Sunday, October 24, 2010

Update: October 22 at 3:35 pm.

Update: October 22 at 3:35 pm.

Today October 22 at 3:35pm Mayor McMullan called me on my cell phone with a blocked ID. His secretary spoke and asked if I would take a call from the mayor. McMullan like any hypocrite first wished me “well” for Monday. Then he said “your blog you call me corrupt I have referred this to my solicitors in Toronto” my reply was “wonderful” and I hung up.

McMullan You Have Threatened me with your Toronto solicitors carry it through!

Now publicly I tell you McMullan I would want nothing more than to dance with you in a public forum such as a court! Corruption is not dollar valued! Whether it is ‘one million’ or ‘126’ or even only ‘1 dollar’, a corrupt act is simply a corrupt act. My blog has been available since May 2010 you have been successful with the Standard to censor the truth. Now Bergsma and Mr. Peter Downs have both lied and printed lies to protect you.

On this blog is the voice of Merritton Ward Councillor Jennie Stevens, the telephone answering machine message she left, you can listen to her or read the transcript. I have never said City Hall is corrupt. You lie if you claim that. The Standard reporters Bergsma and Downs are liars! I have said that Mayor Brian McMullan is corrupt and committed a corrupt act! I have said Merritton Ward Councillor Jennie Stevens is corrupt and committed a corrupt act! You McMullan won’t face me not at Brock University or anywhere else. You McMullan make telephone threats of Toronto solicitors. I have the voice of Councillor Stevens after I and my children delivered the summer edition of the newsletter Winners Circle. Stevens came running and threatened me “you will hear from my solicitor.” (Aug. 24th 2010). Do you want to hear her voice? I have it recorded! That was months ago. Now you threaten me!

I ask you McMullan if you want to hear another voice I recorded today October 22nd 2010. This is a uniformed police officer of the NIAGARA REGIONAL POLICE. He came to my home at approximately 11:00 am and stayed for 35 minutes, 17 seconds. He was sent to get background information on the Pat Lindal letters of threat and harassment. (You know Councillor Stevens’ mother!) I recorded the whole session with the officer. I won’t use his voice here but this is of great importance. These words are of the NRP officer and again I say that I have him recorded! When he, the officer, asks what set Lindal off I explain the blog and the voice message of Councillor Stevens. This uniformed police officer then says, “There is only one way to deal with a by-law fine if you disagree with it, you go to court.” He goes on to explain how a judge makes the final decision at the Provincial Offences Court. This is the voice of an NRP uniformed police officer McMullan! You and Stevens fixed a lawful by-law fine. You McMullan and Stevens breached the Municipal Act, the Charter of Rights and perjured your Oath of Office. You McMullan and Councillor Stevens committed a corrupt act. Only you McMullan and Councillor Stevens have I called corrupt, no one else!

You McMullan made the public statement that these allegations are groundless! You McMullan and the Standard have censored the truth from the public of St.Catharines. You McMullan and the Standard have in fact fixed an election so the public don’t get to hear all the information. Bergsma and Downs of the Standard have lied and published the lie. The Standard has with full intent kept the truth from the people of St.Catharines and had a reason to do so. The truth would destroy you McMullan and you can’t have that. Why did you not let the people of St. Catharines listen or read the transcript of Councillor Stevens’ voice? I know the reason and so do you McMullan!

You McMullan now threaten me with Toronto lawyers over the phone in a cowardly fashion. I tell you, get those Toronto lawyers and you and I will go into the public arena of a court. Everyone can listen to Councillor Stevens’ voice and let the judge decide! I will publish on the blog your Toronto lawyer’s letter and if no one comes I will update the blog every few days. I have wanted this public from the beginning and now eagerly await your Toronto lawyers!

Finally to Mr. Peter Downs of the Standard. You lied! Once again the Standard lies. Most of what you wrote was darn good and correct, rather unusual for a Standard reporter. But you lied Mr. Downs in paragraph number 8. You lied without checking the facts and had that lie printed. I quote you:

Davidoff has maintained that city hall is corrupt because a Merritton neighbour’s fine for failing to shovel a snowy walk was reversed when the neighbour was able to offer a satisfactory explanation to city staff and promised to shovel his sidewalk in the future.

You lied Mr. Downs and I have a statement by that individual who had the fine fixed by McMullan and Stevens. Bergsma lied and now so have you. Did you bother to look at the blog or listen to the voice of Stevens? Somehow I think not. You only copied Bergsma right? But you did make one subtle change didn’t you? Notice it? Look at Bergsma’s lie of October 14th and now look at yours! You Mr. Downs lied. Why???

Mr. Downs I am not D’Intino. I don’t contradict myself when I talk to someone nor do I claim international hackers or conspiracies. You sir didn’t talk to me at Brock did you? You know you didn’t and yet you wrote that lie. You know I have witnesses at the Brock Forum so why write and print a lie? You had to know it was a lie. WHY LIE???

Finally McMullan out-sourcing again. Could you not find local lawyers to threaten me with or have too many local lawyers seen and heard the blog?

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