Monday, December 31, 2012


Twenty twelve is ending, we are preparing for a new year, brushing off our planned resolutions. It is time to look back at our successes or failures of 2012, or is it better to look forward? Do we really learn from our mistakes, or do we simply make them all over again? Hmmm..., maybe that's all too heavy to think about.

So let's instead celebrate the dawning of a new year with hope and cheer. As the only intelligent species on this Earth we are its stewards, whether we like it or not. Each and every day we give birth to our children, they to theirs, yet each generation shares a responsibility in the inheritance that they leave behind. We share a kinship with the trees and forests, all living creatures whether roaming on land, flying the skies or swimming our waters. True we are the intelligent ones that we have already established, yet we all share the same needs. We all need fresh and clean air to breathe, uncontaminated water to hydrate and sustain us, and nutrition from a food supply regardless of its source that is not tainted with foreign bodies. In the end our intelligence simply demands more from us.

Each year we begin with the countdown for midnight and its minute after to celebrate a sort of new beginning. True it is more symbolic then real, heck we have been around a long time after all and have raised those glasses at midnight often enough. Our resolutions promising change or planned goals for achievement have become the same as the ever fashionable tuxedo or the little black dress. Worn one night and then hung in the closet, lonely and dark, forgotten till the next dawning of new year's celebration.

It is time to change and put on new clothes for the celebration and to bring forth new resolutions, ones that demand our attention throughout the coming year. That old tuxedo and little black dress may of been comfortable for a long time but we have grown and no longer fit into it. Our own intelligence demands that we recognize the facts and evidence all around us for all of this is beneath our true potential.

Today is the dawning of 2013, lets put on new clothes, new resolutions to welcome the new year. Let's make this new year a year of real change towards a future that has promise and sustainability for our children and their children's children. It is time we take our immense intelligence to new heights and time to go back when our kinship with all who share this earth was of equal value.

Man truly is an intelligent species, our Earth simply needs us to prove it. IT IS TIME.....!

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