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Blog Update: March 7, 2011

The G20 Summit in Toronto brought horror not only to Ontarians and Canadians, but to all who believe in democracy across the globe. In St. Catharines the Municipal Elections of 2010 should bring outrage from all Canadians. Nowhere in the democratic world could local police and the local press be used in a campaign to destroy evidence of corruption and take the credibility of candidates, smearing, tearing them to shreds. Now read the facts see the proof for yourselves.

On this Blog you have seen clear proof of Mayor McMullan’s corruption and the fixing of a legal fine. You have seen the proof and heard the voice of Merritton Ward City of St.Catharines Councillor Jennie Stevens confirm in her own voice the corruption and the fixing of a legal fine. This was not enough, our newspaper The Standard joined the conspiracy to destroy, to tamper with the evidence during the election. Reporter Marlene Bergsma a 20-plus year veteran of The Standard intentionally lied about the facts, about the evidence. The Standard censored the facts from the public of St.Catharines and then lied! City Editor Van Sickle called me and cried like a coward on the phone, that I had slandered him, Bergsma and the paper. I recorded him. That call is now available on this Blog. I had Mayor McMullan call, though as a brave man he did use his secretary to actually place the phone call to me, he too threatened me with his Toronto lawyers for calling him corrupt. Councillor Stevens threatened me that I will be hearing from her lawyers in August 2010. Where are these lawyers? To have committed slander I would have had to make an accusation without fact or proof. The corruption of Mayor McMullan and Councillor Stevens is proven with her own very voice. The attempted tampering with the evidence and absolute public lie by Marlene Bergsma, Van Sickle and The Standard was printed in the thousands.

Now the most alarming evidence has been brought forward. The Niagara Regional Police Service had been used as part of a conspiracy to destroy evidence, to damage the credibility of the individual who had uncovered this corruption, and maybe even other candidates in the election. Again I do not make these claims without direct and undisputable evidence.

It has been disclosed in the previous update posted October 28th 2010 that the NRP, Niagara Regional Police were sent to my home by Councillor Stevens and Councillor Burch. This visit was on October 24th 2010. I recorded those two Niagara Regional Police Officers, that recording is now being made available on this Blog. The first words those police officers utter as they enter my home were shocking, yet the whole purpose of the police to come to a candidate and question in the fashion that they did was suspicious. Then as soon as the NRP officers fully realised they were being recorded they ran. WHY? Why fear being on record? I requested a copy of the Incident Report. That took over two months to get. What is in the Incident Report a total shock and proof that the NRP had been used in an attempt to destroy the credibility of evidence that proved Mayor McMullan and Councillor Stevens had committed a corrupt act.

The Niagara Regional Police Officers LIED! The NRP Officers lied in the Incident Report, which is an official government document presented with the seal of the Niagara Regional Police Service and a cover letter with Chief of Police Wendy E. Southall’s name on the very top. These Officers of the NRP lied just as Bergsma and The Standard did. Why would they? For what purpose? The evidence of corruption was not against the NRP nor The Standard? The full Incident Report #2010-103419 is available here on the Blog. I will take you through it and when you either listen to the recording of these NRP officers or read the full transcript of the recording you will be amazed, shocked and left with the same question I and my lawyers have been.  WHY? 

Click Here To Listen To Officers Of The NRP

Now let’s dissect the Niagara Regional Police Service Incident Report #2010-103419 and its LIES!: The very top of the report is the supposed reason for the police, the NRP, to have come to me. As it states on the Incident Report “for reports of harassing e-mails.” Now either listen to the officers as they enter my home or read the transcript. Besides identifying me as to whom I am the first thing they say is, “you obviously know why we are here.” Words that may not be out of place with a known criminal but shocking to an ordinary person. How the hell could I possibly know why two NRP officers come to my home on a Sunday? Read through the whole transcript of the recorded conversation, no part is missing not even the knock on my door. Is there any mention by the two NRP officers in my home of any e-mails at all? NO! Any questions of whether I sent any e-mails? NO! For the record I had not sent any e-mails to Councillor Stevens nor Councillor Burch. Each was on a list of all candidates in the election of an e-mail I sent chicken woman Sheri Fogel. A ludicrous issue and I sent Fogel an e-mail sending a copy to all municipal candidates. A copy of that is here on the Blog. You are a LIAR Councillor Stevens! You are a LIAR Councillor Burch! Burch did e-mail me to take him off my e-mail list, Stevens did not. Stevens lied again!

Stevens continues to lie. First of all Stevens what “many concerns” do I have with you? LIAR! Councillor Stevens then continues, according to the NRP Officer, that I “attended” her residence three weeks ago. The report and visit was October 24th. Stevens you do have a problem with the truth? I was delivering a newsletter in your neighbourhood on August 24th 2010. By the way I have a son and daughter not daughters, you do have problems with the truth? You did not tell me to remove myself off your property. You Councillor Stevens, liar, came to me two houses past your home and told me not to go on your property again. Problems with the truth or simply selected memory loss Councillor Stevens? You lied to these two NRP Officers over and over. In the report you claim you told me “that if I wanted to talk to you I could through your lawyers.” LIE! I recorded you Stevens August 24th 2010 at 1:45 pm. You threatened me, you said “my lawyers will be getting a hold of you.” LIAR Stevens!

Click On Here To Hear Councillor Stevens' Real Words

I recorded you Councillor Stevens as I did your mother Pat Lindal only minutes later with her cowardly threat and insult. By the way where are your lawyers Councillor Stevens? Maybe you want to claim as Mayor McMullan’s camp did with the supposed answering machine message at his campaign headquarters, The Standard October 23rd 2010. Remember that one, a voice supposedly sounding like Carlos Garcia? Weird that one, Carlos Garcia was a financial supporter of Mayor McMullan’s campaign in 2006. I have a copy of the full disclosure. Hmm… that’s interesting. Anyhow back to you Stevens, you lied to police and they put your lies into an official government document. And by the way, the flyer you got I didn’t deliver it was a volunteer. As a candidate I had questions to two other candidates. In a democracy that’s part of an election, part of democratic process. But then both you and Burch had problems to answer didn’t you?

So now Incident Report #2010-103419 goes into its second part. Paragraph one true. Though my living room only appeared to be so to these NRP Officers. I personally think it’s quite charming and glaringly clear as to its purpose. Now you begin to LIE! Officer Cataldo did you forget that you were recorded? Officer Cataldo when did you mention the word e-mails in the 8 minutes 37 seconds that you were in my home? Look at the transcript, listen to your voice! Why lie? I did tell you I had no issues with her and I never changed that statement! I did not as you proceed to say in paragraph two: “he did in fact have minor issues…” That’s a LIE! Listen to yourself officer! LISTEN TO ME! I never once said anything of the sort, not even close! You never brought up anything regarding e-mails. We will deal with the recorded facts and what you did say in a moment.

Third and last paragraph. You did mention the flyer or pamphlet. I told you a volunteer did the delivery. Now again a lie! You state in your Incident Report #2010-103419 last paragraph: “DAVIDOFF then proceeded to go into a rant about how STEVENS has had issues with him for years and he wanted it documented.” You officer lied! Do you know what the word ‘rant’ means in fact? Listen to my voice I was calm and collected with you from the moment I opened the door to when you made your speedy exit! I DID NOT say anything about ‘documenting’ anything. You officer Cataldo made me out to be a liar and you did this intentionally. WHY? In your Incident Report #2010-103419 you made me to be a person who says one thing and then something else in contradiction. You Officer Cataldo make me out to be a liar. Yet the Incident Report #2010-103419 is the lie and one has to ask, why? The telephone answering message left by Merritton Councillor Jennie Stevens that proves corruption, breach of the Municipal Act and perjury of Oath of Office did not relate to you as an officer of the NRP nor any officer of the NRP. The flyer delivered in the process of an election campaign did not reflect on you or any member of the NRP. Mayor McMullan isn’t a relative? Heck he is a mac… and you’re, well… not. Why would you lie in the Incident Report? You were recorded officer! These were your words officer, “I’m gonna… now that I know I’m being recorded. I’m gonna cut it short…” And you were gone within some 60 seconds. You knew you were being recorded, you even admit in your Incident Report #2010-103419 that I “continued to point at the recording device on the table.”

So now the recorded facts of your attendance in my home. To make it easier you can use the transcript to refer to. You Officer came in with the now famous, “Um you obviously know why we are here.” I won’t bore myself anymore with that. Then you come with “an on-going thing between you and her I guess.” I guess you didn’t know why you were there. So then you proceeded onto “documents served under her mother.” What the hell has that got to do with anything. I thought it was Stevens and Burch who sent you? What has anything in legal terms got to do with the NRP and a civil action. You have no legal right to question anything to do with Stevens’ mother when your Incident Report #2010-103419 opens with “reports of harassing e-mails”??? Nothing at all the right, legal or otherwise of the NRP or why you were sent to my home. I explained in a polite manner. I had no direct involvement nor indirect involvement in that civil action against Stevens’ mother. Stevens lied to you. Why would you question me about Winners Circle in any way? Is it a terrorist cell? Or maybe a Communist group? Has any of this found direct or indirect relation to NRP questioning? The BIG question Officer how come none of this is in your Incident Report #2010-103419? No mention of Stevens’ lies nor of her claiming/telling you I was a witness. How is it she claims and lies about non-existing e-mails according to your Incident Report #2010-103419 but not a word out of you in my home?

So be clear you had no legal right to question me regarding Winners Circle or whether I was a witness as civil action documents were served on Stevens’ mother. Do you have the slightest legal or logical explanation for this? According to you Stevens claimed there was something by me in the publication. She knew that was a lie. If I wrote anything and it was untrue she could serve civil action documents against me. Yet she had the NRP question me instead! WHY?

The lies don’t stop. Now Officer you go on how Stevens and Burch told you they are intimidated by me. Both Stevens and Burch are only intimidated by the truth. Jeff Burch an ex-auxiliary police dude was intimidated by a flyer. Liar! Then you said Stevens had someone “was at her door this morning at five o’clock.” Councillor Stevens you accused me of such an insane act - you are a liar! And again Officer why was none of this in the Incident Report #2010-103419. Somehow I am not an investigator but I would have thought this was heck, important.

I wanted to go and find out more but you Officer knew you were being recorded and ran. WHY? What worried you to be put on record. I now do understand as I and my lawyers have read your Incident Report #2010-103419. After getting the report not finding anything from Jeff Burch there I called Kim Robb Analyst Information & Privacy Unit, in fact twice. I recorded each conversation to confirm this is the only and true report of the incident. When I asked if Burch was in the home of Stevens, Ms. Robb said probably but that she was not there. Then her superior called me on the same issue to confirm this as the only true report and she too could only guess as to Burch being there. You Officer list him as a separate complainant yet Stevens did all the talking. Burch had to of been at the Stevens home? Later in court this will be all brought out, the truth I mean.

Officer Cataldo you lied in your Incident Report #2010-103419 the voice recording proves it. WHY? Councillor Jennie Stevens lied and that’s not a shock, after all Stevens and Mayor McMullan committed an illegal act and perjured their oaths. We have seen and heard of the horrors of the G20 Summit with police brutality to silence freedom of speech. What happened here is far worse. The Niagara Regional Police service was used during an election by the mayor to destroy the credibility of candidates. The newspaper, The Standard not only censored by choice facts, but in fact tampered with the evidence by publishing an absolute lie about it. You Officer Cataldo lied on an official government document. Police Incident Reports are used as evidence in court, they carry the seal of the Niagara Regional Police Service. Yet you slandered me in that document. Both Councillors Stevens and Burch shall be facing slander charges as my lawyers have been asked to prepare this. Without hesitation I demand the truth!

In our country under no circumstances do we see ourselves as some South American or African dictatorship. We have laws and those who enforce them. We have an elected government at any level: federal, provincial and municipal. Elected by a process by the people of this great country. We have sent brave Canadian men and women wearing the uniform of this country proudly to foreign lands to install the ideals of democracy and freedom of speech, what we ourselves proudly enjoy. Some have sadly paid for this with their very lives! Yet here in St.Catharines an election was fixed! One would think impossible in a democracy such as ours. Yet it has! A mayor was able to get the only local press to censor the facts of his corruption and that of a councillor. Mike Williscraft head of Editorial at Niagara this Week, a twice weekly delivered alternative to The Standard, even in a recorded conversation refers to the corruption as “only a small thing.” Not only does the main newspaper censor the facts they even print an absolute lie regarding the facts. Marlene Bergsma Senior Reporter, Peter Downs Reporter, Rick Van Sickle City Editor and Andrea Kriluck Managing Editor are all liars. WHY? The corruption was not relating to them. So who asked Bergsma to lie? 

Click On Here To Hear City Editor VanSickle Cry & Whine

The Niagara Regional Police Service was used to damage the credibility of candidates. Mr. D’Intino, candidate for mayor was attacked and labelled publicly. A strange coincidence that e-mails were the focal point with the smear of Mr. D’Intino. Police were sent to another individual to destroy the credibility of the real evidence that the Mayor feared. Now they went for broke. An Officer of the NRP lied on an Incident Report. WHY? That Officer was recorded and how the hell did he think this was going to pass?

This Blog has brought forward evidence of a corrupt act that never can be allowed in our country, anywhere. Now I present to you the people of not only St.Catharines but all of Canada the clear evidence piece by piece of what is clearly the destruction of evidence with a public lie, the destruction of credibility of candidates in an election and the conspiracy of a Police Service to act outside the law. The actions of one officer reflect on all wearing the uniform. This officer did not do this on his own. Only one individual stood to lose everything if the truth was public and he investigated. Yet every single councillor on the St.Catharines City Council is part of the conspiracy. Each and every one knew of the corrupt act, breach of the municipal act and perjury of Oath of Office. Yet no one had the dignity or courage to stand up for what Canada stands for. Each and every one of you disgust me.

I taught my children this country, our Canada is truly one of the best places in the world. No one has the right to destroy the foundation of government on any level. Not Mayor McMullan, Councillor Jennie Stevens, Councillor Jeff Burch, not the press in the form of lies by Marlene Bergsma and the bunch from The Standard. And not the Niagara Regional Police Service. You as an officer of the law, Officer Cataldo swore an oath to the Crown and to the laws of this land. You as an Officer of the Niagara Regional Police Service lied in an official document and labelled me as a liar. You carried the lies of both Stevens and Burch to an official government document. Yet in my home you made other accusations and questioned issues that under no circumstances would be permitted under law. Then it is the NRP who do nothing with Pat Lindal, Stevens’ mother, who committed threat, terror and harassment. What was your reason officer for the questions regarding the Winners Circle or the civil action against Stevens’ mother? What did that have to do with your Incident Report #2010-103419? Why was everything omitted from the Incident Report #2010-103419? The questions are horrendous and now it is time for the law to sort it all out. Come Mayor McMullan you like a coward on a phone threatened me with lawyers. WHERE ARE THEY? It is time to make all of this public.

Transcript of recording of 2 NRP officers, October 24th 2010
Sent by Councillor Stevens and Councillor Burch
(to the residence of Alexander Davidoff, with wife and 3 children present)

A.D. - Hi.

Officer 1 - Mr. Davidoff.

A.D. - That’s me.

Officer 1 - How are you?

A.D. - Wonderful, come on in.

Officer 1 - Mind if we have a chat?

A.D. - No, not at all.

Officer 1 - O.K. good.

A.D. - Come on in, sit down.

Officer 2 - Everyone’s here.

A.D. - Yea, so we’ve just about to go out to do more of our work.

Officer 1 - Um, you obviously know why we’re here.

A.D. - No.

Officer 1 - O.K. we’re here because Jennie Stevens contacted us today.

A.D. - Oh, yea.

Officer 1 - O.K., in regards to I guess that some issues you’ve guys have had before in the past.

A.D. - I have no idea what issues so you’re gonna have to tell me.

Officer 1 - O.K. She has explained to us that here this has been an ongoing thing between you and her I guess.

A.D. - What is? O.D. - (A.D’s wife): What is ongoing?

Officer 1 - Apparently there’s documents served under her mother.

A.D. - Got nothing to do with me.

Officer 1 - The fact that you were there.

A.D. - I was brought in only as a witness because there was three of us as witnesses. So it has nothing to do with me whatsoever. It’s Preston Haskell, the publisher of a newsletter, nothing to do with me.

Officer 1 - The way that she’s explained.

A.D. - She’s lied.

Officer 1 - We’re not going to take any sides, because she’s contacted us and we are just explaining.

A.D. - She’s said to you that I’ve had something to do with the documents?

Officer 1 - No, she said that the documents served under her mother, you were there.

A.D. - Oh, that was because Preston Haskell asked for several witnesses, there was another individual there as well.

Officer 1 - There was three people there.

A.D. - Correct.

Officer 1 - O.K., so she feels that because you were there and you were directly involved with the complaint.

A.D. - I had no complaint against her. I’ve never made a complaint against her.

Officer 1 - Oh, so there ‘s no complaints, no complaints that are with you against her. O.K., she, what she has explained to us is that there’s this ah, this publication ah, called the Winners, Niagara Winners Circle. Something like that.

A.D. - Winners Circle yea, I can even give you a copy if you want.

Officer 1 - She showed me a copy.

A.D. - O.K.

Officer 1 - and I guess, I don’t know a lot about the document, I don’t know what it’s about, um its issues that ah the local residents have about the city and the ah…

A.D. - it’s a newsletter published by a retired…please if you wish make yourself comfortable!

Officer 1 - No, we sit, we sit all day so.

A.D. - O.K., ah it’s a newsletter. Preston Haskell, I don’t know if you’ve heard of him, he was in the mayoral race, he’s a local political, I don’t know what you call, activist, spokesperson. Ah, he’s also one of the premier photographers and his son runs a photography studio. Now, he and a group of retired businessmen have the group called Winners Circle and they publish that newsletter and they get volunteers, anybody who wants to deliver to help them deliver it because they, um, the cost of having it delivered with newspapers is astronomical. That’s, that’s the Winners Circle to give you the background of the Winners Circle.

Officer 1 - O.K., so what she’s explaining to us is that I guess there was something put in there about the way that she’s been running a ward. Ah, there was something actually from you apparently in there.

A.D. - Ah, there is nothing in there from me. And if you’ve looked at it you would have seen there is nothing in there by me. I don’t write for them.

Officer 1 - I wasn’t gonna look at it.

A.D. - But just to let you know, I don’t write for them I don’t do anything. You can confirm everything with Mr. Haskell. I can even give you his phone number if you wish. Ah, Winners Circle has nothing to do with me nor I with them.

Officer 1 - O.K. then why were you there serving a document on her mother?

A.D. - I was not serving it, I was there as a witness. I was not serving anything.

Officer 1 - So what, what connection do you have with the Winners Circle?

A.D. - I know Preston! Mr. Haskell, Preston Haskell, whichever way you want it, right, and I’ve known Preston for a long time, oh, I’m explaining it to you , oh heavens no problem! I’ve known Preston for quite a while ah, we’ve worked on issues such as environmental, um, I was involved in a massive environmental issue here through the Environmental Commissioner, Ministry of Environment, it was huge right, and he wrote about it, in the newsletter, and actually so did both the newspapers um, I’ve known Preston for a long while.

Officer 1 - O.K., um I guess another issue that they were concerned about was, ah, Jeff Burch.

A.D. - aha?

Officer 1 - I guess was concerned that ah because of these issues that Jennie’s been having or she’s thinks she’s been having these issues with you - ah, he received a pamphlet in the mail ah, it was three documents, and one was.

A.D. - It was a flyer?

Officer 1 - Yea, one was a flyer with your information. Another was a um, a flyer with another councillor’s information another one was a, a, issues with the two councillors, the two ah, Merritton ward councillors, um, he was concerned because he was the only one that got that on the whole street he asked…

A.D. - Well, that’s up to the volunteer number one, she, the volunteer ran out of flyers so that was when she delivered three hundred and eighty I think that day.

Officer 1 - O.K.

A.D. - So that’s up to uh Sharon, she ran out so she’s out there trying to do more.

Officer 1 - We’ll say that it’s total coincidence. For some reason they’re concerned for their safety, they’re intimidated by you, O.K. I am just telling you what they told me.

A.D. - O.K., please do.

Officer 1 - They’re intimidated by you, ah.

A.D. - In what way?

Officer 1 - They feel that, ah, well apparently somebody was at her door this morning at five o’clock.

A.D. - Shure as hell wasn’t me. So she can lie all she wants to.

Officer 1 - She didn’t say it was you, she’s concerned it might have been you though because you’ve got something going on with her so, ah…

A.D. - Just to let you know all of its being recorded and continue.

Officer 1 - O.K. (sigh)

A.D. - This is an insanity. But you know, just to let you know, just before she, do you know I am a candidate in the election?

Officer 1 - Yeah.

A.D. - O.K.

Officer 1 - She mentioned that, yea.

A.D. - And when as a candidate in any election, if you raise a question regarding another candidate right, how can that individual then carry on with being concerned? This sounds like that moron D’Intino.

Officer 1 - I’m gonna… that I know I’m being recorded I’m gonna cut it short and I’m gonna tell you that she doesn’t want you on her property.

A.D. - I don’t intend to and never have been. I have been once when I was delivering the newsletter.

Officer 1 - She doesn’t want you on her property, Jeff doesn’t want you on his property. O.K.

A.D. - I haven’t been on his property.

Officer 1 - She’s concerned for her safety, and that was addressed to us. So you’ve been told not to go on her property.

A.D. - I guarantee you.

Officer 2 - Or any of your representatives or assistants….

A.D. - Well it’s all been done with, the election finishes tomorrow.

Officer 1 - Just so that you know O.K., and that’s the reason why we’re here.

A.D. - Aha.

Officer 1 - O.K., any questions?

A.D. - Oh god no! Um, Jennie Stevens has claimed, and Burch, that they’re intimidated by me, is that right?

Officer 1 - Right.

A.D. - O.K., and just so that you know for yourselves when we had the Merritton, ah, hall meeting, I forgot the date, all the candidates right, and we made it clear because a lot of residents here have been asking the question of Burch. He’s refused to talk to anyone, it has to do with the environmental issue here. So the flyer that’s out there simply asking the question why do you ignore your Merritton residents, I’m happy to even give you one if you wish. The question to Jennie is again a Merritton residents’ question asking her to explain why are you ignoring, not me, but dozens of residents, right. Ah, once in the summer when the kids and I, we were volunteers and we delivered the newsletter around, she didn’t want the newsletter and I have her recorded and she said to me she doesn’t want me on her property and I told her point blank never again. Ah, volunteers as you might know, they go do a street. They don’t know who lives where, right, they just simply volunteer to deliver a flyer because of the election, so for this woman to claim this I am very happy she has and ah, she’s nuts.

Officer 1 - This has nothing to do with us.

A.D. - O.K.

Officer 1 - we’re done here.

A.D. - O.K.

Officer 1 - O.K.

A.D. - Thank you.

Officer 1 - Thank you for that.

A.D. - Thank you very much.

CLICK HERE The Voice Of Councillor Stevens' Answering Machine Message And The By-Law Ticket Fixing

This is the telephone answering machine message by Merritton Ward Councillor Jennie Stevens confirming a lawful by-law fine was fixed by Mayor McMullan. Every effort was made by Mayor McMullan and Councillor Stevens to ensure the people of St.Catharines never had a chance to hear for themselves. Marlene Bergsma of The Standard lied about it in print, so did Peter Downs of The Standard. Rick VanSickle City Editor approved the lie and Andrea Kriluck as Managing Editor did as well. The Niagara Regional Police were used to tarnish and destroy the credibility of candidates and evidence. What else can be interpreted by the Incident Report #2010-103419 filed by an officer of the NRP.

Premier Dalton McGuinty you were made aware of this corrupt act. Premier McGuinty you slipped it onto the Minister for Municipal Affairs at the time Minister Jim Bradley. Minister Jim Bradley you knew of the breach of the Municipal Act!  Minister Jim Bradley you knew of the breach of Oath of Office! As our elected government you both, Premier McGuinty and Minister Bradley did nothing! Both of you Premier McGuinty and Minister Bradley are equally responsible for the destruction of our electoral process, the essence of what we as Canadians stand for.

Both Mayor McMullan and Merritton Ward Councillor Stevens stood to lose everything if the truth was allowed to be public! Listen to the voice of Councillor Stevens and judge for yourself.

I will not stop fighting for the truth. I will not stop fighting for the values I taught my children and the immense value of this great country, Canada.

I will keep this updated as new information comes.

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