Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Tiara of Pride

The Canada Day long weekend and a time to relax. To most Canadians national pride is somewhat corny, true we see the occasional flag waving in the breeze, yet how can we celebrate a country? It's not like your child's birthday or an anniversary – this 'thing' that is called national pride is less tangible. Though how many of us would rather live in another place other than Canada, and why not.

I was in my bank a couple of days ago and a staff member was asking all those waiting and the other staff who knew how old Canada was. No one got it right who took a stab at an answer. True in our history we have not had to struggle or sacrifice much to become a nation. Our Charter of Rights and Freedoms was not a document that was born out of a call to arms, rather its conception was the conference table.

As Canadians we have joined the world in battle to ensure humanity's rights and freedoms, and we have volunteered our brave men and women in uniform to provide peace and equality in foreign lands. We have not shirked our responsibilities on the world stage even if at times we have at home. Yet how do we celebrate Canada? Is it a BBQ and a beer, or some fireworks? Maybe the best way to answer that is to repeat the question, how many would rather live elsewhere? Your individual answers are the celebration of this country and what it is worth to each and every one of us. Simple, less corny and no mathematics needed.

Mayorgate and our artist Alexandra Davidoff decided that a young face wearing a tiara with pride was our way to celebrate. You choose your own, Canada really is worth celebrating.

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