Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dads... heroes or just guys?

As retail stores prepare their advertising to entice us not to forget fathers on Father's Day with that special gift of a new tool set, tie or undies, we should recognise that a father's image today has changed dramatically.

Fathers are no longer the comic relief as they stare at their child's soiled bottom not knowing how to put on a diaper. Even Hollywood has changed its attitude to a point where it no longer takes sequels to show that men are capable of showing emotion openly and still not lose their manliness as with Three Men and a Baby. Today we have fathers depicted as home warriors wearing backpacks, pushing strollers and exchanging baby stories as openly as the gals.

Today a father's role has changed dramatically as the gals are there with them shoulder to shoulder whether in military uniform or walking the floating girders in the sky. It is no longer shocking to have single fathers raising their children or coming to a parent-teacher meeting. The role of a father is no longer seen as the sole bread winner, who leaves only in the morning only to come home in time for dinner and pat his kids on their heads.

Dads today are more involved emotionally and less inhibited by stereotypes. An example comes from a blog hailing from British Columbia titled Daddy Blogger. Here dads young and not so young share their stories, speak their feelings and even use their real names.

There was a time when it was thought that Father Knows Best, and that real men don't cry. Thank God for reality and man's maturity. So guys celebrate today with pride, you have earned it. It doesn't matter if your gift is something you have always wanted or simply a loving hug. This is a day to remember that fathers are an important part of a family wherever they are.

Happy Father's Day Fellas. 

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