Monday, November 26, 2012

Mouse vs. Man – a children's novel by Alexander Davidoff

Harri & Luna the first novel by Alexander Davidoff is now available on in paperback and e-book. It is a children's story based on the promise that friendship, courage and love can truly empower all of us to survive the most arduous adventures that life throws at us.

The story had an unusual beginning as a challenge for two home-schooled children to write a short story about a mouse they saw in their house. Each of the children wrote several pages, Harri & Luna went much further.

As the characters and world of Harri & Luna developed illustrations were added by artist Alexandra Davidoff. Alexandra a self-taught artist and the only Canadian entry in the Global Art Awards art competition of Amsterdam, winning the first stage with the highest public vote spent many hours developing not only the illustrations for the book but also the animated book trailer. Each and every frame hand painted in digital format to present a visual peek at the enchanting characters of Harri & Luna.

Once the animated piece was completed a voice characterization was recorded by Nikolas Davidoff. Nikolas in his own right has published an article on Game Informer titled Tribute to a Games Journalism Loss and in its first week has had over 1000 reads. It is an insightful piece dealing with the dying art of the written word as seen over and over again with the demise of both magazines and even books as the electronic age mushrooms further onward.

Harri & Luna is an adventure for the young and the young at heart. It is also a story of the value of life, all life regardless of its origins. As serious a theme as this may be, Harri & Luna never forgets that it is an adventure for children filled with excitement and gasps that will take the young reader again and again to the opening pages. As it's hero, Harri is an unlikely one at first glance, yet he has the one ingredient that makes him mighty and that is courage.

All heroes need a damsel in distress and Harri has his precious Luna, and all heroes need a friend. Harri has Squeeks a hilarious optimist who finds within himself courage even he could not imagine. Together the ingredients are timeless yet told in a story that is fresh and very current with the times we live in.

Harri & Luna is a children's story and a story for the child in all of us. Take the time and enjoy it with the child inside or one at your side. 

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