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Update March 12 2011

In light of new information that has come forward a further update is necessary with the last piece of proof of the illegal fixing of the fine by Mayor McMullan and Councillor Jennie Stevens.

It has been put in writing by a former candidate in the Mayoral race as such: “The ticket fixing issue was not pursued by NRPS because the person who was supposedly issued a ticket, made it clear to NRPS that no ticket was every (should be ‘ever’ but it appears he does not do spell check) assessed. Or so NRPS has told me.”

This was received by me only a couple of days ago, and a further shock of the NRPS, Niagara Regional Police Service, involvement to destroy the credibility of the evidence against Mayor McMullan and Councillor Stevens.

First of all Webster’s Dictionary on assess - to set the amount of (a tax, a fine, damages). 2. to impose a fine, tax, or special payment on (a person or property). 3. to impose (an amount) as a fine, tax, etc.

Second the individual who was interviewed by the Detectives of the NRPS, Niagara Regional Police Service, recorded the whole conversation. He showed the Detectives of the NRPS the original ticket issued to him. Those Detectives read out the whole By-Law Infringement and were recorded! He never said anything such as this to any member of the NRPS nor anyone else. This individual has now been labelled a liar by the NRPS! One has to ask why?

To set the legal record straight a copy of the original fine/ticket is now posted for the very first time. It had been mistreated by the occupant at first but had survived with first aid. THIS IS THE ORIGINAL FINE! The date on the Infraction Ticket is MAR 1/010. Within a week the owner of this fine received the assessed value of the fine dated March 8th 2010. It too is posted here! The original fine had never been posted to this date but has to be now in light of this information coming forward.

A highly respected Canadian Journalist, Mr. James Travers wrote a passionate column that won him a National Newspaper Award. I quote but a small piece here now. “It is possible, too, that ministries, bureaucrats and police officers can be forcefully reminded that their public duty is to the people, not to politicians…”

Here in St.Catharines our democratic process of election has been raped for self interest and greed. The only real local newspaper and a Regional Police Service used to destroy and tamper with evidence. WHY? Both have lied about indisputable evidence! Only one individual stood to lose everything if the truth was public.

Canadian Journalist Mr. James Travers finished his column with this as the last words, “If war is too serious to leave to generals, then surely democracy is too important to delegate to politicians.”

I taught my children the immense values of this great country, our Canada. So I say NO!, to Mayor McMullan, Councillor Stevens and Burch, the newspaper St.Catharines Standard, and to Chief Southall and the NRPS. No you will not destroy collectively our Canadian values. You will not tarnish democracy.

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Transcript of Councillor’s phone message on answering  machine  (You can hear the actual voice recording following this in the March 7th update) 

“Hi, Mark Jenn Stevens calling I met with Mayor McMullan and the engineering department, Dan Dillon and Mike Wilson yesterday in regards to your water um, damage and that ah, occurred in your yard as well as your snow shovelling um, invoice.

The Mayor is going to look after your snow shovelling invoice so you won’t have to pay that, so you can put that aside. Um, I’ll have a letter of to follow up on that um, so you don’t have to pay it, and I’ll drop that out to you.

Also they will be digging a trench from 20 feet from the east side of um, Sun Collision all the way down to back to the park’s department shovelling the water into the drain-off that goes off of Merritt Street so hopefully that will alleviate a lot of your water problems. Um, thank you very much and ah, we’ll keep in touch, thank you and take care.”

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