Wednesday, May 26, 2010

An Update to a Fine ‘Fix-Ed’ - May 25th 2010

On Friday May 21st 2010 an apparent attempt had been made to silence the truth. It has not been clarified as yet but clarification has been demanded if a block had been placed on the audio recording due to a complaint it was offensive. Though we were able to work around the apparent block and still provide everyone the audio within some hours I apologise to anyone who had wanted to listen and was not able to. It would seem that the truth indeed is a dangerous inconvenience.

Then on Sunday May 23rd 2010 my home, or the front yard in particular was vandalised - some photos attached. Was this some form of harassment or intimidation? My front garden has been as is for over eight years now and never touched. It is too much of a coincidence I think, in particular as I don’t believe in coincidences.

In font of my house on Almond Street is a City of St. Catharines garden. It is along Glendale Avenue into Almond Street. Whoever it was came with a vehicle onto the City Garden area, tire tracks are clearly imprinted and had not hit the yellow fire hydrant with only approximately 5’9” (five foot, nine inches) of width plus whoever had not mowed down my Juniper bush opposite the fire hydrant! Only to stop, attack my dry stacked stone circular garden wall, steal a number of stones and leave at the other end over the City Garden leaving tire imprints. This was intentional and deliberate the area narrow from end to end approximately 6’ (six foot) down to 5’9” (five foot, nine inches). Marks on the sidewalk show the vehicle mounting, no tire marks on the street and the angle proves it was not a drunk driver or I would have no wall at all.

This happened in the early hours of Sunday morning the 23rd. On Friday the 21st the audio was apparently attempted to be blocked, yet we got around that. A report made to the police, Incident Report #10-44914 though it appears an officer will only do a phone call on this. A letter and photos sent to Chief Southall of the Niagara Regional Police in case the facts may be needed for the record. This was intentional harassment and intimidation. I won’t stop fighting for the truth, the equality we all demand as Canadians and our City of St. Catharines.

Raise your voices if you find the material compiled here to be unacceptable. It seems the truth now in Canada is not tolerated. All updates will be posted.

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