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Mayorgate's 2nd Anniversary

Mayorgate's second anniversary has come, some may think of it as the terrible two's, others simply of abortion. But its too late for that, we are here growing stronger with each article. I am proud to say that we are read now in sixteen different countries other than Canada, as far as China and Russia, Спасибо. Our not so humble beginnings have long gone and the issues we deal with though still do not leave out local interest and concern yet have expanded to encompass provincial, federal and even further afield. Still our 'precious' little mayor, Mayor Brian McMullan tried to lay claim to Mayorgate as the sole reason for its existence. I might of felt it an honour to have such an attachment if it was someone else though.

True the Mayor of St. Catharines, Brian McMullan made this claim through his lawyer in writing, “Even the domain name of the website is intended to suggest that Mr. McMullen is engaged in a political scandal.” This letter was delivered to my home from Christopher Bittle, of Lancaster, Brooks & Welch on behalf of Mr. Brian McMullan, dated September 1st 2011. My response was loud, clear and public with article Mayor McMullan attempts shutdown of Mayorgate.  Needless to say not a squeak has been heard from the legal eagle Christopher Bittle, nor from Lancaster, Brooks & Welch nor from our 'precious' Mayor Brian McMullan. Christopher Bittle went on to make this claim on behalf of his client Mayor Brian McMullan, “The above noted remarks are patently false and not supported by any facts.” Christopher Bittle should know there was a reason his client did not proceed with his attempted threat and harassment of Mayorgate, and that was because everything we print, every article is based on fact supported with hard cold evidence. He as a lawyer surely should know that?

But I have begun the obligatory reminiscing without any warnings. Still the attempted threat and harassment by our 'precious' Lord Mayor Brian McMullan was a true highlight for the year. So although the tag team of McMullan and Bittle did claim 'ownership' on Mayorgate with “the entire purpose of the website is to defame Mr. McMullen,” we were able to tear ourselves away and deal with the odd story of importance. Our 'precious' Elizabeth her Royal Highness and her personal representative the Governor General of Canada were the centre of more than one article. Prime Minister Stephen Harper was not left out of the line-up nor his ministers. Brian McMullan's dear and 'precious' pal Jim Bradley could not be forgotten, nor his boss Premier Dalton McGuinty, and so many more. This leads me to make this challenge publicly. I will be glad to interview anyone who has a rebuttal to anything published on Mayorgate. I will record the interview in its entirety and then publish the phone interview. Though I warn you be prepared to answer some questions that may be less than comfortable.

Who has the courage to take up this challenge? Will Dr. Valerie Jaeger MD PhD, the most senior medical officer in the Niagara Region of Ontario, a practising family physician and responsible for the public health of over 430,000 Niagara residents, who is a liar, explain why she lied. All the details are in the most recent article Dr. Valerie Jaeger MD, PhD., LIED!. Every one of us, in fact the world over can relate to the need to trust the doctor we go to seek help from. How do we trust a doctor who has lied, and not only to the public but to her superior Regional Chairman Gary Burroughs. My recorder is ready Dr. Valerie Jaeger.

Shawn Wilson and Fred Hahn both presidents at CUPE, both know all about deceit. Fred Hahn lied in his written communications and Shawn Wilson, well that's a whole new angle on union representation. Wilson is not only another president of CUPE, they seem to have many presidents at CUPE, but he is also in fact an employer of CUPE members as a Thorold City Councillor. In fact the mess doesn't end there, Shawn Wilson presides over CUPE Local 1287, and CUPE 1287 threatened an elected government and an elected regional councillor to shut down any possible investigation of abuse of the public purse by CUPE members. I would like to ask some questions of both Wilson and Hahn.

Now there is John Reiter a nobody really when we speak of politicians, doctors and union presidents, yet John Reiter and his wife Linda Reiter need to answer some serious questions. For over five years they were able to break the law and not face any consequences on a daily basis.

There is Her Majesty the Queen, though thinking of interviewing Her Majesty might be a touch of fantasy, I should be happy that a second letter from Buckingham Palace arrived for now. The Governor General is a different story but alas David Johnston would rather hide behind a skirt than answer any questions. Mayorgate's wish list of potential candidates for an interview is long and it remains only a wish list. Not one of the candidates could face the questions raised through the articles of Mayorgate. Can anyone imagine Eleanor Lancaster flapping her eyelids trying to explain the truth as to why she left out Mayor Brian McMullan from the campaign fund audits. Or Mayor Brian McMullan making his speeches to answer anything raised in the articles on Mayorgate. Not to forget Brian's best buddy and protector Minister Jim Bradley, the pebbles of the Ontario Provincial Liberal Party. Jim is a tough guy after all, he has ignored his boss Premier McGuinty, he has ignored the people who elected him as their representative, in fact he even ignored the families of the victims of the horrific C-difficile outbreak and instead talked about the new hospital.

This list is indeed long and Mayorgate has created a dust storm, enough to have endured more than one attempt to shut us down. We have even been copied and then told it was done to benefit us. Still it is time to look more to the future even though to reminisce is enjoyable. Her Majesty has sent a second letter and that shall be published with a full response to Buckingham Palace. All the horrors of the orange water discharging into the natural environment demands a follow-up with the Ministry of the Environment response that has been received and still only silence from (Environment) Minister Jim Bradley.

As environmental issues stand close to the media's attention gauges it is difficult to leave out some questions of the more popular public figures in the 'big' environmental movement. Dr. Rick Smith the head of Environmental Defence has made public pleas for help to fight the government and the 'labelling' that he claims is unfair. Yet Rick Smith has not really been truthful and Mayorgate will be asking some less than favourable questions of Rick, sadly it won't happen face to face. Although Rick Smith and others like Mark Mattson of the Lake Ontario Waterkeeper and David Suzuki are on the wish list of candidates for an interview, none would find the courage to answer any questions raised by Mayorgate in person and on record.

Mayorgate does not editorialize nor make speeches. Our articles are based on fact which is verifiable and supported by documentation. Mayorgate raised questions that are rarely raised by popular media as we have no political alliances nor do we have any IOU's outstanding. We are growing and it is not possible to ignore us, otherwise why would Brian McMullan, or David Beers Editor in Chief of The Tyee find the need to threaten Mayorgate.

Mayorgate will continue with the same principles. We will continue to provide articles based on fact and ask questions no one wants to answer. Still the best has been saved till last as often is said. The incredible talent of young artist Alexandra Davidoff. This young artist provides the visual commentary as opposed to the common label of caricature. Alexandra's art does not need to play with physical deformities such as an extended Pinocchio nose of deceit, nor the ears of Dumbo flapping against the wind of change. Rather Alexandra's art is to bring a visual synopsis of the article, one that does not leave out an opportunity to raise a smile. Our Emancipated Monkeys owe their existence to Alexandra, The Puppet Rap on YouTube and Kai Nagara together with David Beers of The Tyee owe their existence to Alexandra, and perhaps my favourite Selective Justice = Blind Justice. That one piece of art depicts my fear of where our Canadian society is heading and we have enough to point at as examples even on Mayorgate.

Mayorgate is ready to take our first steps into our third year and lets see where the future will take us all. As author of Mayorgate I have stretched my writing somewhat further away from the articles dealing with our community, environment or politics by writing a children's book. The book titled, 'Harri & Luna' will soon be available through Amazon. This story is steeped in traditions of right and wrong, good and evil, and the strength of love and friendship. Wow, it almost has a similarity to the articles on Mayorgate except for love and friendship. Pick it up, I think it's well worth the read.

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