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LIAR, LIAR Pants on Fire...

Once again questions are raised regarding a Ministry of the Environment official report, and again convenient coincidence is expected to be accepted. As the actions by Dr. Jaeger face deeper questioning the huddle of protection becomes more encompassing.

A letter was sent to Minister Jim Bradley regarding what Dr. Jaeger claimed to have been told by ministry staff. Minister Bradley did not reply, instead he got another underling to do that once again. This time the response comes from Bill Bardswick, Director West Central Region and as with the response from Director Lisa Feldman once again raising more questions than providing answers.

Now it is the Ministry of Environment report dated March 3rd 2010 reference number ENV1180AC-2009-100-a under EBRO File Number #09EBR004.1. It would seem that the date of the testing is an error as reported. Dr. Jeager made claims in her correspondence that the MOE had informed her of samples taken in August 2009 though the official ministry report stated September and October 2009. Bill Bardswick now claims that it was an unfortunate error made in the report and that it should in fact state that samples were taken in August. Who believes in coincidence? Not many, can one imagine a woman claiming it was coincidence the frying pan was in her hands at the time her husband came home with the lipstick stain and tried to lie his way out? Director Bardswick claiming an unfortunate error, does it smell of the frying pan coincidence, sure as hell does.

On October 19th 2009 the MOE sent a communication under reference ENV1180AC-2009-100 for the EBRO File Number #09EBR004.1 and that states that the MOE had received the EBR investigation application on August 20th 2009. This was received in the Toronto offices of the MOE and Ass. Dep. Min. had to decide whether an actual investigation would be conducted. The official report dated March 3rd 2010 after the completion of the investigation also states the same fact. Maybe Director Bardswick could claim that was an unfortunate error in dates as well.

So now that's one point 'explained' away to suit the need. Now to the next. It appears that a creek which would have to be below ground, well below ground as the illegal dumping by Sam Demita was at 25 foot depth at the shallow end, anyhow this creek with its flow left the orange staining on the surface, 25 feet or more up on the surface. Director Bardswick states, “iron precipitate would occur as an orange material on the soils when the ditch is relatively dry.” Someone should tell Director Bardswick to read Mayorgate, there was no ditch back in 2009. One must read Director Bill Bardswick's exact words to understand what he has said. It is presumed that in the position of Director West Central Region, Bill Bardswick does have a command of the English language and in fact says what he means.

These are Director Bill Bardswick's own words: “Given the intermittent flow in the creek, iron precipitate would occur as an orange material on the soils when the ditch is relatively dry. These observations were made by ministry staff along the railway track near the location of the fill material on August 24, 2009.” Is one to take this as Bardswick's words to say that “ministry staff” observed this in the ditch “near the location of the fill” back in August? How else can this be interpreted? Can this be convenient coincidence or something else less pleasant? The ditch did not exist in 2009 that is a proven undeniable fact, no convenient coincidence here, just simple fact. So how or what did the ministry staff observe in August 2009? Still visual proof is more...um, visual, and let's examine some of that now.

Director Bill Bardswick claimed in his letter that samples were taken on August 24th and that rather conveniently now it was an error made in the MOE report. He also said that MOE made observations of the ditch and the orange material on August 24th 2009? Those are Director Bill Bardswick's words which he answered on behalf of the Minister? This is what he said, ”The Minister has asked that I respond directly to your concerns,” Look at these photos taken with a date stamp on August 24th 2009! By the way did the MOE staff hide from the camera if they were there taking samples? Let's go back to the visual facts, no ditch existed at this time for the MOE staff to observe in any condition, dry or wet. Can Director Bardswick see any orange material, even cans of orange pop anywhere? I can understand that right this moment he must be fighting with a hell of a lump in his throat. He tried to change details of a report two years after his ministry presented it to suit whatever need now and to be hit with photos of the very date he needed to use for convenience, it must be hard to deal with. Truth is often difficult for those who think they can play with it as they please.

More to come for Bill Bardswick Director of West Central Region, on April 4th 2009 I in fact walked the tracks (no not like Johnny Cash) nearly the full line with Matthew Williamson Compliance and Enforcement Officer for the Niagara Escarpment Commission. No ditch!, no orange material! Matthew Williamson did confirm in writing that the dumping by Sam Demita was done without any permit and therefore illegal, but hey that's not anything you care about.

Still more for Director Bardswick, July 21st 2009 the massive illegal dumping into a natural ravine by Sam Demita of Sun Collision was such a pretty sight, but no orange material. Look at photos dated September 9th 2009, I think that Director Bardswick has got it by now, still no ditch and still no orange, anywhere to be seen. Fast forward to January 24th 2010, five months after the little date he pulled out of the convenient hat and still no ditch and no orange water anywhere to be seen. Director Bardswick stated in his letter, “Therefore the information the ministry provided to Dr. Jaeger was accurate,” how can this be possible? What were the motivating factors behind Director Bardswick's attempts at changing details of an official report presented to the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario two years ago?

Ministry of the Environment presented an official report under the EBR at the completion of an investigation as an official document. This report was also provided to the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario who compiled it into his Annual Report and presented that to the Legislative Assembly. Two years later Bill Bardswick decides to change details of that report? What he now has added has been proven to be false and simply for convenience and what does that make his letter of June 21st 2012, the letter that he wrote on behalf and upon the minister's request? The whole investigation undertaken by MOE in 2009 is questionable including the final report. As a Director of the MOE he had decided to play with the Environmental Bill of Rights and the truth, and the question is why?

September 7th 2009 the railway tracks are here, still no ditch visible anywhere and no orange material in sight! 

Minister Jim Bradley who in his arrogance has refused to speak to the people of his own riding has now used two MOE directors to cast even more doubt on the EBR process and his ministry. In sheer cowardice Minister Jim Bradley has not answered anything himself, even after his boss – Premier Dalton McGuinty said he would do so directly. Yet in legal terms Minister Jim Bradley is fully responsible for every word. Director Bill Bardswick said in his letter, “The minister has asked that I respond directly to your concerns.” Director Lisa Feldman said in her letter to me, “I have been asked to respond directly to you about this matter.”

January 2010, railway tracks are still there and no ditch, plenty of water but alas Director Bill Bardswick no orange in sight, not even an empty KOOL-AID container. 

Director Feldman has brought doubt on the MOE report of February 16th 2011, and now Director Bardswick has brought massive doubt on the MOE report of March 3rd 2010. Is it possible that the MOE is using deceit to suit a particular need at the time? The facts provided in response cannot allow logic pass such an unpleasant question. And if both the MOE Directors are answering on behalf of the minister and upon Minister Bradley's request than what is Minister Bradley's motivation here?

Here we are July 2010 and wow, Director Bill Bardswick can see now the ditch has arrived. But alas, no orange water or any other orange material, the catch basin grate has no orange stains, and the famous railway tracks that he mentioned in his letter are still there.  

Ministry of the Environment found Sun Collision in contravention of the EPA Ontario Reg #347 as a result of the 2009 investigation. No action was taken because of Sun Collision's previous record and only clean up orders issued. Many questions remained at the time which now come back to life, one being the depth of the test pits. The ravine that was illegally filled was at 25 feet depth and deeper in some areas, yet the test pits were dug to only 10 feet. Director Bardswick's actions now only cast more doubts to an already questionable situation.

Although the questions remain unanswered. It is more difficult to find understanding why would Director Bill Bardswick attempt to change the details of a report submitted two years ago. Dr. Valerie Jaeger made claims in her correspondence and stated the information came from the MOE. The official MOE report dated March 3rd 2010 contradicted the statements made by Dr. Jaeger in fact the report made those statements appear to be lies. As this information was forwarded to Minister of Environment Jim Bradley a communication in letter form comes from Director Bill Bardswick. Director Bardswick says “The minister has asked I respond....” Director Bardswick then attempts to change, to alter the report which proved Dr. Jaeger had lied. Yet the attempted changes are clearly suspect and border on lies themselves.
It is time to ask Minister Jim Bradley why has he done this. Minister Bradley refused to answer himself and had his directors speak on his behalf and what they have said is alarming. Dr. Jaeger lied in her communications and whatever Director Bill Bardswick attempted to do has failed. Bardswick stopped short of repeating Dr. Jaeger's lies in relation to complaints of orange precipitate dating back to 2009 in the ditch. Statements relating to August 24th 2009 by Director Bardswick are bewildering and photos provided, that were taken on that very day, cast doubt on what Director Bardswick attempted to claim.

Now is the time for serious questions to be asked of Minister Jim Bradley. Both directors who answered on behalf of the minister are only public servants who do as they are told, only it is sad that it is our public money that pays their healthy salaries. The full responsibility rests in the hands of Minister Jim Bradley and it is he who in the end must be questioned. Regional Chairman Gary Burroughs has taken no action in relation to Dr. Valerie Jaeger's lies, and the only intervention has been Minister Jim Bradley's MOE and Director Bill Bardswick's attempts to alter the details of an official report from 2010. Can it be that Minister Jim Bradley does intervene on behalf of his constituents, but only the well connected and select few?

A response has still not arrived from Ass. Dep. Min. Kevin French to clarify Director Feldman's statements in relation to the damaged vehicles. So an open invitation is offered to Minister Jim Bradley to answer these questions and more on Mayorgate, though I don't think that will be accepted any time soon.

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