Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Dad's Day

Here is my Father's Day card given to me this morning I thought it is worth sharing with all of my fellow dudes, and the gals our loving partners - please don't get offended. It's Father's Day, let's celebrate.

The card's author and artist is my daughter Alexandra, who happens to be Mayorgate's in-house artiste.

"Today is a day of muscular bonding. A day reserved for dudes to get together and not be ashamed to hug. Forget about the tradition of the kid and the tie. Dad's Day is a day geared for violent movies, manly conversation, passing around bottles of coke-a-cola perfumed by bad breath. No ladies required, unless they volunteer to wear short skirts (only the one's with half decent backsides and calves and thighs please!) Don't forget to crack open the Maltesers, or whatever else strikes your fancy.  And a juicy burger or steak for breakfast! Dad's Day is the day dudes should be allowed to escape the responsibilities of being dads. 'Cause when the crowd of eager wives and brats swarm around the table, under the excuse of celebrating your fatherhood, they're doing so with the expectation that you'll go out the next day and for the rest of the year, trying to live up to their over-dramatized praise. The best thing here is an escape plan. Don't be shy, you know you aren't half as honest, kind, caring, inspirational, brave, handsome (well, maybe handsome, don't let go of all your self-pride) as they make you out to be. Right? Let your hair down (or just don't brush it), put your feet up (with your shoes on if your goal is to gross people out) and celebrate the advantages of being a dude. After all, we dudes are stereotypically lazy, easy-going, tough, and easily amused. Take advantage of the stereotype, even if you aren't the stereotype."

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