Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Letter One

Alexander Davidoff
53 Almond Street
St. Catharines, Ontario
L2T 1G2

May 24, 2010

Chief Wendy Southall
Niagara Regional Police
68 Church Street
St. Catharines, Ontario, L2R 3C6

Re: Incident Report #10-44914

Dear Chief Southall:

This report was only taken over the phone and I was told that an officer will call within 48 hours by phone. Photos attached show what had happened with a written description attached. Without hesitation this was deliberate attempt at intimidation and harassment. I have no way of proving who had done this and therefore can not in dignity make accusations. Yet without hesitation I say it was because of my Blog and Facebook.



On Friday an apparent attempt was made to block the audio recording from being heard. I have demanded an explanation and clarification in writing. Only a complaint that the audio was offensive and I have been informed it would create a block. I was able to get around the block and have the audio open again in a matter of hours. No such further attempts would be successful. Look at the Blog and the material.

From the photos you will see that a vehicle had mounted the sidewalk deliberately as scratches were made on the concrete. This was not an out of control vehicle not the angle it had mounted to the intersection. The vehicle then crossed over the City Garden with tire imprints clear over the planted material. At this point it is only 6 feet in width to my Juniper shrub and it was not disturbed. The vehicle then moved forward on a curve approximately some 30 feet not damaging anything in a space only 5’11” (five foot, eleven inches) to 5’8” (five foot, eight inches) in width. A dry stacked stone wall at the other end of my front yard was then pulled apart. Stones have been taken/stolen and the vehicle then crossed again over City planted material; again vehicle tire imprints are clear over the sidewalk and onto Glendale Avenue. A yellow fire hydrant is opposite the stone wall of my garden which was vandalised and only approximately 5’8” (five foot, eight inches) of space in between, yet the fire hydrant not even scratched.

This was intentional! This was deliberate! This was not simple vandalism! Whoever did this intended it to be unsettling, to be intimidating. There is no coincidence here not with the apparent attempt to block the audio on Friday on the Blog and then this. My garden walls have been up for some eight years and never anything like this. My photograph is on the Blog and address clear, I have to be concerned what could be next. In all fairness I could not provide a witness or a description of a vehicle to the dispatch on the phone yet I did get less than expected in return from your NRP.

I have provided all this to you Chief so that there is an official record on file not a simple phone call. This letter will be posted also on the Blog.


Alexander Davidoff.

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