Thursday, September 29, 2011

Minister Deb Matthews: Amputation of health care services

Mayorgate brought a report on the health rally that was organized at Queen's Park. On no-ad-lib.blogspot clear questions have been asked of Minister for Health Deb Matthews and of Premier Dalton McGuinty. Here in St. Catharines 35 innocent victims of the C. difficile outbreak. Months without any action by the provincial government. Hospitals in the Niagara area have had emergency rooms closed. All over Ontario information came together at the Ontario Coalition Health Rally of closures and cuts to services. Yet Premier Dalton McGuinty and Health Minister Deb Matthews exalted the Excellent Care For All Act 2010. Here in St. Catharines Minster Jim Bradley brags of the millions provided to the Niagara Health System and the building of a new hospital. Explain your millions of dollars and where they went to the families of those who died as victims of a health system in shambles Minister James Bradley. Tell an emergency patient being rushed from Fort Erie when every minute counts down between life or death to a new hospital in St. Catharines, how it is more cost effective for him to have had his emergency room closed in Fort Erie Minister Jim Bradley. People came together from all over the province to bring one loud and clear voice. Mayorgate brought a full report on the Ontario Coalition Health Rally,no-ad-lib.blogspot brought out the uncomfortable questions. Now it is up to you to make the decisions.

Neither Mayorgate nor no-ad-lib can support or endorse in any way any political party. Ontario Liberal Government of Dalton McGuinty has been put under doubt and questioned, the response has been a loud silence. Ministry for Correctional Services and Community Safety Minister Jim Bradley, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Rick Bartolucci, Ministry of the Environment Minister John Wilkinson, Ministry of Government Services Minister Harinder Takhar and Ministry of Health Minister Deb Matthews have all been given an opportunity to answer the questions raised on no-ad-lib blogspot. All have ignored the questions. We have no protection after we vote any of them in, the Integrity Commissioner has proven that. It is only your decision and your vote that has the power to make changes. Make it an informed decision not one based on newspaper wrap arounds or roadside signs. Whoever you decide to be your chosen one we are stuck with them for four years. At times a frightening thought.

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