again my proof is not possible to deny.

You now have been moved to the Community Safety & Correctional Services ministry and pseudo Solicitor General. There you were given proof, hard evidence of Niagara Regional Police intentionally lying on police incident reports, official documents of record sworn under oath. The situation revolves around your pal Mayor Brian McMullan. What did you do with that one?

As a minister of the provincial government you swear an oath Minister James Bradley. You not only breached that oath you brought shame to the office of Minister. Protecting a corrupt political pal wasn't enough, you were arrogant, so arrogant that you gave a financial contribution to his re-election campaign after. Your arrogance supersedes it all. Now you're here Minister James Bradley with your bag of tricks or treats, all full of lies. Answer my questions, find some dignity to do so. I didn't think so. Answer the people of St. Catharines. You swore an oath Minister Bradley as did your pal Mayor Brian McMullan. You both corrupt the office of public service and democracy.

Answer Me Minister James Bradley!

Alexander Davidoff
53 Almond Street
St. Catharines, Ontario
L2T 1G2

August 10, 2011

Office of the Integrity Commissioner
Suite 2102, 2 Bloor St. E
Toronto, Ontario, M4W 1A8

Dear Integrity Commissioner:

After contact with a representative from the office of the Ombudsman of Ontario and upon advice I am bringing to your attention a serious situation regarding a current MPP of the Liberal Party. The integrity of our elected representatives is not only an integral component of the public's trust in government it is the basis for fair and equal representation.

In St. Catharines a situation surrounding a corrupt act by the mayor unfolded in 2010. All the details and evidence was sent to the Premier, Dalton McGuinty and to the Minister for Municipal Affairs, at that time Minister James Bradley. The issue described and backed up with direct evidence was breach of the Municipal Act and breach of Oath of Office. All of this very serious and full evidence in support of the allegations provided. As Minister for Municipal Affairs, Minister James Bradley was responsible for the enforcement of the Municipal Act. These were breaches of the Municipal Act that could not be ignored.

A response came in writing from Premier Dalton McGuinty dated April 20th 2010. In that response the Premier states, “as this issue falls under the responsibility of my colleague the Honourable Jim Bradley...” Then came a response from Minister James Bradley dated May 3rd 2010, with it shock. Everyone here in St. Catharines knows that the Mayor Brian McMullan and Minister Jim Bradley are friends not only associated through politics. Yet the clear breaches of the Municipal Act and Oath of Office by Mayor McMullan could not be ignored. I had spoken with a solicitor prior to writing to both the Premier and Minister Bradley. It was upon legal advice that I had turned to my elected government for action. Minister Bradley's response was not understandable at all.

If this was simply an issue of not agreeing with the decision of an MPP then I would not have grounds to bring it to your attention for investigation. It is far beyond that. Minister Jim Bradley protected Mayor McMullan from investigation and any action. Minister Bradley's response of May 3rd 2010 made that clear. That was not enough and would be difficult to prove that Minister Bradley had other considerations as motivation beyond the responsibilities of an elected MPP, one responsible for the enforcement of the Municipal Act. What Minister Jim Bradley did following this is what needs questioning and investigation.

Several months after the response was sent by Minister Bradley a financial contribution was made by Minister Bradley to Mayor McMullan's re-election campaign. Financial statements of Mayor McMullan declare a campaign contribution and an address for the contributor. Once again financial statements of Minister Bradley provide the confirmation that it is his address. As a minister responsible to take action in a breach of legislation and law Minister Bradley refused to do as was required. Then only a few months later he provides support to the re-election campaign of the very individual that he had the responsibility and mandate to investigate.

This was a public sign of support, a blatant and arrogant sign of support. It was not enough that Minister Jim Bradley protected Mayor McMullan, a friend form consequences of his actions. Now Minister Bradley provides the proof of support that raises serious questions as to the actions of the minster. True as any resident of any city or town in Canada we can provide support in any form to a candidate in an election. It is our right to do so in a democratic society. Yet the conduct of Minister Jim Bradley goes beyond democratic rights and freedoms. Minister Bradley is an elected public official and his conduct, his actions are open to public scrutiny. A financial contribution in this situation was both arrogant and stupid.

Minister Bradley's response of May 3rd 2010 now stands in a new light and open for questioning. His excuse that I had sought legal counsel was insane. If I had filed legal action at the time then it would be appropriate to mention. Legal counsel is only legal advice and cannot nor should it prevent the Minister responsible for the enforcement of legislation to act accordingly. This campaign contribution proves the support and friendship between Minister Jim Bradley and Mayor McMullan. It is without hesitation a question of the integrity of Minister Jim Bradley and the integrity of his decisions and actions. An investigation is needed into the actions of Minister Jim Bradley. This is within the mandate of your office and cannot be ignored.

Sincerely yours,

Alexander Davidoff.

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