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Dr. Valerie Jaeger MD, PhD., the Chief Medical Officer for the Niagara Region is a LIAR and all the facts supported with documentation are provided here. As the most senior medical officer for the Regional Municipality of Niagara and as a medical doctor Valerie Jaeger holds a position of trust and respect. That is no more the case and a full provincial investigation is immediately required with the removal of Dr. Jaeger from her post.

Here in the Niagara area we do not need to be reminded of the pain we had to survive through the horrors of the C-difficile outbreak. How many friends and families are still coming to grips with the loss of loved ones. Our pleas for help were ignored by Premier McGuinty and Health Minister Deb Matthews until the death toll rose to over three dozen. Minister Jim Bradley, the elected representative of St. Catharines found that talking about the new hospital was his way out of dealing with the people. In the end Premier McGuinty had no choice and a provincial supervisor was established to reorganize our trust in the Niagara Health System. Premier McGuinty's actions in fact have placed our Niagara Health System and all those who are part of it under provincial jurisdictional authority and that of the Ontario Ombudsman's Office. Dr. Kevin Smith has been sent to rebuild our trust in the most important facet of existence, our health and its care.

Now the very essence of public health and its safety has been shaken to its core by the one individual who is placed in the most senior position as its caretaker. Without trust in the most senior medical officer of our region we as the people of Niagara face a dangerous road ahead. The year 2011 brought the true reality of politics versus health with the loss of so many innocent victims. We now face the same question, will politics win over the issue of protecting our public health.

As we walk into our doctor's office, be it our family physician or another specialist, we do so with a degree of trust. Dr. Valerie Jaeger MD has destroyed every ounce of trust that may exist in her with her actions centred around March 13th and 14th of 2012. It is irrelevant to bring back her past and any success in it, all that matters now is that we cannot believe anything that comes from her again.

Dr. Valerie Jaeger lied in writing, not of something insignificant but a serious issue that has the potential to affect all of those who use Lake Ontario either for their water supply or recreational purposes. Jaeger lied in writing to her superior Regional Chairman Gary Burroughs, to Regional Councillor Andrew Petrowski and to a member of the public. This was done via individual emails to each of the three in relation to a situation surrounding orange coloured water with a blue sheen and rainbow on the surface discharging into a drainage ditch in the open environment. This drainage ditch is attached to a storm water run-off sewer, and no one can say that orange water is a normal occurrence and especially not with the rainbow on the surface.

As stated an email was sent by Dr. Jaeger to her superior, Regional Chairman Gary Burroughs. To intentionally deceive one's boss would in most cases bring immediate dismissal and since Chairman Burroughs has been provided all the hard evidence that proves Dr. Jaeger's deceit, it is interesting to see what action is taken. In addition to Regional Chairman Burroughs being made aware so have the six regional councillors and others, of Dr. Jaeger's intentional deceit and lies. All of this centres around an email sent to Dr. Valerie Jaeger March 9th 2012 informing her of orange coloured water that had a blue sheen and a rainbow on the surface being discharged into a drainage ditch, the drainage ditch is connected to a storm water run-off sewer catch basin. A rainbow on the surface of water is an immediate sign of a petroleum effluent and not exactly safe to reach the fresh water supply.

It is the response by Dr. Jaeger that is shocking. In her email to me dated March 14th 2012 she states: “Based on information from the Ministry of Environment, with whom we have a close working relationship, complaints about orange precipitate in the ditch date back to 2009.” AN ABSOLUTE LIE! She also tells Regional Chairman Burroughs in her email to him, “Based on information from the Ministry of Environment, complaints about orange precipitate in the ditch date back to 2009.”

In 2009 I filed an application for investigation with the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario which the ECO approved and requested the Ministry of Environment to investigate. The parameters of the investigation centred on the burial of hazardous waste material by the owner of Sun Collision such as asphalt, tires and concrete with re-bar. The Ministry of Environment only conducted their investigation based on the original application to the ECO. At no time or in any form did I mention any discoloured water or with a rainbow. There were no signs of orange water in 2009 and no mention of it in my application for investigation approved by the ECO. Sun Collision and its owner were found to have contravened Ontario Regulation #347 by burying hazardous waste material and Sam Demita ordered to remove that material. Dr. Jaeger lied about complaints dating back to 2009 about “orange precipitate.”

Dr. Jaeger also states both to me and Chairman Burroughs that “complaints about orange precipitate in the ditch date back to 2009.” That would be absolutely impossible as there was no ditch in 2009. This drainage ditch was dug by Trillium Railway after April 2010 as a result of the investigation by MOE. Both the Standard and Niagara this Week ran articles on the issues of flooding in the neighbourhood and the investigation. In both it is stated by Mayor McMullan that a drainage ditch was to be dug, both of these articles date back to April and May 2010. To further confirm that the ditch did not exist in 2009 just listen to Merritton Ward Councillor Jennie Stevens and her now famous telephone answering machine message about the ticket fixing by Mayor Brian McMullan. In that message Councillor Stevens also informs Mr. Leeson of the drainage ditch to be dug, and that was in April 2010. How was it possible that any complaints be dated back to 2009 in relation to this ditch? Dr. Valerie Jaeger lied!

She continues, “In August of 2009 the Ministry of Environment gathered upstream and downstream water samples from the drainage ditch.” It has been established that the drainage ditch did not exist in 2009, any part of 2009. Could the MOE gather samples up or down, or for that matter underneath any stream in this non-existing drainage ditch? I can't see how, maybe time travel is the answer Dr. Jaeger is grappling with. Indeed the MOE did take samples during their investigation of 2009, and yes in their report they state it was from upstream and downstream. They were testing for any signs of adverse effect to the environment due to the burial of the hazardous waste by the owner of Sun Collision. At the time of the investigation there was no drainage ditch in existence so that was not possible and no mention of any orange water in the investigation request. Dr. Jaeger comes across as an incredibly deceitful individual, and there is still much more to come.

It is also true that the MOE provided results at the completion of their investigation that only iron was found at high levels but determined that it would not adversely effect the environment. Dr. Jaeger continues with her lies saying, “Even though there is no reason to believe that the orange water would have different cause than iron at this point in time.” To her superior Regional Chairman Burroughs she says “There is no reason to believe that the orange water would have a different cause than iron at this point in time.” Yet to Regional Councillor Andrew Petrowski, Dr. Jaeger went further, she made a definite statement not that she “believed” no, but stated a fact.

As you read Regional Councillor Petrowski's questions to Dr. Jaeger even more alarm bells sound off. Councillor Petrowski says “am I to understand that the Region has never had an interest in testing the suspect water (even though the pictures provided have been taken recently and happen to represent a different section of the abutting property) and is relying on the so-called “2009 MOE” report to base its “iron conclusion on?” Councillor Petrowski continues, “I trust also that the Region would want to test for the presence of solvents and heavy metals given the proximity of this discharge to a collision centre?” Dr. Jaeger responds to Councillor Petrowski with this, “The water is orange because of the iron content.” How was it possible to make this statement?, Jaeger had no samples taken and did no tests on the water. Dr. Jaeger's lies are beyond any possible understanding.

Councillor Petrowski did raise the question to Dr. Jaeger, although Jaeger conveniently avoided to answer and that in itself is a question. Councillor Petrowski asked if Jaeger was “relying on the so-called “2009 MOE report” in making conclusions of iron content. But it has now been established that the report of 2009 by the MOE had no orange water to test and the drainage ditch did not exist at the time of the 2009 investigation. Ignoring the questions raised by Councillor Petrowski, Dr. Jaeger makes it rather clear that her deceit was fully intentional and possibly with complete knowledge of the facts. Dr. Jaeger answers directly to Councillor Petrowski that “the water is orange because of the iron content.” This is an absolute lie intended to deceive a regional councillor. How could Dr. Jaeger make this statement? On what evidence did she base her statement? Finally, why did she find the need to lie in such a definite and intentional fashion to the councillor? To both Chairman Burroughs and to me Jaeger says that “yes there is a reason to believe” but to Councillor Petrowski she changes to “The water is...”. Dr. Jaeger's lies only grow in stature.

In her email to me Dr. Jaeger then says, “Since no-one in the area is on a well, this ditch does not impact drinking water.” To Regional Chairman Burroughs she says “This particular drainage ditch does not drain into any drinking water source or any recreational water source, such as a beach.” To Councillor Petrowski “as it does not impact drinking water or drain directly to recreational use areas such as a beaches.” Astounding statements by our trusted senior health official. With all the resources available to Dr. Jaeger she makes this statement, but by now it is easy to surmise why she had done so. Her email to me confirms that she had looked at my blog and the “pictures,” and that her Environmental Health Division people made “two site visits.” I guess the storm water catch basin was missed somehow?

I contacted Pubic Engineer Tim Marotta of the City of St. Catharines via email. My questions were simple in relation to the storm water run-off sewer that the drainage ditch spills into. Tim Marotta confirmed that this particular storm water catch basin is connected to the City of St. Catharines storm water sewer line on Merritt Street. In a second email Tim Marotta confirmed that in St. Catharines there are some combined sewers, which means that sanitary flows from homes and businesses as well as storm water run-off combine and flow through water treatment facilities. To quote Mr. Marotta now “The catch basin you asked about indirectly drains to Lake Ontario.” Which means the water from this storm water catch basin, to which the drainage ditch is attached first drains to Twelve Mile Creek and then to Lake Ontario. Whatever the contaminates are and the evidence proves that in the least a petroleum effluent is present is in the end carried to Lake Ontario. Yet Jaeger said “this ditch does not impact drinking water.”

To Councillor Petrowski, Jaeger says “does not impact drinking water or drain directly to recreational use areas such as beaches,” does it mean that as this storm water run-off as it is first drained into another form of catch basin, be it a natural one, and then Lake Ontario that it will have no impact on our drinking water or recreational water?

Twelve Mile Creek is a waterway located in the Niagara Peninsula of Ontario, its lower reaches flow through urban areas of Thorold and St. Catharines. It's named Twelve Mile Creek because its outlet is located approximately 12 miles from the Niagara River, draining a watershed of approximately 178 square kilometres and flows into Lake Ontario In Oakville. The drainage ditch has the orange water with the rainbow and sheen flow to the storm water run-off catch basin which is connected to the City of St. Catharines storm water run-off sewers on Merritt Street. This in turn takes the orange water and its rainbow to empty into Twelve Mile Creek, which in its turn flows into Lake Ontario in Oakville. So, since the sewer did not extend from the storm water catch basin directly into Lake Ontario Dr. Jaeger decided that she has no responsibility and only needed to lie to Chairman Burroughs, Councillor Petrowski and to me about the impact on drinking water or recreational use areas such as beaches.

In an interview with Paul Forsyth July 8th 2011 of Niagara this Week, Paul Forsyth attributes this to Dr. Valerie Jaeger in his piece titled 'Top Doc stresses teamwork' - “It's very important work to be responsible for the health of 430,000 people” conceded Jaeger, who even as a family doctor saw herself more as an educator than a healer. Her job, she said was to provide people with the information they needed so they could make the right health choices.”

We still need to trust our doctors whether the horrors of the D-difficile outbreak touched us directly, or simply because illness has come to us. How is it possible to have any trust in a doctor who has intentionally lied? The lies are of serious proportion and can not be excused in any way. At this time it is irrelevant what contaminates are in the water with the blue sheen, rainbow and orange discolouration. Only the lies by the most senior medical officer in the region are relevant.

Dr. Valerie Jaeger referred to an MOE investigation of 2009 and made statements in writing to three separate individuals, one being her superior. Regional Chairman Gary Burroughs was so impressed by Dr. Jaeger as she assisted Dr. Robin Williams during the feared H1N1 pandemic, that Chairman Burroughs claimed there was only one choice for the top position once
Dr. Robin Williams retired. Now I say bring back Robin Williams even if it has to be the one from Hollywood.

In 2009 there was indeed an investigation undertaken by the MOE, the report is posted with this article, and that investigation was conducted within parameters that were set by my original application to the ECO. Dr. Jaeger lied about complaints of orange water and about the drainage ditch dating back to 2009. She claims to have a close working relationship with the MOE, then who gave her this information and how. Jaeger will have no choice but to name her source at the MOE. No one at the MOE is likely to lie in such a fashion, so Jeager must produce the name of the individual. As the most senior medical officer in the region how is it that Jaeger did not ask for a copy of the MOE report of the 2009 investigation? All she had to do was ask even I could of provided that. Instead Dr. Valerie Jaeger lied to Chairman Burroughs, Councillor Petrowski and to me.

The Municipality of Niagara has the resources and the manpower to provide for any investigation that is necessary, yet Dr. Jaeger did not use any of it. I was able to confirm the flow from the storm water catch basin that this particular drainage ditch is attached to. How is it Dr. Jaeger was able to state that it has no impact on drinking water or recreational water when this catch basin indirectly empties into Lake Ontario? This storm water catch basin is connected to the City of St. Catharines' storm water sewer lines on Merritt Street and then proceeds the course eventually to Lake Ontario. Why would Dr. Jaeger lie about this fact?

Dr. Valerie Jaeger's actions demand immediate removal from such an important position as Senior Medical Officer of the Region of Niagara. As stated it is irrelevant for the moment what contaminants are present in the orange water. Dr. Jaeger lied about a great deal other than the potential contamination and that must be the only consideration now.

Regional Chairman Gary Burroughs praised Dr. Valerie Jaeger on her dedication now Chairman Burroughs has to answer the question on what is he going to do with Jaeger. The provincial Ministry of Health and Minister Deb Matthews had to approve Dr. Jaeger's appointment, and the minister has had all the details delivered to her. Will Regional Chairman Burroughs attempt to cover-up the deceit of Dr. Valerie Jaeger? Or will Regional Chair Burroughs show weakness in the position of a superior, as the head of the Regional Government of Niagara who has been lied to in writing, and not remove Jaeger immediately from her position? Regional Chairman Gary Burroughs has no choice but to remove Dr. Valerie Jaeger and make the investigation very public.

Six regional councillors elected to represent St. Catharines have had full packages delivered to them, they are: Andrew Petrowski, Bruce Timms, Tim Rigby, Alan Caslin, Ronna Katzman and Brian Heit. Five of these councillors sit on the Board of Health. Can any one of them remain silent? Can we allow silence on this very serious matter? St. Catharines Mayor Brian McMullan also a Board of Health member, as he was in August of 2010. At that time a huge surge of orange water came from a private parking lot drain. The City of St. Catharines was informed and sent a tanker truck and crew who pumped for some four hours. No samples were taken, no action taken. At the time the orange water spilled down a driveway onto Pinecrest Avenue and the storm water run-off sewers. This was only approximately 150 metres from the very site where the orange water reappeared in 2011 to the present. St. Catharines Mayor Brian McMullan is the Canadian head of The Great Lakes & St. Lawrence Cities Initiative that is supposedly dedicated to the protection of our Great Lakes. Current Regional Chair Gary Burroughs sits as a member of The Great Lakes & St. Lawrence Cities Initiative as was current Regional Councillor Tim Rigby when he was mayor of St. Catharines.

The protection of our lakes is an important issue but the public health and its safeguard even more so. As the region's most senior medical officer Dr. Valerie Jaeger MD, PhD., cannot under any circumstances be allowed to lie and deceive. Trust in any doctor is of great importance, and the trust in our most senior medical officer even more so. Dr. Valerie Jaeger must be removed from her position and a full investigation ordered by the Ministry of Health and Minister Matthews. Dr. Jaeger has serious questions to answer as to how she based her lies and why. Her contact at the Ministry of the Environment Niagara District office must be identified and questioned. All the facts are provided here and to all who should be aware of them. No denial is possible and no excuses acceptable from Dr. Valerie Jaeger.

Dr. Valerie Jaeger lied and she now must explain why.

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