Mayorgate's caricatures are the work and talent of Alexandra Davidoff, a self taught artist who started with stick people and never stopped.

Each caricature has a life of its own and a reason for its existence. It is to visually express an idea in an artistic fashion that is the underlying motivation behind the story it is attached to.

Several years prior to the birth of Mayorgate Alexandra Davidoff's first politically inspired caricature was fuelled by disgust at the attitude of the elected government of the Municipality of St. Catharines. The world joined to help people devastated by the power of nature as a monstrous tsunami washed away villages and whole families. Here a City of St. Catharines Councillor Sheila Morra made a statement on behalf of Mayor Tim Rigby (St. Catharines, May 2005) that to send any donations from the City of St. Catharines would be a knee-jerk reaction. It was a cold and heartless comment that hit Alexandra and her expression was materialized in the first caricature. Although her first caricature had not made it to the pages of Mayorgate, comments by ex-Mayor of St. Catharines Tim Rigby did in the article, 'Double Dipping'.

It is presented to show the maturity of art and emotion in an artist concerned with issues that affect the community and our Canada.

What price for a Politician's Soul?
Our first caricature appeared with the article titled, Double Dipping – Part Two (Part Deux) on August 5th 2011. During the Municipal Elections of 2010 it was discovered that a number of candidates had breached the Municipal Elections Act in regard to their campaign financing. As per the Ontario Elections Act a candidate is limited to one maximum dollar level for contributions from a business. That is the simplified version. Several candidates showed that they had more than one contribution at the maximum amount and an audit was conducted. Yet the worst offender Mayor Brian McMullan of St. Catharines was not even audited. Tim Rigby, ex-Mayor, now a Regional Councillor even made his famous comment on the value of a politicians soul. The conga line leading to the confessional booth has candidates getting absolution on a selective criteria rather than the equality of law. Somehow those trusted to enforce the Elections Act decided who would face a public hearing and let the worst offenders walk away free and clear.

Death by Numbers 

The Niagara area was in the grip of a tragic period with the C-Difficile outbreak. Many families lost loved ones and friends as the death toll rose again and again. Still the Government of Ontario remained silent regardless of the pleas for help from the Niagara community. MPP Jim Bradley, a long standing politician in St. Catharines only made public statements of the dollars that his government had spent on health care and the new hospital, yet people were dying. Our Niagara Health System and its management completely incapable to get a control over the outbreak. Premier Dalton McGuinty depicted as the Grim Reaper with Minister for Health Deb Matthews, his lady in waiting. At the time there was a strong feeling of disappointment in the way the provincial government handled the growing crisis. The death toll reached a horrendous level before the government took any action, and the article titled NHS Crisis published August 10th 2011.

Protecting a Political Pal

Minister Jim Bradley had the responsibility to enforce legislation to ensure the equality of law and its application. Details were provided that made it clear with hard evidence in support of Niagara Regional Police Service falsifying official police documents. In fact NRP officers had lied on Incident Reports and submitted the lies into record. These officers had been recorded to prove that the Incident Reports were indeed lies. As Minister for Correctional Services and Community Safety it was the responsibility of Minister Bradley to enforce the Police Services Act.  He ignored the information brought before him. To have acted on this information would of proved embarrassing for a friend. During the re-election campaign for Mayor McMullan, Minister Jim Bradley was declared a financial contributor somewhat of an eyebrow lifter. The article Minister Jim Bradley Protecting a Political Pal August 21st 2011 raised some serious questions as to how equality and political friendship interact.

Announcing  no ad LIB

August 25th 2011 Mayorgate announced a companion blog debuting, the article titled 'Announcing no-ad-LIB' was designed to raise questions aimed at our provincial government. All the articles again were supported with documentation and from personal experience gained from attempts to raise issues to various ministers. The symbolic 'three monkeys' were chosen to depict the leader of the Provincial Liberals and two of his ministers. It was and is appropriate as it all too often seems that whatever we bring to their attention, regardless of the seriousness of the issue, it falls on deaf ears, closed eyes and sealed mouths. As the people who are asked for our trust during elections and are promised so much only linger in a limbo state once these individuals take office.

Selective Justice = Blind Justice 

In September the artist responsible for all the caricatures in Mayorgate and no-ad-LIB truly showed her artistic passion. The article titled Selective Justice = Blind Justice was a difficult piece to bring forward. We live in a society expecting that our laws are guaranteed to be applied equally to all. There is no real reason most of us have to think otherwise. The truth was indeed a jolt not only to such a naive belief but to a reality that is rather uncomfortable. Reality knows that justice is only promised to be equal and it is up to all of us to demand that it indeed remains so. Here in Niagara we had seen how selective the application of law was. One individual decided that she would selectively provide a list of those who contravened the law for a public hearing. Yet she left out one who had breached the law the most and showed no public remorse for doing so. In fact he never even acknowledged the fact that he had done so.

The beautiful and sorrowful rendition of the scales of justice broken and blind brought a number of comments. Yet the article carried a second caricature one that was necessary to give credit to those businessmen who had so little respect for the law that it seemed they were above the law. One in fact bragged in the local press of how much he had contributed to candidates and that it was the way to do business.

Attempted Shutdown of Mayorgate 

Mayor McMullan Attempts Shutdown of MAYORGATE October 3rd 2011. It was a shock to receive a letter from lawyer Christopher Bittle, of Lancaster Brooks and Welch threatening to take legal action on behalf of client Brian McMullan against the author of Mayorgate. The response clear and public. Brian McMullan was told to go ahead with his threat. Further evidence was posted of the lies by the Niagara Regional Police Service to shelter McMullan from the truth. No response was to come from lawyer Christopher Bittle nor from Mayor Brian McMullan. A tongue-in-cheek depiction of an angry Brian McMullan with bunny slippers ready to destroy computer screens was a simple and proud way to acknowledge the strength of Mayorgate. Our readership was growing and our formula of providing articles supported with fact and undeniable proof was a success.

Ethical Puppetry? 

Canada had entered a new phase in its history and not one to be overly proud of. The need to publicly sell the Alberta tar sands was becoming an issue that the federal government could not avoid. Production of the dirtiest oil in the world was increasing dramatically and could no longer go unnoticed. A puppet was chosen by Prime Minister Harper, a rather loud and obnoxious one. Ezra Levant a Sun Media personality was the voice for PM Harper's Ethical Oil of Alberta. The background and history of Levant without a doubt made him a stooge of the federal Conservatives. Environment Minister Kent had come across publicly as a boob with no understanding of the environment at its rudimentary level. Still PM Harper needs to sell the Alberta's tar sands and he will stop at nothing to achieve that goal. Ethical Oil vs. Ethical Tobacco published on November 21st 2011 still finds many revisiting the article, the facts carried and the depiction of the Ezra Levant puppet current today.
'For Queen and Oil' 

Ezra Levant may be the loud mouth puppet used by PM Harper but it was the action taken by Governor General David Johnston that brought shock and alarm. As the representative of Her Majesty the Queen David Johnston must remain completely non-partisan. Yet as Governor General David Johnston made a public endorsement of the Alberta tar sands. The darkest days of our Canadian Parliamentary Democracy had fallen upon us. David Johnston became the public salesman and had committed Her Majesty to selling the oil of Alberta. The article, Is the Queen Selling the Oil Sands? with its caricature published on December 11th 2011. Governor General David Johnston standing alongside barrels of oil with the T-shirt of the federal Conservatives was an alarming site. A trusted and honoured position in Canada was soiled and David Johnston saw little care for that. Selling the tar sands David Johnston has ensured a debate on the position and authority of the Governor General. This caricature took a new turn for artist Alexandra Davidoff, her vision and talent now brought to both the national and international stage for comment.

Prime Minister Harper had taken the steps at manipulating our Canadian Parliamentary Democracy with the puppetry of the Governor General David Johnston. 'Is the Queen Selling the Oil Sands?' revealed some frightening facts about David Johnston and his past association with the Harper Conservatives. These facts proved that under no circumstances should David Johnston remain in the position as Governor General. Now more information was coming forward that brought light on just how far PM Harper would go to sell the Alberta tar sands. Is the Queen (Monarchy) Interfering in our Canadian Parliamentary Democracy? published December 19th 2011, examined the motivation and resulting actions taken by PM Harper's government. The ramifications were not fully apparent at the time but questions raised were shaping a dark period for our Canadian democracy. The Monarchy clearly involved in the interference in our system of government. PM Harper simply ignoring legislation and law spawned the caricature pairing the PM with a local mayor. As Mayor McMullan had ignored so many laws it seemed appropriate that he could offer tips to PM Harper, or maybe the roles of tipster and listener were reversed?

Her Majesty the Queen showed little care for the actions of her representative David Johnston. News of British MP's lobbying European Union representatives, trying to sell the tar sands was slowly reaching public attention. British giants in the oil industry Shell and BP had invested hundreds of millions of dollars into the Alberta oil fields, with more investment to come, under no circumstances would they avoid influencing British policy. Yet still it seemed somewhat disturbing to realize that Her Majesty the Queen would sell the honour and history of the Monarchy for the black poison. She did just that. The image of a stern faced ageing Monarch with 'oil thugs' as her bodyguards was an appropriate statement. Royal Descent came on December 30th 2011 on the eve of the Jubilee Year celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II. Now it is only the greed of the Monarchy that embellishes the crown and sceptre. Those 'oil thugs' a befitting visual prediction of a future that not only the Monarchy and Canada face, but the world as a whole.
Court of Public Opinion 

Salem's Witch Hunt Comes to Niagara on January 15th 2012 was the first article for Mayorgate of the year. The facts surrounding an intentional public assassination of an elected member of municipal government was too serious to ignore. Anonymous e-mailers making accusations public, a news media providing the stage to those cowards and an elected mayor admitting to be aware of the identity of the anonymous e-mailers brought about questions of equality and law without any answers. Mayorgate brought forward facts surrounding the anonymous e-mailers and raised the question of equality of law, and its lack of application. It was the Court of Public Opinion that either convicted or excused Niagara's Regional Councillor Andrew Petrowski.
Mayorgate debuted its Emancipated Monkeys with the article, Mayorgate's Author Under Threat January 24th 2012. This article was the chronicle of threat that the author of Mayorgate and his family have endured at the hands of the City of St. Catharines. As always clear and concise facts supported with documentation, even photographs unveiled a mind boggling attempt by a city government to silence an individual willing to stand for what is right. The harassment and threat was beginning once again.

The Emancipated Monkeys of Mayorgate flip the long accepted philosophy of hear no evil, speak no evil and see no evil. True many in our modern society live by this, yet as a metaphor our monkeys prefer the reverse. There are varying degrees of evil in our society and if the term 'evil' is a little too biblical think of it as a metaphor for the wrongs we cannot or should not ignore.

Mayorgate and its Emancipated Monkeys continue on their path to hear of all evil, see all evil and to speak of all evil without fear. No harassment or threat will stop us.

All Hung Out To Dry

A video appeared on YouTube titled Ethical Oil: The Puppet Rap described by David Beers editor-in-chief of The Tyee as a “hilarious satire.” But stop the camera's rolling, stop everything, it is a copy of an article published on Mayorgate on November 21st 2011 titled 'Ethical Oil vs. Ethical Tobacco' and the original artwork that was created by artist Alexandra Davidoff. There is nothing hilarious nor original in The Puppet Rap. Its creators took the work of a talented artist and the work of Mayorgate's author and cosmetically changed it and poof, passed it off as their own. The truth is simple and clear and to examine the caricature on Mayorgate and the visuals of the video leaves one without doubt. The ego displayed by Kai Nagata as one of the creators was nothing short of astounding. Mayorgate responded with The Puppet Rap: OVERLAP OR FRAUD and a new caricature, maybe Kai Nagata, Caitlin Dodd and David Beers as financier want to copy this one.
Is Anybody Looking?

Here in St. Catharines Ontario the Charter of Rights and equality of law meant very little. One individual and his wife were permitted to spit on the law daily for over 5 years without consequence. Most would think that it would be impossible for something like this to happen in Canada, anywhere in Canada yet the article titled Charter of Rights Obliterated by Corruption begs to differ, and with hard evidence to back everything up. The caricature is extremely gentle with ex-mayor Tim Rigby, current mayor of St. Catharines Brian McMullan, parking authority of the City of St. Catharines and the Niagara Regional Police Service, depicting all as blind to the truth. In reality it was not blindness but corruption that allowed John Reiter and his wife Linda Reiter of 51 Almond Street in St. Catharines, to break the law almost daily without consequence.  No other explanation is possible.

The Oath of Hippocrates Sacrificed 

The Hippocratic Oath, does it hold relevance today as it did for Hippocrates? Or is it only ancient history dabbled with a pinch of politics? A family physician has a position of trust and respect. The senior medical officer responsible for the public health of over 430 000 people definitely must carry the trust of those people. What do you do when that trust is destroyed by deceit? Dr Valerie Jaeger MD, PhD, LIED!
Mayorgate's 2nd Anniversary 

The Emancipated Monkeys of Mayorgate and publisher further celebrate our 2nd Anniversary. Those monkeys are still grinning and are still free even though attempts had been made to slam the door upon them. Float the balloons, eat the cake and celebrate!


Minister Jim Bradley has remained arrogantly silent and refusing to respond to the people of his riding though he did find the time to intervene on behalf of residents in Windsor, Ontario. He spends his time promoting the proposed Great Lakes Protection Plan and our leadership in the Great Lakes Initiative with more signings of useless agreements. Still if he wants a dip in our beaches he has to beware of any possible orange staining and protect himself. Ministry of Environment Negligence Questioned
LIAR LIAR Pants on Fire

As kids the line liar, liar, pants on fire was one we all knew, now the visual has a new life and reference added to it. Not many of us trust fully nor believe that our elected public officials remain honest, still there is a glimmer of hope that partial honesty exists. What happens when one is caught abusing his position and power over and over again, when arrogance is the main ingredient and ego an out of control demon? You set his pants on fire, only visually though, only visually.  

Grabbing 'Integrity in Politics' by the Horns 

Eleanor Lancaster rides the bull! An individual who has laid claim to fighting for 
Integrity in Politics only proves that a phoney mechanical bull is most appropriate. Politics and politicians are rarely equated with integrity in today's world, and not many of us see it differently. Sadly in St. Catharines Ontario the evidence is clear yet the will to enforce the law far less so. In the end we are left with nothing but politics and bull...
Rio's Environmental Carnivale 

The world of glamour and of Hollywood stardom came together to plant a tree in Brazil. High fashion model Gisele and movie star Don Cheadle, famous for his Iron Man movie, were an unlikely pair to champion the need for green. Maybe the LORAX was preparing for a sequel, of his movie not of the tree-hugging in Brazil. Star power was used to grab attention for the concerns of our Earth and our environment, but did it work or will the concerns thin down as quickly as the crowds did when Gisele left the scene?
Voice of Freedom Dies
Голос свободы умер

Art has often been seen as the expression of the inner soul, free and without constraint. It takes many forms; music, the written word, visual performance or with colour and brush, each able to evoke emotion and thought. Pussy Riot used art, in their interpretation to raise public attention to Russia's struggle with freedom. The price for such expression has become extreme. Voice of Freedom Dies symbolizes Russia today and Russia of yesterday, that struggle for freedom continues even under the guise of democracy. Russia's proud double-headed eagle has been brought to life expressing how little difference there is between the past and Russia's present. Pussy Riot may have faced censorship in the extreme, yet art and its expression will never die, for life without art is only a sterile existence.


Mayorgate from its inception has stood against voluntary censorship. It is sad that traditional media decides to align itself with right, left or any other position instead of simply reporting on the facts. Those who control the media empires believe that they are king makers yet the truth is that they are simply public relations publications for those who really hold the strings. Our modern world has brought change and a challenge to those who believe that they know what's best for the rest. The more people question the status quo, the healthier our society remains

The Swearing In
For an artist the decision to comment on events can take the caricature to the obvious and play with features to an extreme or use the visual image as an eloquent expression of thought and idea. Artist Alexandra Davidoff chose the latter depicting Quebec's Premier in elegant fashion though many Canadians would not think her act of removing our Canadian flag to of been an elegant act. Was it intended as an insult, or simply the actions of a passionate individual believing without restraint in her course? Can Canada's tolerance be expected to continue in the face of such actions or should we expect our federal government to act on behalf of Canada as a whole? After all the Quebec Premier and her ministers still had to swear an oath to the Crown and the Monarchy, is that not hypocrisy? None of these are easy questions, yet the day has to come when a nation must mature enough to answer them.
The SUN-brella 

Ezra Levant truly a star with Sun Media, protected by the financial might of Pierre Karl Peladeau's Sun Media umbrella as he tramples on human dignity and journalistic ethics. Who is Levant, is he a shock jock looking for gasps and laughs in exchange for ratings; is he a journalist unfolding stories off our streets; or is he a representative of the jurisprudence who delves into the minds and motivation of humanity? Or is he simply a drier version of Fred Astaire's 'Singing in the Rain', a mean spirited brat with his own dark motivations hidden behind a brash persona?
The Forked-Tongue Teepee 

The people of the First Nations have a proud heritage in Canada, yet one of their own chose a public spectacle for a reason, and that reason is at question. Chief Theresa Spence decided to prostrate herself to the world on a hunger strike protesting the conditions of her people and in turn put all of Canada to public shame. In the end the question remains is Chief Theresa Spence Canada's 'Mother Theresa' or simply a self serving individual using all that this nation provides to fuel her own subterfuge? Chief Theresa Spence feasts on misconceptions.
The Many Faces of Chief Spence - Saint, Hero or Sinner

Depictions of Chief Theresa Spence by the media have been that of a martyr willing to make ultimate sacrifice for her people. Reality proves that Chief Spence has many faces and in truth none are pleasant. The Many Faces of Chief Spence – Saint, Hero or Sinner attempts to bring a more honest interpretation of an individual who may have committed the greatest manipulation of truth in modern times.

Bob Rae Self-Righteous Pulpit

It appears from the finger in the air and a rather serious face that Liberal Leader Rae was on a mission to save humanity. Facts on the other hand show a somewhat different story. Deceit, fraud and even possible theft of public money was all somehow unimportant to Bob Rae and minstrel Charlie Angus as they sang the chorus behind Chief Spence. It has been said that politics makes strange bed fellows, in this case opposition politics took that to a new level. 
The Toothless Mutt Or A Neutered Watchdog

It is impossible to believe that any of the regulatory bodies who pretend to be watching out for the little guy are really anything more than clubs. How often has a member of the public turned to one of these 'watchdogs' only to be trampled by a stampede of empty words. In the end the only solution is a decent sized wallet and a lawyer. Oh and if there is a problem with that lawyer there is always the Law Society of Upper Canada... or not. 

A Trophy In Its Sights 

Finally, a trophy in its sights, and the thunder clap of a rifle brings down the majestic beast of the Arctic. A hunting website boasts that only fit and mentally tough hunters can endure the challenge of a polar bear hunt. How tough is the hunter to be? After all he has a high powered sophisticated weapon that can bring down a 1400 pound bear at a distance that is safe and secure for the hunter. The animal in the hunter's site can only rely on his natural instincts and ability to use his surroundings. Polar Bears face the potential of being driven to the brink of extinction by the impact of man's affects on its natural environment through climate change. Commercial hunting adds even greater stress on the polar bear population and is unnecessary.

Zipped and Safe, and Nothing Showing

What is the value of a watchdog when that very watchdog zips it all up. Andre Marin was finally given a foot into what he called the MUSH sector. Marin has the authority to investigate breaches of the Sunshine Law, mind you he has no authority to do anything about those who contravene the Sunshine Law. He can only make recommendations to those who he investigates. But Ontario's Ombudsman went further and joined the secret society he is entrusted to break up. He decided to keep secret information from this report even after he in his own words stated that no personal details were at question. Let's hope the zipper is rust proof.
Chief Theresa Spence & Danny Metatawabin Offer A Peace Pipe, Or Simply Peyote

Aboriginal people of North America are believed to have smoked Peyote for some 5000 years for religious purposes. It is a drug, and today it is regulated by law permitted legally only for that purpose. As any drug it provides the user with surreal perceptions, ones based out of true reality. Chief Theresa Spence and the Attawapiskat Band Council presented to the world something far removed from reality. Now Chief Spence has dispatched her spokesman Danny Metatawabin with his email, ignoring the very serious questions, expecting her perception of reality to be swallowed again.
Green Thumbs & Dirty Knees

Many caricatures have been presented by artist Alexandra Davidoff for articles on Mayorgate. Each of these caricatures had captured the thoughts and goals of an article in a visual extension for the mind. They have always had the goal in mind to be thought providing, never insulting or ridiculing of any personal features. This time the artist presents two very ordinary people who have shared the joy of building an oasis for themselves. Green Thumbs & Dirty Knees and yet smiling all the way, is a very life like depiction of the joys felt by many who tinker in their gardens, big and small.

Monkeys and Pedal Power = Exercise for the Mind

Artist Alexandra Davidoff has presented many thought provoking caricatures for Mayorgate providing a strong visual extension to the material. With Monkey Determination and Pedal Power it was time to have some fun. Our monkeys of Mayorgate have always been a representation of the willingness to remain open to new ideas, the freedom of independent thought, and especially to the ideal of discussion without fear of any form of intimidation. The monkeys of Mayorgate are smiling and their pedal power is truly an exercise for the mind.

Political Shiva

Ontario's Premier Kathleen Wynne has achieved what many might think an insurmountable goal. She walks without seeing, she speaks and says nothing, and she hears without listening. Her ministers use terms such as accountability as burnt out comedians who drop their punch lines to tired old jokes. In the midst of all this St. Catharines, Ontario faces a crisis in its municipal government. Its people are censored from the truth by its own so called media. The mayor, council and public officials embroiled in questionable acts. Developers pilfer the very boundaries of profitable decency. All at the expense of ideals such as accountability, responsibility and equality.

A lie is only a tightrope to destruction 

Governments lie that is no shock or surprise to anyone, anywhere in the world. One may think, ...big government big lie, little government then little lie. Not so, our most important level of government in our democratic society is at the municipal level. It may be at the bottom of the elected food chain but it is the very foundation all governance stands on. Lies, deceit and corruption constitute the menu choices in St. Catharines, Ontario with only one individual willing to stand against the flow. That individual even faces a full media blackout and censorship from both local newspapers. The tightrope is getting tighter and David still stands up against Goliath. 
Requiem for the Fallen Journalist 
People want to know what is happening in and around them. History reveals how in our early days individuals would take position at locations in a city and publicly cry out the news. Then our evolution brought the medium of a newspaper, sold on street corners for the masses. Today mass media refines itself constantly providing more and more avenues of access to the public. Through the centuries of development and change one thing has not changed, fear of the truth is as ripe today as in the days of the kings. Censorship has become a weapon used to keep the public from the truth, and the media a conspirator to darkness.

A Lesson Long Forgotten

Our political leaders have long forgotten the real reason why we elect them. As a society we expect certain basic human rights to be protected universally without equivocation. Premier Pauline Marois unveiled the Charter of Quebec Values, claiming it would be a uniting force in the province. In reality this charter is a divisive and brutal attack on the very foundation of democracy. Only one federal political leader raised his voice in opposition from the very beginning without hesitation, whether through youthful exuberance or lack of political experience Justin Trudeau remained unrelenting in his condemnation of the Charter of Quebec Values. Maybe our seasoned and overcooked political heads can learn a thing or two from the young at heart.
Dignity in the face of disability

We as human beings take so much of life for granted. As children we learn to walk and run, and from that day forward rarely need to think what we would do if we could not do so any more. Bob Hansplant lost both his legs in his late 50's through illness. Since then he has lost parts of his fingers and struggles with kidney disease. He uses a motorized wheelchair to get around, it is his link to normality. It is also his obstacle, as the apartment he rents makes it impossible to have a shower in the privacy of his own bathroom for four years. His landlord – Niagara Regional Housing – had refused to do anything for Bob for four years, until Bob finally asked for help. It is only through the strength of a human being like Bob and through public attention that abuse of those in our society with disabilities can be stopped.

Journalistic Hindenburgs

Journalists and politicians have shared a relationship of convenience since the beginning. There was a time when a powerful newspaper could make or break a political career, and the barons of the news world sat on seat of arrogance. Today the situation has changed with politics and its leaders reigning in journalists to become nothing more than public relation extensions of their own political desires. The internet has opened the world and brought forth a challenge to the inflated egos. Individuals willing to research and provide facts without influence or bias cannot be silenced. The age of the Journalistic Hindenburgs is nearing an explosive end. 

Integrity Sweeping Through Municipalities

Municipalities across Ontario are instituting some form of Code of Conduct for those we elect, at the same time these Codes are becoming more ambiguous as to their reason for existence. In St. Catharines the 'Code' in fact was the obstacle which helped prevent an integrity commissioner from investigating deceit by a councillor. On the other hand Commissioner Robert Swayze seems to have found the 'Code' as a useful janitorial tool on more than one occasion to muzzle councillors and provide selective investigative practices. The cost of this new wave of integrity sweeping across our municipal representatives, is as usual from the public purse.

The Indifferent Mom

If Dalton McGuinty was labelled as the Premier Dad then surely Kathleen Wynne fits the picture of an Indifferent Mom, and they do exist in real life. Simply look at her comments when questioned on the whole gas plant billion dollar fiasco. According to Wynne trying to find out what happened is pointless, that is the future we should be looking at and not the past. When in fact one looks at the past record of the Liberals than one can surely understand why Kathleen Wynne would prefer to ignore it all.

Theory vs. Experience

Rachel Slingerland as a young lawyer professes to being eager and wanting a law practice. She has decided that attacking an innocent individual was in the best interests of her clients. Slingerland also decided that illegally gained and protected documents and information was a tool for a lawyer, until her bosses slapped her wrist and withdrew that tool, yet by doing so they have implicated themselves in the knowledge of the illegally gained documents and information. In the end the truest lesson in life which comes from experience and not books is that the climb to success can also find itself sliding down a slippery slope to oblivion.

His Habitat Threatened Once Again

The Aussies seem to have laws to protect a wonderful creature yet attack and destroy its habitat and put the cute and cuddly thing at risk. Councillor Petrowski also has laws that protect him but Mayor Brian McMullan appears to keep on trying to damage Petrowski's habitat without end. This time McMullan pushed the limits of law without any public attention even though hot shot comedic reporter Grant LaFleche showed up to view the show. If Andy Petrowski was the venerable Koala he truly would have a reason to ask "how much can a Koala –bear" but with a smile as he again comes out the winner.


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