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Four Years Old, Four Years Young

Mayorgate has grown now to find itself trusted and read by literally hundreds of thousands. We are proud to say that some 30 countries outside of Canada and the US walk through our articles, and many articles published months or even longer in our past are finding new readers today. This in itself is testimony to the value of content and proof that the articles published on Mayorgate hold a relevance to each subject or topic without the desire to appease a popular trend.

As publisher and author of Mayorgate I began with a stirred motivation to take a stand against the censorship imposed on the release of fact and information. This censorship was and is today designed to protect the corrupt, and regardless of the reasons behind those who wield this censorship it in itself becomes the foundation for corruption.

Today Mayorgate has grown to encompass articles on topics that reach out to all readers regardless of what corner of the world they call home. One such article, Earth Has Its Residents, was published for Earth Day and its relevance to all across the globe cannot be denied. As humanity combined we are capable of great things and at the same time commit atrocities that impact not only our future but that of all the creatures we share our Earth with. The insane slaughter of Africa's Rhino has reached shocking proportions and if not stopped this majestic beast will disappear from the wild into extinction.

Once again the incredible talent of artist Alexandra Davidoff was there adding a visual kaleidoscope of emotion with her drawing of a rhino. Alexandra had been part of an exhibition with 100 artists from all mediums and nationalities in New Delhi, India. She took time from her work to provide a piece that brought to life a beast whose eyes pleaded for simply the right to live.

Mayorgate also did as Mayorgate does; not only has the pot been stirred with ideas and truths, the boisterous monkeys of Mayorgate tipped it over. An article appeared in January 2014 dealing with issues surrounding a seniors' home and Niagara Regional Housing (NRH). It was not the first time that the NRH had found attention in the sights of Mayorgate. As always everything was researched with an interview conducted to verify the situation. Copies of documents were also published as it is the usual practice with Mayorgate. Lawyer Rachel Slingerland from Martens Lingard LLP acting on behalf of her clients the Board of Directors of the Paderewski Society Home decided that the truth should not be made public. The article Seniors Languish in Intimidation had become a target for yet another attempt to silence Mayorgate.

This time lawyer Rachel Slingerland from Martens Lingard LLP found it unnecessary to care for the law. Breaches of legislation by the Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority (RHRA) led to a breach of law by the NRH, and in the end lawyer Rachel Slingerland changed her claims three times. Consistency definitely was not the benchmark for this lawyer. All of this is far from ending and lawyer Slingerland has many hurdles to jump over. WeirFoulds LLP, the oldest law firm in Canada with an impressive CV is now part of the whole game on behalf of the RHRA. Whistleblowing protection is under investigation and a whole lot more is still to come.

Throughout the past year many topics found purpose for discussion, such as the integrity of lawyers, self imposed censorship and the lost values in public servants we elect. One of the first articles for year 4 was titled Law, lawyers are they one and the same, with the actions of lawyer Rachel Slingerland it has become a question needing to be asked. Originally the focus was lawyer John Willey who lied to a City Council on behalf of his client Sam Demita, owner and operator of Sun Collision. Integrity and law were far from the mind of John Willey.

At the same time as lawyer John Willey spread his web of deceit, Councillor Jeff Burch joined in. Here was a member of local government elected by the people to act on behalf of their best interests who decided to openly lie to help cover-up broken laws. Councillor Jeff Burch was brought before an Integrity Commissioner, but this only turned out to be a farce and an insult. Integrity Commissioner Suzanne Craig did not clear Councillor Burch and the report of the investigation was analyzed in the article Integrity Commissioner Suzanne Craig Presents Report.

To believe that democracy and our basic rights are guaranteed in some fashion is a dangerous illusion to hang on to. Articles such as Deceit & Censorship Breed Corruption, and Can Opposition Be Silenced provide the undeniable truth that in Canada nothing is guaranteed and everything has to be fought for. Sadly the average Canadian cares little and the corruption of society continues.

Amongst all the realities of our rights and freedoms gradually eroding away came a story of an ordinary man, a very ordinary man. Disabled Body, A Heart Full of Pride – The Bob Hansplant Story, peeled away the facade of hypocrisy that surrounds our attitudes towards those with physical handicaps. Here was a double-amputee who was not able to use the shower in his own apartment for four years, and when Niagara Regional Housing was confronted with the issue their response was to lie and intimidate.

Although local issues found a greater presence through the year their relevance to all could not be denied. Mayorgate found itself fighting through the quicksand of deceit, corruption and censorship yet the joy of life was not ignored. Silent Splendour found two instalments added to the continuing story of the evolution of a garden. I promise that more is to come as this garden continues to grow and change in its beauty.

Humanity as a whole is capable of reaching great heights if in some way we could disengage ourselves from our most base weaknesses. Our society needs the steering and guidance that government provides. At the same time rules and laws are a necessity for as totally free individuals without constraints only anarchy could result. That being said, how is it that no real constraints are enforced against those who we elect to steer our governments, or who we entrust the authority and power to enforce equally our laws and legislation?

Coming to the end of our fourth year an article was published that clearly resounds with these questions of the previous paragraph. Degradation of Public Office, sets the stage where the two main characters are far from an endearing couple. Finally the veil had been lifted on the rumours of an affair between a mayor and a regional councillor. Divorce papers had been filed by Mayor Brian McMullan's wife, Patricia Ruth McMullan. Adultery had been named as a cause of the marital misfortunes amongst other little indiscretions committed by Brian McMullan. The woman named as the partner in adultery was Regional Councillor for Grimsby, Debbie Zimmerman.

Today divorces are far from uncommon, the stresses of society prove too often to be unbearable. If Mayor Brian McMullan was swapping pillows with any woman or man for that matter, other than a fellow sitting Regional Councillor no one would give a damn. But that is not the case, these two are elected members of a government and one had to step down from
regional council. Neither did but preferred to lie and deceive on a daily basis. Now with the news being made public a legal mess potentially is waiting like a Pandora's Box to be sprung open.

So as we approach the end of our fourth year Mayorgate is simply preparing for much more to report. As always the articles each of you read here are either filled with facts that standard media avoids, or time had been taken to provide supporting evidence to ride along with the material. Either way I as publisher and author stand by each article knowing that someone may disagree with Mayorgate, but in the end no one can argue the facts presented, at least not successfully.

Mayorgate will always keep those mischievous monkeys free.

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