Thursday, September 29, 2011

Minister Jim Bradley: Protecting a political pal or enforcing the law?

The way we govern our democratic process exemplifies our society. Whether it is the value of each vote cast freely without interference or undue manipulation, without voluntary censorship of information. Or the equality of our laws, enforced without bias or political pressure. Mayorgate has stood against inequality and selective justice. We elect our MPP's and our government, in return we demand equal and fair representation regardless of political expedience. Minister Jim Bradley had the responsibility as the Minister for Municipal Affairs to enforce the Municipal Act. Instead a pal breached his oath of office and the Municipal Act. Minister James Bradley not only ignored his duties and protected his pal he in arrogance provided a financial contribution to his pal's re-election campaign. All of this has been documented on no-ad-lib.blogspot even an attempt to bring this to the attention of the Integrity Commissioner for the Legislature, his response alarming. As Minister for Correctional Services and Community Safety Minister James Bradley ignored his responsibility to enforce the Police Services Act when clear evidence was provided of NRPS police officers intentionally falsifying official police records. The actions of each of the candidates asking for our trust cannot be ignored.

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