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Update: Sunday October 24th 2010.

Update: Sunday October 24th 2010.

On Sunday October 24th 2010 approximately 1:50 pm two NRP officers came to my home. I recorded the whole conversation it lasted 8 min. 37 seconds. These two officers came with the intention to intimidate and harass only. They did not identify themselves. The whole transcript follows. You will see contradictions and comments made by the two officers that make no sense.
First officer says “You obviously know why we’re here.” How could I? They took no notes, no details for the record. My three children and wife were in the room as one stood with his hands on his hip and on his gun. It appears the reason why them came was because of a flyer dropped into the mailbox of Burch and Stevens. This flyer is also attached. One officer said that Stevens contacted “us today,” not that Stevens called the police but “us”. Yet the flyer was delivered by volunteers the day before. You will see statements made by the officer of what Stevens had said and my replies. The officers made false statements they did not ask questions, they did not write anything for the record as any officer has to do. An incident report has to be filed by these two mercenaries how would it be possible when not one word was written down by them, not one word written for the record. The officer who came on Friday October 22nd wrote pages of notes, asked for my name, date of birth even of my three children. He knew he was being recorded and stayed over 35 minutes.

These two came only to intimidate and harass. Nothing about them was official or proper. No incident report, at least a legitimate one, can be filed by them. They took no notes! They asked no real questions only made accusations based on lies by Stevens and Burch. They used the first names of both Stevens and Burch? Nothing was part of normal procedure. They made the claim that I served legal papers on Mrs. Pat Lindal. That was a lie and I said I was only one of two witnesses and that Mr. Preston Haskell had served the legal papers as the publisher of the newsletter WINNERS CIRCLE after Mrs. Pat Lindal threatened and harassed advertisers in the newsletter. Now Burch claims he was the only one who got this flyer on the whole street. Queenston Street is an extremely long street, had he gone to each house? A lie! My volunteers delivered the flyers not me and both Burch and Stevens lied!

I told these two officers, or mercenaries that they are being recorded. They make a noise, a sigh of shock. Then one says, “Now that I know I’m being recorded. I’m gonna cut it short…” They both panicked. They came as thugs and mercenaries with hands on their hips and guns in front of my children and wife. They came with one purpose and it was to intimidate and threaten on behalf of two Merritton Councillors who can not allow the truth to be public. Councillor Stevens knows she and McMullan committed a corrupt act and cannot allow this to be public. Councillor Burch has much to answer and cannot allow it to be public. Two uniformed officers of the Niagara Regional Police were used in an attempt to silence the truth. These two officers came in breach of the Charter of Rights and the guarantee that all Canadians have of freedom of speech and expression. These two officers of the NRP had committed criminal harassment on behalf of Councillor Burch and Councillor Stevens. Every effort will now be made to have charges of criminal harassment laid against both these NRP officers and Councillors Burch and Stevens. In addition the Niagara Regional Police Department and Councillors Burch and Stevens will face civil law suites.

We have all read about the horrors of what happened in Toronto with the G8 Summit and police thuggery. Here in St. Catharines two elected councillors have used officers in uniform of the NRP to silence the truth.



Chief Southall will have a letter explaining the whole situation and a copy of the recorded voices of her thugs delivered within days. Solicitors are being asked to prepare all necessary action against the NRP Department, Councillor Stevens and Councillor Burch.


Transcript of 2 NRP officers, October 24th 2010
Sent by Councillor Stevens and Councillor Burch
(to the residence of Alexander Davidoff, with wife and 3 children present)

A.D. - Hi.

Officer 1 - Mr. Davidoff.

A.D. - That’s me.

Officer 1 - How are you?

A.D. - Wonderful, come on in.

Officer 1 - Mind if we have a chat?

A.D. - No, not at all.

Officer 1 - O.K. good.

A.D. - Come on in, sit down.

Officer 2 - Everyone’s here.

A.D. - Yea, so we’ve just about to go out to do more of our work.

Officer 1 - Um, you obviously know why we’re here.

A.D. - No.

Officer 1 - O.K. we’re here because Jennie Stevens contacted us today.

A.D. - Oh, yea.

Officer 1 - O.K., in regards to I guess that some issues you’ve guys have had before in the past.

A.D. - I have no idea what issues so you’re gonna have to tell me.

Officer 1 - O.K. She has explained to us that here this has been an ongoing thing between you and her I guess.

A.D. - What is? O.D. - (A.D’s wife): What is ongoing?

Officer 1 - Apparently there’s documents served under her mother.

A.D. - Got nothing to do with me.

Officer 1 - The fact that you were there.

A.D. - I was brought in only as a witness because there was three of us as witnesses. So it has nothing to do with me whatsoever. It’s Preston Haskell, the publisher of a newsletter, nothing to do with me.

Officer 1 - The way that she’s explained.

A.D. - She’s lied.

Officer 1 - We’re not going to take any sides, because she’s contacted us and we are just explaining.

A.D. - She’s said to you that I’ve had something to do with the documents?

Officer 1 - No, she said that the documents served under her mother, you were there.

A.D. - Oh, that was because Preston Haskell asked for several witnesses, there was another individual there as well.

Officer 1 - There was three people there.

A.D. - Correct.

Officer 1 - O.K., so she feels that because you were there and you were directly involved with the complaint.

A.D. - I had no complaint against her. I’ve never made a complaint against her.

Officer 1 - Oh, so there ‘s no complaints, no complaints that are with you against her. O.K., she, what she has explained to us is that there’s this ah, this publication ah, called the Winners, Niagara Winners Circle. Something like that.

A.D. - Winners Circle yea, I can even give you a copy if you want.

Officer 1 - She showed me a copy.

A.D. - O.K.

Officer 1 - and I guess, I don’t know a lot about the document, I don’t know what it’s about, um its issues that ah the local residents have about the city and the ah…

A.D. - it’s a newsletter published by a retired…please if you wish make yourself comfortable!

Officer 1 - No, we sit, we sit all day so.

A.D. - O.K., ah it’s a newsletter. Preston Haskell, I don’t know if you’ve heard of him, he was in the mayoral race, he’s a local political, I don’t know what you call, activist, spokesperson. Ah, he’s also one of the premier photographers and his son runs a photography studio. Now, he and a group of retired businessmen have the group called Winners Circle and they publish that newsletter and they get volunteers, anybody who wants to deliver to help them deliver it because they, um, the cost of having it delivered with newspapers is astronomical. That’s, that’s the Winners Circle to give you the background of the Winners Circle.

Officer 1 - O.K., so what she’s explaining to us is that I guess there was something put in there about the way that she’s been running a ward. Ah, there was something actually from you apparently in there.

A.D. - Ah, there is nothing in there from me. And if you’ve looked at it you would have seen there is nothing in there by me. I don’t write for them.

Officer 1 - I wasn’t gonna look at it.

A.D. - But just to let you know, I don’t write for them I don’t do anything. You can confirm everything with Mr. Haskell. I can even give you his phone number if you wish. Ah, Winners Circle has nothing to do with me nor I with them.

Officer 1 - O.K. then why were you there serving a document on her mother?

A.D. - I was not serving it, I was there as a witness. I was not serving anything.

Officer 1 - So what, what connection do you have with the Winners Circle?

A.D. - I know Preston! Mr. Haskell, Preston Haskell, whichever way you want it, right, and I’ve known Preston for a long time, oh, I’m explaining it to you , oh heavens no problem! I’ve known Preston for quite a while ah, we’ve worked on issues such as environmental, um, I was involved in a massive environmental issue here through the Environmental Commissioner, Ministry of Environment, it was huge right, and he wrote about it, in the newsletter, and actually so did both the newspapers um, I’ve known Preston for a long while.

Officer 1 - O.K., um I guess another issue that they were concerned about was, ah, Jeff Burch.

A.D. - aha?

Officer 1 - I guess was concerned that ah because of these issues that Jennie’s been having or she’s thinks she’s been having these issues with you - ah, he received a pamphlet in the mail ah, it was three documents, and one was.

A.D. - It was a flyer?

Officer 1 - Yea, one was a flyer with your information. Another was a um, a flyer with another councillor’s information another one was a, a, issues with the two councillors, the two ah, Merritton ward councillors, um, he was concerned because he was the only one that got that on the whole street he asked…

A.D. - Well, that’s up to the volunteer number one, she, the volunteer ran out of flyers so that was when she delivered three hundred and eighty I think that day.

Officer 1 - O.K.

A.D. - So that’s up to uh Sharon, she ran out so she’s out there trying to do more.

Officer 1 - We’ll say that it’s total coincidence. For some reason they’re concerned for their safety, they’re intimidated by you, O.K. I am just telling you what they told me.

A.D. - O.K., please do.

Officer 1 - They’re intimidated by you, ah.

A.D. - In what way?

Officer 1 - They feel that, ah, well apparently somebody was at her door this morning at five o’clock.

A.D. - Shore as hell wasn’t me. So she can lie all she wants to.

Officer 1 - She didn’t say it was you, she’s concerned it might have been you though because you’ve got something going on with her so, ah…

A.D. - Just to let you know all of its being recorded and continue.

Officer 1 - O.K. (sigh)

A.D. - This is an insanity. But you know, just to let you know, just before she, do you know I am a candidate in the election?

Officer 1 - Yeah.

A.D. - O.K.

Officer 1 - She mentioned that, yea.

A.D. - And when as a candidate in any election, if you raise a question regarding another candidate right, how can that individual then carry on with being concerned? This sounds like that moron D’Intino.

Officer 1 - I’m gonna… that I know I’m being recorded I’m gonna cut it short and I’m gonna tell you that she doesn’t want you on her property.

A.D. - I don’t intend to and never have been. I have been once when I was delivering the newsletter.

Officer 1 - She doesn’t want you on her property, Jeff doesn’t want you on his property. O.K.

A.D. - I haven’t been on his property.

Officer 1 - She’s concerned for her safety, and that was addressed to us. So you’ve been told not to go on her property.

A.D. - I guarantee you.

Officer 2 - Or any of your representatives or assistants….

A.D. - Well it’s all been done with, the election finishes tomorrow.

Officer 1 - Just so that you know O.K., and that’s the reason why we’re here.

A.D. - Aha.

Officer 1 - O.K., any questions?

A.D. - Oh god no! Um, Jennie Stevens has claimed, and Burch, that they’re intimidated by me, is that right?

Officer 1 - Right.

A.D. - O.K., and just so that you know for yourselves when we had the Merritton, ah, hall meeting, I forgot the date, all the candidates right, and we made it clear because a lot of residents here have been asking the question of Burch. He’s refused to talk to anyone, it has to do with the environmental issue here. So the flyer that’s out there simply asking the question why do you ignore your Merritton residents, I’m happy to even give you one if you wish. The question to Jennie is again a Merritton residents’ question asking her to explain why are you ignoring, not me, but dozens of residents, right. Ah, once in the summer when the kids and I, we were volunteers and we delivered the newsletter around, she didn’t want the newsletter and I have her recorded and she said to me she doesn’t want me on her property and I told her point blank never again. Ah, volunteers as you might know, they go do a street. They don’t know who lives where, right, they just simply volunteer to deliver a flyer because of the election, so for this woman to claim this I am very happy she has and ah, she’s nuts.

Officer 1 - This has nothing to do with us.

A.D. - O.K.

Officer 1 - we’re done here.

A.D. - O.K.

Officer 1 - O.K.

A.D. - Thank you.

Officer 1 - Thank you for that.

A.D. - Thank you very much.

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