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Brian McMullan's Fear Of Mayorgate

How far will the machinations of Mayor Brian McMullan reach past common dignity and continue to be motivated by the fear of truth? The answer to such a question is not easy to settle on, as time and time again Brian McMullan has proven that something new is always on the horizon.

Brian McMullan's hate for Mayorgate is clear and proven. That hate feeds on Mayorgate's refusal to accept lies and deceit in public office. Mayorgate will not surrender to threat or intimidation, and under no circumstance will Mayorgate make alliances with anyone. At the same time Mayorgate's readers number now into several hundred thousand yearly with over 30 countries outside of Canada and the US, regularly visiting the articles presented. Locally Mayorgate is growing simply because the truth is researched and supported with undeniable fact, that is the key to each article. Now that in itself is a threat to someone like Brian McMullan.

On September 1st 2011 Brian McMullan had lawyer Christopher Bittle of Lancaster, Brooks and Welch issue a threat to shut down Mayorgate. In his egotistical world McMullan claimed that Mayorgate existed to only persecute the poor guy. Mayorgate began as a stand against the corrupt self-imposed censorship in a democratic society and has continued to provide articles that the standard media has ignored. Our issues traverse the spectrum from local through to international, always asking questions in the hope that we as people feel enough desire to step out of our daily routines of convenience.

Still Brian McMullan's fear of Mayorgate grows and if that is not to be considered true then another explanation of these actions by McMullan is welcomed, by Brian McMullan himself! Proof of this fear came in the form of contact by a candidate in the forthcoming municipal elections in October. Adam Arsenault, an unknown candidate for the top job in the city, had read Mayorgate. At this time there are four contenders declared, though plenty of time exists for another to declare his or her desire to steer St. Catharines. Besides Adam Arsenault, there are two current councillors Jeff Burch and Peter Secord, with another unknown in Mark Stevens.

Adam Arsenault sent an email dated June 9th 2014 stating that he had been “reading articles on Jeff Burch,” which had been published on Mayorgate. He had indicated that he wished to discuss more about this corruption at City Hall. Arsenault concluded by stating, “I want to help expose this via my campaign for Mayor.”

This email was received 11:17 am and seemed somewhat encouraging though as always a great deal of scepticism remained. Later that day another email was received from Mayoral Candidate Adam Arsenault, this one at 9:34 pm. Now things truly heated up. Arsenault states, “Hello Alex after I emailed you. I made a post on my twitter re the issue and a like to your site. Within a few hours I got an email from the mayor telling me to take down the posts or face legal action.”

Mayor Brian McMullan had threatened a candidate in a forthcoming election, even though Brian McMullan is not running for mayor in the election, and this comes directly and in writing from the candidate himself. What Brian McMullan had done is a direct breach of the law, but Brian McMullan has proven that being a bully is a tool he enjoys. The law to Mayor Brian McMullan has not always been something he has had respect for.

A question was asked of Adam Arsenault as to what did he link in his Twitter post. He responded on June 10th 2014 at 11:29 am stating “I posted a link to this...” The link was to the archive postings for August 2013 on Mayorgate. Three articles had been posted in the month of August 2013. The first was Deceit & Censorship Breed Corruption, then Cone of Silence Receives a Crack and finally Society's Checks & Balances, are they real? Reading through these articles it is clear that none of them deal with Brian McMullan, though they do centre on a different issue.

During this period in 2013 a situation developed around Merritton Ward Councillor Jeff Burch who intentionally lied to council and was recorded both on video and audio. Jeff Burch lied to cover up for a developer and owner of Sun Collision, Sam Demita. An Integrity Commissioner had attempted an investigation though was not able to complete her investigation and stated in her final report that the serious allegations against Councillor Jeff Burch had not been cleared. At the same time the media through the newspapers The Standard and Niagara this Week, and radio Newstalk CKTB, had ensured nothing was made public. It was the usual censorship to keep the truth silent.

Adam Arsenault had linked to articles that had nothing to do directly with Mayor Brian McMullan and had a great deal to do with Councillor Jeff Burch. Why did Brian McMullan threaten a prospective candidate in an upcoming election? Why did McMullan need to protect Jeff Burch from any questions being raised regarding his lies to cover up for Sun Collision owner and operator Sam Demita?

As most brave men Adam Arsenault erased the tweets and quoted back the Charter of Rights and its sections. Erasing the tweets then quoting these sections does not show one has any belief in the actual words of the Charter. Still Arsenault had sent copies to Mayorgate, though when asked about a copy of the threat by Mayor Brian McMullan, fear became more evident. Fear is a tool of any bully and cowardice is the truth each bully hides. Brian McMullan had played these tactics often enough, whether with Arsenault or with Regional Councillor Andy Petrowski or even his attempts with his lies about statutory declarations.

In this case fear and bullying worked. Arsenault's story now changed from “I want to help expose this via my campaign for mayor,” to this, “I may have given in but not without pointing out that they were wrong and breaking the law by doing what they did I wanted facts so I could build a strong fight and if I win I can expose them all. That would have a lot more credibility if the mayor exposes all the past corruption within its municipal government. I like to do things strategic.”

This exchange was on June 10th 2014 at 6:02 pm on the following day June 11th, Arsenault sent this, “As far as my tweets to Maggie I want them to think that there is no threat and I want to confront them in issues.” By now it was clear that Adam Arsenault is truly no threat to anyone in any way, and as far as the comment about confronting “them in issues,” maybe no one has told Adam that Brian McMullan was not running in the election. The apple once bitten never tastes the same again.

Maybe Arsenault's desire “to do things strategic” is now left open to embarrassing questions, his tweets to Maggie Riopelle surely provide an opening to Pandora's Box. First of all Maggie Riopelle should be identified as the Executive Assistant to Mayor Brian McMullan at City of St. Catharines (directly quoted from LinkedIn).

Maggie's background is not so impressive according to LinkedIn. She is currently a part time student at Niagara College chasing a web design certificate, with a Journalism Diploma from Cambrian College. Listed as Maggie's expertise and skills are journalism, communications, problem solving, social media, blogging, storytelling and social media marketing. Considering what is to be revealed now expertise and skills may be a little too adventurous a term.

As already confirmed by Arsenault he had tweeted Maggie as part of his being “strategic,” and not wanting “them” to see him as a “threat.” Adam Arsenault's tweet to Maggie was, “As a request of Mayor Mr. McMullan I have honoured his request to remove my tweets re Mayorgate.” Maggie Riopelle, Executive Assistant to Mayor Brian McMullan responded, “Thank you for your assistance. There is some history you may not be aware of. Feel free to call to discuss.”

Here you have it folks, skill and expertise in journalism, communication, problem solving, social media and so much more. Maggie on behalf of Mayor Brian McMullan confirms that Mayor Brian McMullan is in absolute fear of Mayorgate. Maggie confirms that Brian McMullan threatened Adam Arsenault illegally. Best of all Maggie confirms that Mayor Brian McMullan will slander Mayorgate in person and lie. Arsenault responded with, “Thank you, I'd rather speak in person than over the phone cause body language can speak a million times greater.”

Maybe this was an example of being “strategic,” though someone should inform Adam that an individual skilled in communication can use body language to lead one down any chosen path. Yet a voice when confronted with the right question is another thing all together. Still Maggie responded with this gem, “Feel free to call to book a time. The mayor would be happy to meet with you. He always welcomes people to his office.”

All the expertise in communication, journalistic diplomas, social media, storytelling, etc, etc came shining through here. In a fashion it smells so similar to the infamous telephone answering machine message confirming Mayor Brian McMullan's breach of law only a little more updated by 'twitting'.

Maggie with all her self-appointed skills and expertise has confirmed the slander of Mayorgate by Mayor Brian McMullan and by herself. Someone should have warned dear Maggie that it sits out in the open and can be snatched up a little like the old fashioned telephone answering machine. Strategy in this case makes John Beam look like a genius sitting in a storage locker with a flashlight and a cold Big Mac.

History, as it had been alluded to by Maggie and the trembling Mayor McMullan, needs revisiting. It began with a simple corrupt act and a voice of a councillor confirming that act of corruption. Councillor Jennie Stevens left a message on a telephone answering machine, that message confirmed that Mayor Brian McMullan had fixed a lawful by-law fine. The amount is irrelevant, the type of by-law fine irrelevant, the act of 'fixing' is illegal. Mayor Brian McMullan and Councillor Jennie Stevens didn't simply peddle their influence they broke the law. An article titled A Fine "Fix-ed"? presented all the details as so called media in St. Catharines will not publish the truth and only clean up after our dear elected ones.

Censorship was and is not the solitary tool of the local bunch of news hounds. Marlene Bergsma of The Standard decided it was not enough to censor the facts, Marlene Bergsma took it one step further, hence the article titled You Are A Liar Bergsma. Brian McMullan himself showed his true colours when on October 22nd 2010 he decided to call me. McMullan said “your blog, you call me corrupt I have referred this to my solicitors in Toronto.” This was the same as his cowardly threat of May 11th 2014 and the imaginary statutory declaration.

The election campaign of 2010 had a number of wild issues flying through the air. Two articles one titled Candidate Double Dipping Campaign Funds and Minister Jim Bradley Protecting a Political Pal moved the veil somewhat to take a peek at our honourable representatives and Brian McMullan's star was shining at centre stage. By October 2011 Mayor Brian McMullan decided to stretch courage past a threat over the phone. He had Christopher Bittle of Lancaster, Brooks and Welch send an official letter of threat to shut down Mayorgate. It was simply another cowardly idle threat.

Mayorgate has kept on growing, though local issues remain an important component. Articles such as Salem's Witch Hunt Comes To Niagara showcased Brian McMullan's disregard for the law, and Mayorgate's Author Under Threat provided enough shock as to the lengthy attempts to silence an individual can be carried in a climate of censorship and corruption.

By 2014 the arrogance of Mayor Brian McMullan was no longer a surprise. In the article How Much Can A Koala - Bear, questions were raised as to how can one individual in a nothing position, in a small town, abuse the law and dignity and still walk away without consequence. At least Toronto's Robbie has the light of public attention to deal with. Laval, Quebec had an investigation to finally deal with, but here in St. Catharines, nothing but censorship.

Degradation Of Public Office showed how deceit had grown to a greater and wider scale, and the questions raised have not been answered. To be sure history will repeat itself and this is far from the final journey into the machinations of an individual who has been publicly challenged to prove how any of these points are not true in relation to him. Threat, intimidation and now even slander are simply the tools of someone who has no respect for the law or dignity.

To Maggie Riopelle, Executive Assistant of Mayor Brian McMullan the question is simple and publicly made. How were you going to slander Mayorgate and its publisher? You surely would not tell Arsenault that all of this history is true. If you did then one would question your motivation in your chosen job. Yet on the other hand how are you able to claim that any portion of this is untrue or without fact?

Mayor Brian McMullan made an unlawful threat to a member of the public. McMullan also knew that his threat was a lie as no legal action could be taken against Adam Arsenault for his link or his tweet. It was intentional intimidation and a lie. Yet the legal ramifications are enormous now, and the questions raised alarming.

Why did Brian McMullan threaten Adam Arsenault to protect Councillor Jeff Burch from the truth? The articles published in August of 2013 dealt with issues surrounding Councillor Jeff Burch's lie to council to protect and shelter the owner and operator of Sun Collision, Sam Demita. Those articles had nothing directly related to Brian McMullan. Councillor Jeff Burch had himself send NRP cops in 2010 to attempt some form of intimidation to silence questions of his possible association with Sam Demita. Now Mayor Brian McMullan who is not looking for re-election, has decided to threaten a potential candidate in the election. As always the questions surrounding Brian McMullan seem to begin with why.

Threat and intimidation thrive in a climate where the victims grab their tales and run. Adam Arsenault did nothing wrong in his tweet or his link yet he bowed to threat and removed it all. He claimed to tell them they were wrong by using someone else's words and reference the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of this great land. Arsenault did not believe in the Charter or he would have stood by its principles against a coward's threat. The time has long passed to demand answers and demand we shall continue.

Mayorgate will not run from threat, intimidation or from slander. Publicly Maggie Riopelle, Executive Assistant to Mayor Brian McMullan is asked what she planned to use as slander. To explain what she meant by her own words, “There is some history you may not be aware of.” Can you Maggie Riopelle deny any of the facts or history as published?

Mayorgate only expects silence in return!

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