Saturday, January 7, 2012

Response to Buckingham Palace

On December 19th 2011 Buckingham Palace responded in writing to my letter outlining a situation of grave importance relating to Her Majesty's representative the Governor General. I had provided information of a serious breach of authority by Governor General David Johnston and a request for his removal. In the response from Buckingham Palace the Queen calls herself a “constitutional Sovereign” and said she will not intervene. What is a “constitutional Sovereign”? If Her Majesty has no authority and is only a showpiece on a mantel we can not afford such extravagant luxury.

Posted here is a copy of my reply to Her Majesty. The situation relating to her representative the Governor General has become more serious. As Governor General David Johnston has tainted Her Majesty and the Monarchy in a manipulation of our Canadian parliamentary democracy. David Johnston must be removed. I have further added information of the Governor General David Johnston providing Royal Assent to illegal legislation. PM Harper had decided to dismantle the authority of the Wheat Board. Instead of using proper legal parliamentary practice he decided to ignore previous legislation claiming it was not binding on his parliament as it was approved into law by a previous parliament. The frightening question now stands where do any of our laws or legislation stand. As a lawyer, bragging of his love of the rule of law David Johnston understands the point of establishing a precedent. He also understood that Bill C-18 was an illegal piece of legislation. Yet he gave it Royal Assent.

It has been claimed that PM Harper wanted to honour his election promise to remove the authority of the Wheat Board. Farmers and growers of wheat were protected by the Wheat Board and were against such action. Section 47 of the Wheat Board Act placed a safeguard so that farmers had to be consulted first. PM Harper decided he had final word not the law. Who did he make promises to in his election to destroy the Wheat Board? What is the real reason for this? Canada's total grain and wheat exports for crop year 2009-2010 were 30818 (ooo's tonnes). Wheat is the highest earner of agricultural export products earning some $5.4 billion. The Canadian Encyclopedia states that we produce over 25 million tonnes and exporting about 19 million tonnes. Who were the promises made to?

Regardless of your position on the issue of Governor General David Johnston, as a lawyer he understood the ramifications of providing Royal Assent to illegal legislation. Governor General David Johnston understood that this public endorsement of the oil sands was breach of his position as Her Majesty's representative. It is the duty of Her Majesty to remove David Johnston as Governor General of Canada and allow the Chief Justice of Canada to fill the role till a replacement is found. David Johnston has tainted Her Majesty and the Monarchy in the manipulation of our Canadian parliamentary democracy. I have stated all these facts in the belief that dignity and trust in our long association with the Monarchy is not misplaced and that Her Majesty will not abdicate her authority and care for our Canada. I did not do this in disrespect to Her Majesty or the Monarchy, but only that I hold a greater respect for Canada.


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  1. Canada is in a scarey place and we are looking for a person or place to turn to. It's going to get very ugly.