Mayorgate came into being in response to the self-imposed censorship by media of an issue that had impact on the most basic level of government and equality. Today's society has become so jaded that corruption and dishonesty no longer seems to be part of a criteria we judge our elected representatives. Whether it is a federal government dismissed from office for the first time in history coming back after an election with a majority, or a small town mayor protected by local media from the truth.

We have grown to speak of issues both local and national. The horrors of a death toll that kept rising with the C-Difficile outbreak, environmental indifference affecting a local community and the selling off our parliamentary democracy by those in honoured and trusted positions.

That brought us to the Emancipated Monkeys of Mayorgate. A twist or turn around of something we all recognize and whether we like to admit it, even live by. In our democratic and free Canada too many believe in the old primates of law of see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. Following such a belief system will provide some peace in daily routines but at what price. So although 'evil' seems to be a little biblical a term, our Emancipated Monkeys of Mayorgate see it more as a metaphor. We will see all evil, hear of all evil and speak of all evil without fear. 'Evil' takes many disguises and forms, yet it is humanity's uniqueness and inherent resilience that provides the balance. Indeed we can rise above it.

Our background has changed to a photograph of a stone wall that I built in my garden. It is local stone recycled from many sources and collected over years. It symbolizes the strength and beauty of not only our Niagara but of Canada itself.

The more people question the status quo, the healthier our society remains.

Mayorgate from its inception has stood against the voluntary censorship imposed by conventional media. Media moguls still labour under the illusion that they are the king makers when the fact is that they swear allegiance to either the left, right or centre, and then tow the line. Mayorgate's articles are not always popular with those who are in the spotlight, yet each article stands on its own ready for any criticism or comment, in fact we welcome your comments and opinions.

As publisher I am making an appeal to our readers who can afford a contribution in these difficult times to please use the donate button (in the top right hand corner), with whatever amount you can. We do not receive federal nor provincial funding of any sort and ask our readers to help us grow.

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