Saturday, December 31, 2011


Let's ignore the Mayans and their predictions and make some of our own otherwise toasting with a glass won't be enough. As we bid farewell to 2011 with all its challenges met or simply deferred let's rejoice in all the potential ahead of us for 2012. Many of us will make new resolutions fully intending to keep them, but time and life gets in the way. How about if we simply respect each other in our daily routines and not forget our joy of the first hours of the new year even as the months begin to roll on. As an environmentalist I would like to present a wish list of goals for the new year but that would be too cliched. Instead I'll ask you to choose a glass and toast to the future we all share. In the end it is your choice that matters.

As I ignore the Mayan bright prediction for 2012 I think of a beautiful piece of music called The Deguello used by composer Dimitri Tiomkin in the John Wayne movie of The ALAMO. This piece of music was played early in the morning on March 6th 1836 as a small band of brave men stood together against the might of Santa Anna and his army. The battle lasted only 90 minutes the memory of such bravery and sacrifice much longer.

Humanity stands as a brave small band (heck I know it's several billion but still small in comparison) against the might of nature's army. Yet we have shown courage, bravery, incredible genius for development and a drive for survival. We can win the battle depending on our decisions and the will to act. By the way the translation for The Deguello is Slit Throat, ouch! Yep, I know you'd prefer the action packed new movie like the disaster flick 2012, instead of a John Wayne oldie.

For me I look for more of the same as I had done in 2011 again in 2012 only better and much louder. For Mayorgate and no ad LIB blogs to upset more apple carts and bring forward information that some would rather stay silent or lost in the shuffle.

Tonight let's forget all the serious stuff, the Mayans, John Wayne oldies or even new ones, forget 'slit throat' and instead lubricate our throats, choose a glass and toast in the new year.


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