Monday, October 8, 2012

SUPPORT Only Canadian Entry in the Global Art Awards

As Canadians we share the pride of one of our own achieving recognition on the world stage. It has never mattered what the field may be, whether it was music with such world stars as Nickleback, Buble, Levine, Furtado or Bieber. Hollywood has seen the talent of Canadian actors in the likes of John Candy, Christopher Plummer, Donald Sutherland, Micheal J. Fox, Rian Gosling, Rachel McAdams, Ellen Page and so many more. Whether in the field of the arts, sport or even world politics, it was Canada's Lester B. Pearson who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his tireless work during the Suez Crisis, we stand up and cheer for our Canadian achievement with pride.

Mayorgate's own Alexandra Davidoff, an artist all readers are familiar with has entered an international art competition, and she is the only Canadian entry. The Global Art Awards, (GAA) are conducted annually by the Global Art Agency of Amsterdam Holland. Alexandra Davidoff is the only Canadian artist competing for the Best Global Artist of the Year 2012 award.

Alexandra's caricatures provide a visual extension to each article, yet each stands on its own. She has avoided the cliche of extending physical features and has chosen instead to provide a visual commentary worthy of discussion and thought. But her talents extend far beyond these caricatures as you can see for yourself. Alexandra is a self-taught artist who began as we all do with stick people. Though most of us never surpass such artistic achievements by adding anything more to the sticks, Alexandra has spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours sharpening her natural talent.

The result of all the hours spent is her entry in the Global Art Awards titled Futuristic Fishnet. Alexandra's paintings hang on the front of our home and traffic often slows down to look and passers by stop to view the vivid expressions of life brought to blank canvas.

Support a Canadian artist with her attempt at gaining her first international award. Voting is open to all and it is the number of public votes each contestant gathers that determines their chance at progressing to stage two and the final stage of the competition. The simple process of how to vote is added here for you, now please support a Canadian artist whose talent deserves recognition. Help place the Canadian flag at the Global Art Awards and Alexandra Davidoff to become the first Canadian to be chosen as the Best Global Artist of the Year.

How to Vote:

Follow this LINK

Click LIKE in top right corner 

Scroll to find "Futuristic Fishnet" 

Click VOTE below the name of Alexandra Davidoff  

If you do not have a facebook, hard to believe these days, then go to a friend's and vote for a Canadian in the Global Art Awards, Alexandra's talent is deserving of your vote.

Official announcement on the Global Art Agency Facebook page

Alexandra Davidoff had received votes from many corners of the globe as well as her home country Canada. Alexandra's entry 'Futuristic Fishnet' brought the attention and votes from the United States of America, England, Spain, Israel, Netherlands, France, Germany, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa and more totalling 148 votes and making Alexandra the clear winner of the public vote, the people's choice for the Best Global Artist 2012 Award.

Global Art Agency on December 1st 2012 chose a local Dutch artist, Loes Van Delft, as the winner of the competition. Congratulations to all the artists who entered into the Global Arts Competition.

Alexandra now has presented her latest work on YouTube in the form of a book trailer for a children's book titled 'Harri & Luna'. Each frame of this animated piece was digitally hand painted by Alexandra to bring to life the characters of this children's adventure story.

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  1. Great , and i'd like to vote however i'm not going to create a FACEBOOK account is there another link sans FACEBOOK?

  2. Unfortunately we have no control on the format that the Global Art Agency has decided upon for the public participation process. Facebook is the only possible way to vote and I can understand that no one would want to start one simply for this. If I can be bold as to suggest telling a friend with Facebook, other than that we thank you for your support.