Friday, May 31, 2013

Monkey Determination and Pedal Power

Mayorgate first rolled out on the path of journalistic endeavour in 2010, publishing articles that traditional media shied away from. Each article has always stood on fact and clear verifiable evidence. Today we celebrate our third anniversary and the irreverent monkeys of Mayorgate are keeping the balance of thought provoking articles and the need to simply stop and have fun.

Our articles of the past year have dealt with the environment, politics and society. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us as to how we safeguard the future for our children and grandchildren through our actions of today. Issues brought to the readers of Mayorgate are not localized in relevance, they are equally relevant to readers from any of the 16 countries that are regularly visiting us, and that list of countries is growing constantly.

Rio's Environmental Carnivale was a piece that looked at the attempts made worldwide to find a path to a sustainable future of our planet. As so many representatives gathered together from across the globe, sadly little was achieved. We still rely on fossil fuels, and we still do not find the courage to end our addiction to oil. Canada's oil sands will continue to be developed and shipped out regardless of the damage that their development creates. No one in reality, whether it is President Obama of the US or the Europeans will take the first decisive step. Canada regardless of which political party sits on the throne will continue to satisfy world demand, and the cycle towards destruction also continues.

As we elect representatives in government, at any level whether municipal through federal, there is still an expectation of honesty and integrity. Liar, Liar Pants on Fire, and Grabbing 'Integrity in Politics' by the Horns, painted an alarming scenario.

In Ontario a long serving minister of Provincial Parliament Jim Bradley, as Minister of the Environment, decided to alter official documents of record. Mayorgate examined the original reports presented at the legislature and to the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, and the written confirmation of Minister Jim Bradley's request to two individual directors of the ministry. Although the evidence was conclusive Minister Jim Bradley survived without consequence.

Canada presents an image of a nation that is fair and equal to all. Our democratic government is elected by the people, our laws equally applicable to all, and as citizens we have the right to challenge unjust or biased actions. At least that is what we are led to believe. True we live in a democracy, but the thought that we are all equal is only a fantasy.

Guardians are set up in many various forms, some with catchy slogans, each with a mandate to police and protect the truth. Well, maybe in theory at least. The Ombudsman of Ontario likes to call himself, “Ontario's Watchdog,” but the current Ombudsman Andre Marin is nothing more than a peacock. A Toothless Watchdog looked at the realities of what the Office of the Ombudsman really is and the result was less than pleasant. As Mayorgate delved deeper into the roles of these various 'guardians' of the fabric of our society an alarming trend became apparent.

Each of these 'guardians' appeared to be formed to protect its elite membership. The College of Physicians and Surgeons were there for the medical profession, the Law Society of Upper Canada protecting lawyers, the Press Council of Ontario taking care of business for those responsible to present the truth. Mayorgate's Societal Watchdogs tip-toed through this booby-trapped minefield only to reach a simple conclusion. It was a farce, a smokescreen.

This past year also brought about the question How far can freedom of the press go?, and Is news media obligated to present the truth? Nothing showed greater examples of dollar chasing headlines that the horrific farce that First Nations' Chief Theresa Spence played out on the world stage. Chief Theresa Spence found centre stage in Chief Theresa Spence Feasts on Misconceptions and in part two of this national insult Chief Theresa Spence – Canada's Martyr or Something Else?

Both of these articles received great attention and the material presented was alarming. The whole farce of the Chief Spence hunger strike took another less than appetizing turn with the involvement of the Federal Liberal Interim Leader at the time, Bob Rae. Has Opposition politics sunk to a new low in Canada not only looked at the self-serving actions of Bob Rae, but other opposition politicians and ex-political stars. Finally Chief Spence's spokesman Danny Metatawabin raised his voice, and the crowning jewel of this sad part of Canada's history was published. Chief Theresa Spence & Danny Metatawabin Contact Mayorgate raised more questions, only to find the sounds of silence in reply.

Mayorgate never forgot that as human beings we need to celebrate life, even in the harshest of times. Birthdays, New Year and Christmas are never taken lightly or forgotten amongst all the serious and important issues. Mouse vs. Man – a children's novel was a look at a charming children's story that also had the courage to look at the real meaning of life, and still remain entertaining and fun.

The year finished with Dr. Valerie Jaeger & Political Compadres Continue On. Our infamous
Dr. Valerie Jaeger decided to continue with her deceit, now joined by two political associates. It has become apparent that taking an oath to look after and administer the well-being of man does not transpose itself into public life as a public servant. This may be a sad conclusion yet difficult to argue as one examines the evidence.

Our final article was a departure from the usual on Mayorgate. Silent Splendour – A Garden's Journey is the first of a planned six part series looking back at the evolution of a garden. Many photographs had been posted on Facebook from this garden for over a year with a great deal of comment in response. This series of articles will take the journey from the early days of the proverbial 'blank canvas' to what has become, a quiet oasis. Many of us, in fact across this planet, have found a certain serenity in our gardens, or even through visits to public ones. The goal here is not only to proudly trace the growing steps of a small suburban garden, but that of the gardeners themselves. It is also an open invitation for comment to all who have put their hands into any soil, anywhere in the world, to start something to grow. And “anywhere in the world” is an appropriate statement, as our readership now encompasses over 16 countries outside of Canada and the US, and our numbers have grown 100,000 plus since January 1st 2013.

Thank you to all who find value in the issues raised, the words spoken, and sentiments expressed. Mayorgate will continue in the same vein as we have from our first day. Those cheeky and irreverent monkeys will oil those wheels and travel up and down all kinds of roads, even some that may be tumultuous. We are preparing the final research on the issue of GMO's and Monsanto, their efforts and in the end the motivation behind them. So much of mainstream media appears to shy from touching this issue, it's time to see why.

There will be much more to come, and as always the celebrations never passed by without notice. Thank you all again and we need to believe as people united hand in hand across the globe, that the more people question the status quo, the greater our freedom.

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