Saturday, February 23, 2013

PM Harper speaks, Bob Rae and Danny Matatawabin remain silent

Throughout the 44 days of the Chief Theresa Spence public fraud against our nation we were shown that opposition politics cares very little for truth. Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae and NDP Charlie Angus had their own motivations as they become willing partners in the biggest lie Canada has yet faced.

Chief Theresa Spence ended her 'hunger' strike and disappeared it was claimed that she needed some 'me' time, even though her outward physical appearance had little change at the end of the 'hunger' strike to when she began it. Bob Rae whipped up the Declaration of Commitment, a document worth less in reality than used bathroom tissue. Attempts were made to contact Bob Rae by Mayorgate for comment, he refused to acknowledge as expected. Mayorgate also sent more than one email to Chief Spence's spokesperson Danny Metatawabin, both Spence and Metatawabin ignored all attempts for comment. Prime Minister Harper was sent a letter and he took the time to respond via his Executive Correspondence Unit. True the response was somewhat guarded and diplomatic in its reference to First Nations issues. Still time was taken to respond, on the other hand both Bob Rae and Chief Theresa Spence ran like cowards from the difficult questions raised for their comment.

The evidence provided in the articles published on Mayorgate is undeniable and demands action. No Canadian whether in the corporate or private sectors would be able to remain free from consequence if caught committing such blatant fraud of public money. Several individuals had tried to divert attention away from the intentional fraud of Chief Theresa Spence by convoluting the issue of where the money originates for First Nations. Issues of trust accounts and payments for highways and more had been brought up. It was claimed that as Canadians we pay for the use and development of this nation foot by foot to the First Nations. Not one individual dared to comment on Chief Spence. The reality was simple, Chief Theresa Spence, her common-law partner Clayton Kennedy and members of the Attawapiskat Band Council had committed criminal fraud - clear and undeniable evidence exists of that fact.

One individual claimed that the First Nations people have different laws than the rest of Canada. No Canadian is above the law is the only response to that statement. Charlie Angus ran around with his guitar singing the praises of his hero Chief Spence, now for whatever reason he is silent. Bob Rae knew the truth and had in fact seen it for himself yet he was willing to diminish our nation and each one of us for simple political gamesmanship and a lie.

We thank the Prime Minister's Office for their response, but make it clear that if the Prime Minister does not treat Chief Theresa Spence and others in Attawapiskat responsible for this fraud equally as any Canadian then he has let all of Canada down. When the First Nations people bang their drums demanding equality and fair treatment their sound is empty and hollow. It is fear of acting against any First Nation that stops clear and decisive action against Chief Spence, and that is not equality.

True First Nations issues are complex and require that the decision process is clear of opinion or emotion. At the same time it is clear that absolute and responsible accountability must be demanded in return. Chief Theresa Spence and others have used the public stage in a farce to take attention away from the truth. Fear was a weapon used against anyone willing to question Spence and the Attawapiskat situation. The fear of being labelled racist or anti-First Nations, historical references to horror schools and the treatment of First Nations children. All of this has taken attention away from the truth.

As Fox Mulder's anthem twangs in the air, “the truth is out there,” on the ground a question remains who has the courage to face it?

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