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Mayor Brian McMullan Opens Pandora's Box

'If at first you don't succeed try, try again', might be Brian McMullan's mantra, or he may prefer 'Who dares wins'. Better still maybe McMullan's choice will be 'Gotta be in it to win it'. I on the other hand offer Mayor Brian McMullan these wise words spoken by Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob Squarepants, “What doesn't kill ya... usually succeeds on the second attempt.

Back in September 2011, Mayor Brian McMullan issued a legal threat that he was going to have Christopher Bittle of Lancaster, Brooks and Welch shut Mayorgate down. I published more evidence against McMullan and he grabbed his tail and ran. The threat resulted in an article, Mayor McMullan Attempts Shutdown of Mayorgate, and nothing more.

On July 9th 2014 I was served a Notice of Action that was five pages long. This Notice of Action was served on behalf of Mayor Brian McMullan, once again by Christopher Bittle of Lancaster, Brooks and Welch. Only this time McMullan won't be permitted to run, this time Mayor Brian McMullan decided in his arrogance to open the mythical Pandora's Box.

Pandora of Greek mythology was the first woman on Earth, created by Hephaestus at the will of Zeus. All the gods, Athena, Aphrodite, Apollo and Hermes bestowed upon her gifts. On her wedding day she was given a gift of a beautiful jar with instructions never to open it under any circumstances. Well Pandora's curiosity got the better of her and as she opened the jar all evil contained therein escaped. Even though Pandora tried to seal the jar, it was too late.

Brian McMullan has opened Mayorgate's jar and now after almost four years the facts, all of them, will be brought to open court. McMullan will not be given a way out and the consequences will finally be sought in a court of law. McMullan's penchant for intimidation and threat has now fallen on the wrong individual. His cowardly threat of a mythical statutory declaration will now be facing a subpoena forcing McMullan to produce it and explain who he meant in his, “we now have a statutory declaration...”. Who is the “we” in the threat, though there is little doubt as to who that is.

Unlike Pandora who had Aphrodite bestow beauty upon her and Hermes endow speech, McMullan has no such luxuries. Instead it has been the demigods of power who have protected Brian McMullan. When the law was breached there was no one to enforce its equality, when truth was demanded to be brought to the populace, the heralds of news and facts decided to lie or simply remain silent, and when the legislated laws were mangled those elected by the populace only provided protection and a coin in the collection plate.

The Notice of Action singles out four specific articles published in Mayorgate, “Brian McMullan's Fear of Mayorgate,” 20th of June 2014, “Debbie Zimmerman Attacks Mayorgate,” 14th of June 2014, “Four Years Old, Four Years Young,” 31st of May 2014, and “Degradation of Public Office,” 19th of May 2014.

As a lawyer who claims to specialise in defamation Christopher Bittle would presumably have knowledge of the Libel and Slander Act R.S.O. 1990 and Section 5(1). In case his law library is not as impressive as Jordan Goldblatt's (Sack Goldblatt Mitchell LLP) in Toronto and uncle Google was down on the day I'll quote:

No action for libel in a newspaper or in a broadcast lies unless the plaintiff has, within six weeks after the alleged libel has come to the plaintiff's knowledge, given to the defendant notice in writing, specifying the matter complained of, which shall be served in the same manner as a statement of claim or by delivering it to a grown-up person as the chief office of the defendant.”

Basically what this states is that after six weeks or 42 days it's strike out. Bittle and McMullan's Notice of Action was served on July 9th, even though it is dated July 7th. Do the math on the article titled Degradation of Public Office posted May 19th 2014. Strike out at 51 days, so the Notice of Action is down to only three for now. Bittle may try to argue the point of “...within the six weeks after the alleged libel has come to the plaintiff's knowledge...”, and McMullan's knowledge. First of all take a look at Brian McMullan's pal Debbie Zimmerman's little attempt to shut down the truth and its date. Try to claim these two don't have chats about the odd thing or two. If that's not enough, take a look at Maggie Riopelle's tweets and the “history” bit. Oh and if that's not enough still, look at the threat Bittle as a lawyer sent in October 2010 and backed off on.

Although this one is a strike out and Bittle has problems with math and the legislation I will answer all the issues here that have been released from Pandora's Box. Before I proceed point by point the Notice of Action begins with these words, “We are the lawyers for Brian McMullan...” and the letterhead clearly identifies Lancaster, Brooks and Welch LLP. On page four of the Notice of Action it states, “The above noted allegations are false and are presented as fact without any evidence of support.” This statement implies that I have lied as publisher of Mayorgate and slanders both my reputation and that of Mayorgate. As Christopher Bittle had made a previous attempt to accuse, threaten, harass and intimidate me and my publication, Mayorgate, which he dropped at the instructions of his client, he has full knowledge of the slanderous nature of such a statement. As he states that it is “we are the lawyers” therefore Lancaster, Brooks and Welch LLP are equally aware of the slanderous statement. Bittle presumably can read and again presumably has read the complete articles as published on Mayorgate. He has seen the evidence published yet chose to lie in his statement.

Brian McMullan has decided to hold hands with his pal Zimmerman and call his wife a liar. Rumours of the affair have floated across the Niagara Region like a bad smell for years and now the lies begin to grow. Who can forget Bill Clinton and all his lies till finally he had no choice. The croc shed his tears. Here in the case of McMullan and Zimmerman it would be no different. To rehash all the issues surrounding the nature of an affair and the pair who are entangled in it would be boring. Deceit is part of a daily routine for those who wish to party outside of the legal formalities and agreements of marriage which they themselves entered into freely to start with.

Both McMullan and Zimmerman need to go before a judge and prove that Ruth McMullan lied and that they are really only friends. This has to be done in a court of law and before a judge. The rest is simply the proverbial fish wiggling on a line before it is fried and served up. Instead both of them accuse and deny, they try to threaten and intimidate with the help of those sitting in Regional Government as servants of the public. All of this support may be cute in a B grade movie but here in reality it is the stripping down of democracy and nothing more than pornography to the mind.

Even though my article Degradation of Public Office is past its due date for the McMullan and Bittle pair, I will not ignore it. The first quotation that McMullan lists is simple and clear. McMullan and Bittle single out this sentence, “St. Catharines Mayor Brian McMullan has been able to breach the Criminal Code, have a local newspaper lie to cover for him, abuse the court system and walk away unscathed.”

Here comes the dissection of the McMullan frog, and no, Zimmerman – 'his friend' – can't kiss it better nor turn him into a prince. As a mayor Brian McMullan has limited powers and authorities, although his ego and arrogance doesn't always seem to think so. He has no authority to 'fix' in any way, shape or form a lawful by-law fine. Yet he did exactly that and it is a breach of law that he committed. Later when the insanity of anonymous cowards and their comments became public in relation to Regional Councillor Andy Petrowski, one of those cowards went so far as to make a false police report. Making a false police report is a Criminal Code breach. A mild mannered reporter from The Standard by the name of Doug Herod interviewed Mayor Brian McMullan regarding this whole situation. McMullan admitted to knowing “some” of these people and that was published. That in itself shows complicity and also breach of the Criminal Code. In both cases, evidence in the form of a recorded voice of City Councillor Jennie Stevens and the quotes directly from reporter Herod were presented.

Marlene Bergsma, longtime reporter of The Standard chose to lie in print regarding the whole mess with the ticket fixing. The proof is simple, it is in print and cannot be denied by Marlene Bergsma. Did Bergsma lie about the facts for any other reason other than to benefit Brian McMullan? Did Bergsma lie in print to benefit herself? Not only did Bergsma lie but following her reporter Peter Downs repeated the lie in print. In the case of Marlene Bergsma she will have an opportunity under oath to explain why she lied. McMullan may not like the truth but that's too bad. McMullan has shown little respect for the law by these actions and regardless of his manic threats now all the facts can be brought out in a court of law.

Speaking of courts of law dear Brian McMullan decided that using the NRP alone was not enough. He had a court order issued against Regional Councillor Petrowski accusing him of insane acts. McMullan claimed to fear the cuddly bear simply because he has a volume gauge out of normal levels. It all resulted with cuddly bear Petrowski arriving in court with a spunky lawyer at hand, and he was not there for free. Out of the four individuals required to present themselves before the judge Andy Petrowski and his lawyer were there, McMullan's lawyer was there, but the tough Brian McMullan was a no show. He only supposedly gave instructions by phone to drop it and run. The court's time wasted with contempt and the accusations now apparent to be false. Yet not a word heard from the judge on the abuse clearly displayed by Brian McMullan, although his lawyer ensures to bring to the court's attention that he is the mayor. All of this is part of a court transcript but maybe the giant of the legal world and star from Lancaster, Brooks and Welch would still claim “...presented as fact without any evidence of support.” Facts are facts and the evidence undeniable.

After raising the article Degradation of Public Office, McMullan and legal eagle Bittle of Lancaster, Brooks and Welch bring forth mention of my anniversary article Four Years Old, Four Years Young. This one squeaks in under the time limitations of the rules for Libel and Slander, though little needs to be spoken of. Once again McMullan and his pal Debbie Zimmerman need to prove that Mrs. McMullan is a liar, and that the people of Niagara are stupid, then maybe I'll comment further. Otherwise it is becoming boring.

McMullan moves to the article titled Debbie Zimmerman Attacks Mayorgate. Here it is clear the article is about his female friend, which also should prove an embarrassment for legal eagle Christopher Bittle of the venerable law firm of Lancaster, Brooks and Welch. Again it's the 'he says, she says' routine, McMullan and girlpal Debbie Zimmerman accusing Mrs. McMullan of a lie. Mind you neither has proven their claims, nor have they used the PR sheet of The Standard. Still both demand that only their word counts. But it is the first quotation under this sub-heading that counts:

Rumours of the affair had circulated not only in St. Catharines but throughout the Niagara area for some four years. These divorce papers raise serious questions in relation to government and deceit. In addition to asking questions regarding the affair I reported that Mayor Brian McMullan had come to my place of work on May 11th 2014. Brian McMullan came to deliver a threat, he did so like a bully and coward. In turn I had challenged him openly to carry out his threat. He lay claim to some statutory declaration which in some way appears to bear relations to the Conservation Authority and my day off work. Like a coward Brian McMullan has remained silent. Either this so called statutory declaration is just a lie or Mayor McMullan is still looking for the unattainable, just like the lion from The Wizard of Oz.”

Now that he and legal star Bittle have raised the issue, McMullan under subpoena will provide that mystical statutory declaration. I will not let Brian McMullan nor his lawyer Christopher Bittle off the hook on this one. McMullan will provide his statutory declaration finally.

Now to the first listed article titled Brian McMullan's Fear of Mayorgate. This one is definitely within the time limitations and on a personal note I am so damned glad. The first quotation raised by Bittle is, “How far will the machinations of Mayor Brian McMullan reach past common dignity and continue to be motivated by the fear of truth?”. I stand by every word and under oath McMullan will answer this question and more!

Mayorgate is an extension of who I am and my love of my community and of the values that we as Canadians teach our children. Mayorgate is also a brick wall that stands against corruption and lies with hard evidence and newsworthy content. Local media has proven that lies and censorship are the key in their decisions on what the public have a right to know. Mayorgate has no deals made, no political alliances other than to the people of this land.

Brian McMullan, Debbie Zimmerman and others would like to silence Mayorgate, it will not happen! The article Brian McMullan's Fear of Mayorgate dealt with many issues from the past four plus years. Bittle singles out four quotes all dealing with a threat of Adam Arsenault, a mayoral candidate in the upcoming municipal elections for 2014. The threat by McMullan of Arsenault was an illegal act, as it also was a lie in the actual wording of it. Arsenault himself provided the information in writing via email, and then copies of tweets between Adam Arsenault and Maggie Riopelle were obtained. Maggie Riopelle is Mayor Brian McMullan's Executive Assistant and her words as copied cannot be denied. As far as McMullan's interest in Jeff Burch and the need to protect Jeff Burch from the truth that will be dealt with further in the next article. It is legally safe to say that Burch's own words will provide a definitive clue. Yet it is important to note again that the whole issue of the threat against Arsenault rested on one single action by Adam Arsenault. In a tweet Arsenault had placed a link to a Mayorgate article dealing with Jeff Burch and not anything to do with Brian McMullan. McMullan is not running for the mayor's chain in 2014.

This article, Brian McMullan's Fear of Mayorgate, dealt with many issues, and all of them whether standing alone or together foul the air of politics. The McMullan/Bittle tag team decided to allow me now the legal right to bring into court evidence that was never able to be brought out publicly except for through articles on Mayorgate. As far as bullying goes McMullan will answer under oath and explain his actions relating to Andy Petrowski, Adam Arsenault, the mythical statutory declaration and more. Bittle decided to provide a truly bonus gift with the ticket fixing and the telephone answering machine message left by Councillor Jennie Stevens. It would be a pleasure to question Councillor Jennie Stevens under oath, to bring down Jim Bradley and the venerable cleaning lady Marlene Bergsma. Truth hurts and McMullan has opened the doors finally by bringing everything out in public and in court.

Lancaster, Brooks and Welch's legal eagle finishes with not only helping to open Pandora's Box but to jump head first into the mess left behind by arrogance and fear that now claims its hurt. Mayorgate has grown, I don't need to brag about that, and my love of our community has not faltered even under threat and cowardly insult. McMullan will be part of the history of St. Catharines but it won't be in a fashion he may wish to brag about.

Brian McMullan has one choice now, provide the Statement of Claim and head into court! McMullan and his little legal eagle Christopher Bittle will under subpoena provide the statutory declaration, and I have the evidence to prove that it is perjury.

I have faced threat, I have had my home stolen from me illegally by the City. I will not stop fighting for the values of Canada and Canadians. I want Brian McMullan under oath in a court room, and it won't be in St. Catharines. I will bring Marlene Bergsma, Jennie Stevens, Maggie Riopelle, Adam Arsenault and Jim Bradley under oath to answer questions. I will have Mayor Brian McMullan under oath providing his statutory declaration.

It is time to end the corruption in Niagara and Mayorgate will not run for cover or hide!

At the end of this piece I have provided a list of evidence, proof and documentation that has been published with each article. Maybe Christopher Bittle of Lancaster, Brooks and Welch would like to repeat his lie!

List of Evidence

Article TitleDegradation of Public Office

Evidence & Documentation Provided:
1. Link to Mayorgate's article, “Mayor McMullan Attempts Shutdown of Mayorgate”
Christopher Bittle of Lancaster, Brooks and Welch LLP, letter, September 1, 2011
Screen capture/print from Lancaster, Brooks, and Welch website
Letter to the Law Society of Upper Canada regarding Christopher Bittle, September 11, 2011
Response from Law Society of Upper Canada, September 26, 2011
Mark Leeson NRP incident report, October 14, 2010
Sidewalk and Snow Ice Removal Ticket, City of St. Catharines, March 1, 2010
St. Catharines By-Law 2008-315, signed by Mayor Brian McMullan
Municipal Act page 282 of 310
Municipal Act page 117 of 310

Link to Mayorgate's article, “Case Study: Andrew Gill vs. Preston Haskell”
Winner's Circle article, scanned page
Brian McMullan election contributions, March 9, 2011
Brian McMullan election contributions, December 31, 2006
From vineyard to medical centre, by Don Fraser, St. Catharines Standard, Friday October 8, 2010

2. Ruth French McMullan Facebook message, screen capture

Article Title – Debbie Zimmerman Attacks Mayorgate

Evidence & Documentation Provided:
1. Link to Mayorgate's article, “Degradation of Public Office

2. Jordan Goldblatt from Sack Goldblatt Mitchell LLP Notice of Action

3. McMullan divorce papers, Court File 133/14

4. Link to The Lawyers Weekly, Sweeping ban is set aside, February 10, 2012

5. Mayor Brian McMullan's earnings, CHV20 – Canada's Government – who is who in government, screen capture

6. Link to Heavy Evidentiary Burden Imposed on Litigants Seeking Publication Band and Sealing Orders, PDF
7. Link to Mayorgate's article, “How Much can a Koala – Bear”
Email to Mayor Brian McMullan asking for comment, April 9, 2014
Link to Mayorgate's article, “Salem's Witch Hunt Comes to Niagara”
Email from Mayor Brian McMullan to Niagara Regional Chair Gary Burroughs
Petrowski, McMullan at odds over accusations flying at region, Doug Herod, The Standard
Email from Suzie Q to Councillor Andy Petrowski, and others at Niagara Region, December 12, 2011
Criminal Code (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-46), Department of Justice
Email from Joe Matthews, NRP, to Councillor Andy Petrowski, January 4, 2012
Nice to know butts will have plenty of room at new arena, Doug Herod, The Standard, January 13, 2012

8. Link to Mayorgate's article, “Witch Hunt Part II”
Failed email from Councillor Andy Petrowski to Suzie Q, January 26, 2012
Failed email from Councillor Andy Petrowski to Tim Lewis, January 26, 2012
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Link to Mayorgate article, “McMullan attempts shutdown of Mayorgate”
St. Catharines Planning & Development Services Mission Statement, City of St. Catharines, Planning and Development Services
Photos of Alexander Davidoff residence, from back lane
Letter to CAO Ontario Building Official's Association, February 2, 2012
Letter to Shawn Wilson, CUPE, February 2, 2012
Letter to Kathleen Wynne, Minister for Municipal Affairs and Housing, February 1, 2012

Article Title – Brian McMullan's Fear of Mayorgate

Evidence & Documentation Provided:
1. Mayoral Candidate, Adam Arsenault email to Alexander Davidoff/Mayorgate regarding Jeff Burch, June 9, 2014

2. Mayoral Candidate, Adam Arsenault email to Alexander Davidoff/Mayorgate regarding twitter & McMullan threat, June 9, 2014

3. Adam Arsenault, Mayoral Candidate & Maggie Riopelle, Executive Assistant to Mayor Brian McMullan twitter screen capture, June 10, 2014

4. Link to Mayorgate's article, “A Fine Fixed”
Letter from Jim Bradley, Minister Municipal Affairs and Housing, May 3, 2010
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5. Link to Mayorgate's article, “You are a liar Bergsma”
No defining issue in race: Brock prof, Marlene Bergsma, The Standard, October 14, 2010
Letter of threat and harassment, from Pat Lindall to advertisers of The Winner's Circle

6. Link to Mayorgate's article, “Blog Update October 22 2010 at 3:55pm”

7. Link to Mayorgate's article, “Candidate Double Dipping Campaign Funds”
This is our way of participating in the democratic process, Matthew Van Dongen, The Standard, March 25, 2011
Brian McMullan statement of Assets & Liabilities
Brian McMullan contributions, 2010 Municipal Election, March 9, 2011

8. Link to Mayorgate's article, “Minister Jim Bradley Protecting a Political Pal”
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9. Link to Mayorgate's article, “Mayor McMullan attempts shutdown of MAYORGATE

10. Link to Mayorgate's article, “Salem's Witchunt comes to Niagara”

11. Link to Mayorgate's article, “Mayorgate's Author Under Threat”
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12. Link to Mayorgate's article, “How much can a Koala-Bear”

13. Link to Mayorgate's article, “Degradation of Public Office”

14. Link to Mayorgate's article, “Blog Update March 7 2011”

15. Link to Mayorgate's August 2013 Archive:

Article Title – Deceit & Censorship Breed Corruption

Evidence & Documentation Provided:
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Jeff Bolichowski, Reporter, The Standard, live tweets regarding council meeting, April 29, 2013
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Link to Mayorgate's article, 'Law & Lawyers, are they one and the same?'
Letter from Kevin French, Assistant Deputy Minister, Operations Division, Ministry of Environment
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Photographs of drainage culvert
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Jeff Bolichowski, Reporter, The Standard, tweets, April 29, 2013

Link to Mayorgate article, “A neighbourhood pays as a developer profits”
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Link to Mayorgate's article, “Liar Liar, Pants on Fire”
Letter from Bill Bardswick, Director, Ministry of Environment, June 21, 2012
Photographs of ravine

Link to Mayorgate's article, “Dr. Valerie Jaeger MD, PhD, LIED!”
Email from Dr. Valerie Jaeger, Medical Officer of Health, Niagara Region, March 14, 2012
Email from Councillor Andy Petrowski, Niagara Region, March 13, 2012
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Letter to Regional Chair Gary Burroughs, May 18, 2012

Link to Mayorgate article, “Ministry of Environment Negligence Questioned”
Letter from Kevin French, Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of Environment, May 9, 2012
Letter to Jim Bradley, Minister of Environment, June 4, 2012
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Photos of ravine and key area
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Orange water photographs
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Letter to Kevin French, Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of Environment, June 21, 2012
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Article Title – Cone of Silence Receives a Crack

Evidence & Documentation Provided:
Link to radio interview

Article Title – Society's Checks and Balances, are they real?

Evidence & Documentation Provided:
City of St. Catharines Code of Conduct for Elected Officials, PDF
Link to Mayorgate article, “Law and lawyers are they one and the same”
Link to Mayorgate article, “Deceit & Censorship Breed Corruption”

Link to Mayorgate article, “Societal Watchdogs”
Contaminated soil: developers dilemma, Matthew Van Dongen, The Standard, June 9, 2006
Letter to Robert G. Elgie, Chairman Ontario Press Council, February 26, 2013
Letter from the Ian Stedman, Office of Integrity Commissioner, September 14, 2011
Ontario Ombudsman, Who We Oversee, About page, Ombudsman Ontario website
Letter from Jim McCarter, Auditor General of Ontario, July 17, 2009
Letter from Jim McCarter, Auditor General of Ontario, May 18, 2007
College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, Decision Dr. Valerie Ann Jaeger

Code of Conduct Complaint regarding Councillor Jeff Burch, August 23, 2013

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