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Update: June 25th 2011

Freedom and democracy have been ideals man has fought for for centuries. For us in Canada the actions of the individual in Tunisia are unthinkable, in Canada democracy and its freedom of speech, of worship and the right to choose the government to represent us is long gone taken for granted. Brave men and women have sacrificed their lives in Syria, Egypt and Libya for an ideal that men have the right of choice and of speech without fear. We as Canadians have sent our sons and daughters, our brothers and sisters and our fathers and mothers in uniform to bring that ideal of freedom and democracy to foreign lands. Some have sadly paid the ultimate price for that ideal to have their blood soaking the sands. It is only the families of the fallen brave that understand the reason for such sacrifice.

Democracy only survives on the basic ideal of freedom. It is the freedom to speak without fear of persecution, to worship without threat. It is the freedom to choose those who ask for our trust in government. It is the freedom to demand equality of law and justice without discrimination. And it is the freedom of information without oppressive censorship.

Andrea Kriluck as managing editor of The Standard was at the helm of that tabloid when her reporter Marlene Bergsma lied about evidence of corruption by Mayor Brian McMullan and Councillor Jennie Stevens. When reporter Peter Downs repeated that lie once again Andrea Kriluck was at the helm, when city editor (now dumped by Kriluck and publisher Judy Bullis only days after the Mayorgate Blog made his phone call public) Rick Van Sickle permitted the lie by Bergsma and by Downs to be printed, and then called to cry like a coward about “fathers” on the phone. Andrea Kriluck was at the helm of The Standard during the intentional censorship of the facts surrounding the corrupt act by Mayor Brian McMullan and Councillor Jennie Stevens. Andrea Kriluck was at the helm as the Niagara Regional Police distorted and tampered with the evidence. The actions of The Standard were designed not only to censor the truth, not only to lie about the facts, but to influence directly the outcome of an election. Andrea Kriluck was at the helm of The Standard as managing editor through all of this.

Now Andrea Kriluck has left The Standard, as had city editor Rick Van Sickle although his departure more of a dumping, Andrea Kriluck was given the 'Khrushchev' retirement. As a parting gift Andrea Kriluck left us these words of wisdom as an editorial on Friday April 29 2011. Its heading was 'Take part in democracy and cast your vote Monday' and Andrea Kriluck wrote: “Yes, voting is our democratic right, but it is also a privilege that some people take for granted.” Words that are not befitting even a tabloid such as The Standard and without hesitation words that have no place at the hand of Andrea Kriluck.

In her editorial she speaks of people who have paid with their lives in a struggle for democracy. “The bravery of people struggling to be free,” are these really your words Andrea Kriluck? What did you do with democracy? What did your reporters Marlene Bergsma and Peter Downs do with democracy? These words from your hand only soil the memory of those brave people who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for an ideal that The Standard at your control as managing editor mangled and spat on. The people had a democratic right to know the facts yet you decided to censor evidence and remove that democratic right.

In a democracy we trust the press (well to some degree at least) to present the truth and not distort facts for any reason. Censorship is unacceptable to most Canadians, when that censorship is of the truth. As Canadians we do not have to set ourselves on fire, we do not have to stand in front of tanks for our freedom, for our democratic right. Yet sadly so many of us have become complacent with what our natural rights and freedoms are. True for a moment when we see the images on our televisions or in our newspapers of the struggles and sacrifice of those brave enough to fight for what we take for granted, we stop and think. That moment is short and to some degree understandable.

As Canadians we believe that there is a system in place; laws, checks and balances that safeguard our rights, our freedoms, our democracy. The oppressive violence by authorities during the G20 Summit of 2010 shocked not only Canadians from coast to coast but many from all around the world. A basic freedom of speech, of assembly was stomped on violently during the G20 Summit of 2010 in Toronto. Justice, although slowly, is moving to ensure such a horror can not be repeated. Under no circumstances do Canadians think that an election can be influenced or fixed. It has been here in St.Catharines and that is not only the concern for the locals it is of dramatic concern for all Canadians, for all who value the basic ideal of democracy. The local press censored the facts, and when that didn't work than those at the helm lied and distributed the lie to damage the evidence and the credibility of the one fighting for the truth. A regional police force, the largest regional police force in the province, intentionally distorts and tampers with the evidence. Police officers intentionally lie on official documents without consequence. All for one purpose. An elected minister of the Provincial Government responsible for the enforcement of the Elections Act, fully aware of the corrupt act, only folds his arms and sits back.

Not in Canada you think? YES this happened here in our Canada. In the dawn of any movement for democracy some of the loudest voices come from the institutions of learning. Who can forget the images of the brave soul standing in front of a tank in Tiananmen Square in China? Democracy has claimed many sacrifices even in the early days of our new millennium. Tiananmen Square China, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, the list grows as the blood flows.

We in Canada do not have to sacrifice our lives to fight for or protect our democratic rights and freedoms. Though some bruises and bone chilling fear was required in Toronto during the G20 Summit of 2010. So I don't expect the students of Brock University here in St.Catharines to stand in front of a Smart Car let alone a tank for their democratic freedoms. But I do ask you Professor David Siegel, Professor of Political Science, Director of the Niagara Community Observatory at Brock University, and all round political pundit and political commentator to explain your actions. I guess you would be thought of as a member of the 'intelligentsia'. The vocal chords of struggles for democracy come in the early stage from centres of learning. There is a thirst for discussion, of discovery that often ignites the fires for freedom. China and Tiananmen Square was an example. You teach Political Science Professor Siegel, what is it that you teach? How to drive the Smart Car? I challenged you to face me in front of your students but you ignored that.

On September 11 2010 you Professor Siegel, professor of political science was quoted, “Unless they've made a major misstep during this term in office, incumbents have the advantage and McMullan hasn't had major gaffes.” You gave McMullan the “halo effect” and I wrote you several days later. I set out all the events of the corrupt act by McMullan, you ignored my letter. At the Brock candidates' session you chaired the event and stayed clear. Yet throughout the campaign you extolled the virtues of a corrupt mayor, Brian McMullan. How far has this gone? It began with a corrupt act by Mayor McMullan and Councillor Stevens. The local press imposed intentional censorship on the facts, when that proved insufficient the same newspaper then printed lies. The largest regional police force then attempted to damage the credibility of the evidence and of the individual fighting for the truth. Niagara Regional Police in fact lied on official police documents of record. On October 26 2010 the one who committed the corrupt act was able to publicly say that there was no foundation for the truth and the tabloid printed those words. How far was it necessary to go to destroy the basis of democracy? As a professor of political science how do you defend your role in this?

The aftermath of the G20 Summit in Toronto has brought horror stories of abuse of by police. Democracy was shaken to its foundation and scenes reminiscent of a banana republic with police in uniform losing control. Images that come to public light bring horror that this was possible in Canada. Toronto Police Chief Blair sees nothing overly wrong and says that his police were overwhelmed. Premier McGuinty blames the Prime Minister for the whole mess. Yet a voice rings loud for the rights of free people, the rights that we take for granted guaranteed under our Charter and Human Rights Code. Professor David McNally, Professor of Political Science at York University stands up against the police, against Toronto Police Chief Blair.

Political Science examines and teaches man's maturity into the ability to govern himself. The essence of democracy is the freedom of speech, freedom of choice of representation, and freedom of information. Censorship , interference in a lawful election unacceptable under any terms. Your silence and ignorance of the facts Professor Siegel shows a dangerous path here in St.Catharines. I expect your silence to continue Professor Siegel.

Censorship is an enemy to democracy. The right of the people to know the facts is an integral part of the freedom of choice and freedom of speech. You Mike Williscraft of Niagara this Week brag and back slap yourself on page 7 of Thursday May 26 2011. Your ego is a giant I dare think. Your words Mike Williscraft, deliver what we believe is a newspaper worthy of the communities we serve...” Oh my you show how you deliver when you censor news and facts from the community. Your reporter Forsyth did a story on April 6 2011 regarding the big pipe in Wainfleet being abandoned. I sent a letter with all information to Managing Editor K. Nadeau (copy attached) informing a Ministry of Environment investigation of a property in Wainfleet, heck I even included a copy of the MOE confirmation of the investigation.

Censorship is an enemy of democracy, yes I have already said this, yet it's worth repeating in relation to your act Mike Williscraft. You and your team decided to withhold the facts from a community. You decided to censor the truth. Was it for their collected greater good, or simply because of who brought you the news eh? Your words again Williscraft, “....yes, sometimes our editorial team feels crushed by the weight we put on ourselves to deliver what we...” Your ego radiated with great energy on Thursday May 26 2011 Mike Williscraft, more possibly than any windmill yet the facts are simply and less palatable. You and your team censored facts, you and your team censored news from a community.

Censorship is an enemy of democracy.

Alexander Davidoff
53 Almond Street
St.Catharines, ON
L2T 1G2

September 16, 2010

Professor David Siegel
Brock University
500 Glenridge Avenue
St.Catharines, ON 
L2S 3A1

Dear Professor Siegel:

I am writing as a response to your comments as published in the Standard September 11 2010 by Marlene Bergsma.  You gave McMullan the credit of the “halo effect” and said that “Brian hasn’t made any major blunders.”  These were your words as quoted by Bergsma.  You are a Brock University Political Science professor?  I assume that ethics, political integrity and corruption are issues that warrant some attention even comment to you?  As a professor in the science of politics you are aware of the Municipal Act and the Charter of Rights?  Maybe even have an opinion or two on code of conduct and the right of the public in a democratic government to have some form, some avenue for recourse when issues arise regarding conduct of our elected public servants.  Have you seen or bothered to look at

No mayor or councillor has the legal authority to fix, forgive, pardon or get rid of any fine after it was issued and due process attempted.  Here you have the voice of Councillor Jennie Stevens leaving a telephone answering machine message to an individual that she spoke with Mayor McMullan and that the mayor had taken care of the fine and he didn’t have to pay it.  Back to the beginning, Mark had gone for some six weeks to Cuba it snowed and he wasn’t there.  City cleaned his sidewalk and under that by-law he was fined.  He came back and tried to explain to Public Works he was told as he knew he was going to be away he should have arranged for someone to take care of his sidewalk.  The fine stood as is.  He called Councillor Stevens and the result was her telephone answering machine message.  A further meeting with Mayor McMullan at the local Legion confirmed this face to face.

Now you are welcome to peruse the Municipal Act and the Charter of Rights.  I have read both.  I have had comment even from a former mayor, not to mention lawyers and businessmen.  I have spoken to a friend who is a Toronto Councillor who made it clear if this happened there and unfolded in such a manner both would be removed.  But here McMullan has a strangle hold on the truth.  Williscraft in a lengthy conversation with Mark, which was recorded, never denied that it was illegal.  He never denied that it was in contravention of the Municipal Act or the Charter of Rights, nor did he deny it was perjury of Oath of Office.  No Williscraft called it “after all it is only a small thing.”  Corruption was considered only a small thing!  The Standard well just look at the Macfest you were a part of.  Truth is not only inconvenient but downright dangerous.

It wasn’t enough that the press were put under control so the people of St.Catharines do not have a chance to hear the truth and make their own decisions, but we have the mama of Councillor Stevens sending bullying and threatening letters to advertisers in a local newsletter that printed a transcript of little Jennie Stevens and her answering machine message.  Little Councillor Jennie Stevens’ mama Pat Lindal who is asking for people’s
trust that as a Regional Councillor she will enforce her oath of office equally without bias, now is bullying innocent people.  You do know professor that an advertiser has no authority or right over content?  I know this after years in advertising, oh I know what Marlene wrote about me but heck Marlene and I have not seen eye to eye on important issues for a long time.

So as a professor of the science of politics I guess corruption is not considered a major blunder?  Having mama bully and threaten is a part of a democratic society I guess.  Soon enough little Councillor Jennie Stevens will face the truth and her own voice, then what.  All the attempts to ‘put a lid on it’ by McMullan will fail.  I have the opportunity to make this very public, and at the right time.  I wonder what will McMullan’s handlers or spin doctors do then, or Marlene.

Corruption my dear professor is unacceptable on any level.  A lie by a government is unacceptable on any point.  The rest have been games played by the corrupt.  Truth more than inconvenient, in fact it is very dangerous.  Will you reply?  I won’t hold my breath for that.


Alexander Davidoff. 

P.S:  You have a copy of a letter sent by Pat Lindal to innocent small business advertisers.  As a bully and thug she threatens those who without any connection go about their business.  This same individual, this thug and coward dares to ask as a candidate for the people’s vote!  Now listen to her on this disk.  This coward attacked me and my children as we delivered the newsletter.  I recorded her!  You are a professor, what do you say to the ethics of politics, as Professor of political science!  Listen to her, “unsubstantiated dribble.”  Listen to Councillor Stevens on the blog!  Understand this, I have already made contact with Minister Bartolucci and provided all details and proof.  No bully or thug will be permitted to go to the public and ask for their vote.  No bully or thug will in any way dishonour the core, the foundation of our democratic society.  Mrs. Pat Lindal is not fit for public office and she soon will understand what the law and legal process means.  Every effort has been made to silence the truth.  I will not be silenced.  I will make all of this public.

I repeat I don’t expect or wait for a response from you.  Dare you or not!

Alexander Davidoff.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Update: June 7th 2011

You have seen the hard evidence of Niagara Regional Police lying and fabricating official documents or record. You have heard the recorded voices of two NRP officers, officer Cataldo and officer Donovan, and then were able to read the official Incident Reports both had filed for the record. The Ontario Police Services Act, Ontario Regulation 268/10 states under Part IV, Code of Conduct 30. (i) Any conduct described in the code of conduct, set out in the Schedule, constitutes misconduct for the purpose of section 80 of the Act. O. Reg. 268/10 (i). Under this schedule subsection (d) Deceit, in that he or she, (i) knowingly makes or signs a false statement in a record (ii) wilfully or negligently makes a false, misleading or inaccurate statement pertaining to official duties.

The Ontario Police Services Act is enforced by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services. I have now written Minister Jim Bradley explaining in detail all that has happened and provided Minister Bradley with the conclusive evidence that has been public now for several months. I have also written Premier Dalton McGuinty informing him of the situation.

Minister Bradley had been fully aware of a corrupt act by Mayor McMullan. As Minister for Municipal Affairs I had written him and provided all the hard evidence then. That letter and Minister Bradley's response has been posted on this blog for months. As Minister for Municipal Affairs, Minister Jim Bradley only chose to cover up for his pal Mayor McMullan instead of enforcing the laws of the Municipal Act. Minister Bradley walked away from his sworn duties and responsibilities. The question as to why has never been answered, not by Minister Bradley nor by the government.

Now Minister Bradley has been given the position of Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, a ministry merged with the Ministry of the Solicitor General of Ontario, and responsible for the enforcement of the Ontario Police Services Act, Ontario Reg. 268/10.

I have an open question to you Minister Bradley. Are you going to perform your duties and responsibilities and enforce the Police Services Act or are you going to walk away from those responsibilities again? Premier McGuinty is your government going to take action finally and ensure that your minister does not abuse his powers and responsibilities or not? At this time the Ombudsman of Ontario is investigating one of your ministries, the Ministry of the Environment, for not enforcing its own legislation. Is there to be another investigation needed regarding the non-enforcement of legislation by another minister and ministry?

When the horrors of the G20 Summit became public the people of Ontario, and in fact throughout Canada were horrified. Here in St. Catharines direct evidence proves without a doubt that police officers have lied on Police Incident Reports. These are official sworn statements of record. Those officers in fact have committed perjury. An officer in any police force in Ontario swears an oath and that oath has been breached. Chief Wendy Southall, Chief of the Niagara Regional Police has been aware of the breach of oath by officers of her force. Chief Southall has stayed silent with the knowledge that false records in the form of Incident Reports have been filed by officers of the Niagara Regional Police. Chief Southall has done nothing at all about it. Now its up to you Minister Bradley. As the Minister for Community Safety and Correctional Services you are responsible for the enforcement of the Police Services Act, Ontario Reg. 268/10. You have clear and unquestionable proof of breaches of the Act and what are you going to do about it?

Post script: Both of the letters, one for Minister Bradley and the other to Premier McGuinty have been sent Express with signatures required so as no points are raised by either on receiving the material in this period of Canada Post rolling strikes.

Both letters sent by EXPRESS MAIL through Canada Post 06-06-2011 with signature required, tracking numbers 0179 6200 0032 2361 and 0179 6200 0032 2378.

A final point, election campaign information is public domain according to Elections Ontario rules. So I have a question to you Minister James J. Bradley. I went to your constituency office to request the campaign contributions for your 2006 election, mind you it was an individual from Elections Ontario who suggested I do this. On the first attempt there was only one young woman in the office. She seemed uncomfortable with my request and fumbled on the computer. She told me that she could not find that information while I stood and waited, she asked for my name and phone number and said she will call the next day. SHE DID NOT! I came back four days later, I made sure I gave her plenty of time to find an excuse to throw at me.

The second time I came I was prepared with my digital recorder at the ready, and to be clear I had a witness who drove me to your office on both occasions, a prominent member of the St. Catharines business community for decades. So I came a second time I asked the same woman if she remembered. She even remembered my name, though this time there were 3 other people in the office (two young men and an older woman). The young woman referred me to the older one who she named Betty. I had contact with Betty from Bradley before, a couple of years back. I was recording the whole exchange with Betty form Bradley. I explained what I wanted. Betty said she does not have anything like that in the office. She explained what the purpose of the office was. It was to aid any members of the community with anything that was needed. It seems that was a LIE Betty. I told her that a representative from Elections Ontario told me to come to the constituency office and request the information I wanted. Betty said, I wont give it, I cant give it, I don't have it. Betty from Bradley said she will call Elections Ontario and set them straight. I made sure to ask her again and Betty refused to provide the information I required! I RECORDED EVERY WORD!

The following day I called Elections Ontario and explained what I needed. Again I was given the alternative of trying the web or going to the constituency office. I told the individual from Elections Ontario that (Betty) refused to give it to me from the constituency office. The response was clear, and recorded, that they CANNOT REFUSE!

So I ask you Minister James J. Bradley, Minister Jim Bradley, Jim Bradley ( I just want to cover everything for Google) what is the reason for Betty to state an untruth. The campaign contributions are public domain and I will get them. If you have nothing to hide then why have Betty act like you have something to hide? Listen to Betty and her voice here. Listen to Elections Ontario. Explain this Minister Bradley! Betty stated an untruth you know it and so do I. Didn't anyone tell her how wonderful a tool computers are? Heck everything is at your fingertips. Yet she refused, she said she did not have that information in the office, in fact the other younger woman seemed to panic on my first visit. I asked for the campaign contributions list for your 2006 campaign, your staff refused. Any explanations Minister Bradley? Is there something you don't want me to see Minister James J. Bradley? What was the reason for Betty to refuse to provide a member of the public information that is legally public domain Minister Jim Bradley? How do you explain this Minister Bradley? Listen to Betty from Bradley and listen to Elections Ontario and explain! I will get that information in the end. What are you hiding Minister Bradley and if not why did Betty refuse as she did? It's up to you to explain.

I have sent all of this to your boss Premier McGuinty to ask him why this can happen. I have sent all of this including the voice of Betty and the representative from Elections Ontario to the head of Elections Ontario. Your staff Minister Bradley breached the Elections Act and I want an explanation as to why.

Much more to come.

Alexander Davidoff

53 Almond Street
St. Catharines, Ontario
L2T 1G2
May 31 2011

Hon. James J. Bradley
Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services
18th Floor
25 Grosvenor Street
Toronto, Ontario, M7A 1Y6

Dear Minister Bradley,

As the Minister for Community Safety and Correctional Services you are responsible for enforcing the Police Services Act of Ontario, Ontario Regulation 268/10. Your ministry is responsible for inspection of Ontario Police Services to make sure they comply with the Police Services Act. As an elected minister you are answerable to the people who cast their votes. The situation brought to you here is of extreme seriousness and demands immediate action.

The Police Services Act is a clear document that sets the parameters for all police services as to their responsibilities and authority. Part IV of the Police Services Act is Code of Conduct and section 2, subsection (d) headed Deceit. I quote, “Deceit, in that he or she, (i) knowingly makes or signs a false statement in a record, (ii) wilfully or negligently makes a false, misleading or inaccurate statement pertaining to official duties.” To ensure no confusion plays its hand here I quote again from the Police Services Act the description for “record,” “record means any record of information, however recorded, whether in printed form, on film.... regardless of physical form or characteristics, and any copy of the record (document).”

Officers of the Niagara Regional Police Service have intentionally and wilfully lied on police Incident Reports. A police Incident Report is an official document of record, to lie intentionally is to commit perjury. Each officer of the Niagara Regional Police Service swears an oath upon becoming an officer. Therefore to submit an official document of record as in a police Incident Report constitutes perjury of oath when that report is an intentional lie.

Officer Carmine Cataldo #9495 of the Niagara Regional Police submitted Incident Report number GO #2010-103419 dated Sunday 2010, Oct 24. This report is a complete lie and fabrication. Officer Cataldo was recorded during the interview with me and what he put in his Incident Report was a lie. A copy of the report and the recorded interview attached.

Officer Shawn Donovan #09508 of the Niagara Regional Police submitted Incident Report number GO #2010-102654 dated Friday 2010, Oct 22. This report is a lie and fabrication. Officer Donovan was recorded during the interview with me and what he put in his Incident Report was a lie. A copy of the report and the recorded interview attached.

Detective William Harris #03554 of the Niagara Regional Police submitted Incident Report number GO #2010-100048 dated Thursday 2010, Oct. 14. This report was intentionally “false, misleading and inaccurate.” All details on this report will follow.

The Police Service Act makes it very clear what constitutes breach of Code of Conduct and Deceit. Those officers prepared, signed and submitted into official record documents that were false and with full intent. Evidence that proves this is clear and cannot be disputed. All of the information relating to officers Cataldo and Donovan has been public on for several months. Information and evidence relating to Det. Harris to be posted in approximately 10 days. Chief Southall of the Niagara Regional Police Service has been aware of the intentional false reports by officers of the NRPS. Chief Southall has taken no action in this and has only stayed silent. Chief Southall has the duties of a Police Chief clearly outlined in the Police Services Act and nowhere does it state that the Chief of Police is to stay silent on proven deceit and submission of false record. In fact Chief Southall of the Niagara Regional Police has breached the Police Services Act and the Code of Conduct for a Chief of Police.

As the Minister for Community Safety and Correctional Services you are responsible for the Police Service Act of Ontario, Ontario Regulation 268/10. You cannot walk away from that responsibility and defer this to anyone else. Police Incident Reports are official documents of record, they are used to convict people to jail. Police officers have intentionally lied and submitted lies into record and it is proven. It is your responsibility to enforce the Police Services Act of Ontario. These officers cannot be trusted, their reports all of them are in doubt now. An investigation is imperative and required immediately. It is your responsibility to do so.


Alexander Davidoff.

cc: Premier McGuinty

Alexander Davidoff
53 Almond Street
St. Catharines, Ontario
L2T 1G2
May 31, 2011

Premier Dalton McGuinty
The Premier of Ontario
Legislative Building
Queen's Park
Toronto, Ontario, M7A 1A1

Dear Premier McGuinty,

I have written to Minister Bradley, Minister for Community Safety and Correctional Services. The situation brought to his attention is of extreme serious nature. As Minister for Community Safety and Correctional Services he is responsible for the enforcement of the Police Services Act of Ontario, Ontario Regulation 268/10. Police Services in Ontario faced a serious public blow with the violence extended to innocent individuals of the public during the G20 Summit. Yet the situation brought to Minister Bradley is of a much more grave a level as it puts in question not only breach of the Police Services Act, Code of Conduct but the legal standing of Incident Reports submitted by officers of the Niagara Regional Police Service. Officers of the NRPS have intentionally lied on Incident Reports submitted into record. Each officer swears an oath on becoming a police officer and breach of that oath is perjury. Incident Reports are serious official documents of record used in legal form to convict individuals to terms of imprisonment. Officers of the NRPS have lied and submitted those lies as Incident Reports on record.

Here you will find a copy of my letter to Minister Bradley with copies of all information sent to him. This is an issue of extremely serious nature and cannot be ignored. As the Premier you cannot walk away from responsibility in this serious situation nor can Minister Bradley.


Alexander Davidoff.


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