Friday, February 14, 2014

Unleash Your Taste – the Love of Food, the Love of Life

Welcome to Unleash Your Taste. Today I open the pages to a new blog, one that is motivated by the love of food and the love of life. As an individual who has cooked professionally for over 20 years and in several countries I have come to realise how every facet of our lives is touched by food. Art, music and design has in one way or another been inspired or has in itself become part of the nature of food. Food for our souls, food for our bodies and minds.

I have found myself back in the daily routine of cooking for others, though in a different fashion from the past. Where I am today is not in a kitchen removed from all but the other staff, but instead I am in the middle of daily customer traffic flow. Here the opportunity to create smells and aromas of fresh herbs, spices and sauces touches the senses of each individual who enters the premises. In a way it is a daring move on the part of the grocery retailer here in Canada, and an exciting journey for me.

Visitors to the store do not only find the physical ambiance and selection of goods pleasing, but come back again and again to see “what's cooking.” Regulars, and others who are becoming so, come by with a wonderful daily greeting, “what's cooking chef,” and that greeting motivates so much of what's happening, and what's still to come. It is also the motivation to open the pages of

This will be a place to look at the joys of food, to walk through corridors of history, and even take a peek into the private rooms of individuals who themselves use an alternate expression of the love of life. Unleash Your Taste will strive to set itself from the 'formula' food blog and provide for its readers interesting topics which may bring forth comment in response. Regular customers will have an opportunity to pick up recipes of food they had tasted, take those ideas home and give them to their own families. It is something no chef in a restaurant is able to do.

So come and take a look at, it is young and different.

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