Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The acceptance of ripening, another birthday

As I turn another year older an acceptance of the facts of life reach a clearer realization. My environmental work finds a new vest of motivation, an understanding of our responsibilities as stewards who bequeath to our children and grandchildren their future. For my 54th I have been honoured with an invitation to become an ambassador for Tres Hombres Ecoliners Atlantis which I have accepted proudly. Mayorgate will continue on its path and I promise it won't become crabby or cantankerous simply because of an ache or two.

So I share with you all who are equally ripening, a birthday sentiment given to me by my daughter and Mayorgate's artist, Alexandra, its message provides lovely and amusing thoughts.

"People are so afraid of that nasty five letter word that begins with D (hint – the end, climax, crescendo of life). They're also fearful of natural ageing, determined through science and skin creams to reverse or at least halt the process. They hang a halo of shame upon the symptoms of the elderly (you know, forgetfulness, uncontrollable gas, constipation). Yet they throw lavish (and not so lavish) parties for their birthdays. Don't they know the 'birthday' is the early warning, the predecessor of all their fears? With every birthday the body wrinkles (on the inside and the out), getting settled and comfortable, procrastinating a little bit more, feeling more self-aware and mellow, as the cartilage softens and the personal happy time becomes more of a challenge to achieve. There are certain milestones and privileges associated with the passing of a Birthday, but most of those are bumped back at the opening of the tunnel, at a stage in development when the body and mind are still quite like an infant in that they are not yet fully connected. As soon as the proper connection between thought and action is made, there comes the onslaught of corrosion no organic diet or exercise can reverse.

Birthday – the symbol of having one less year to live. I don't quite see people looking forward with that celebration. Unless they embrace ageing. Maybe if we don't use the term 'ageing' we'll learn to appreciate its gifts a little more. Let's call it 'ripening', because a ripe fruit is always the tastiest! And when you've hit the deep end, you can avoid arguments by just forgetting what you were going to say, never excuse yourself because everyone expects you to let go anyway (if they know it's coming, what's the need to blurt it out verbally?) and sit back to enjoy the little things.

So cheers to the ripening of your brain and body fluids! 'Cause none of us are getting any younger."

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  1. Happy Birthday! This was a wonderful read. I loved the philosophy and the message. Everyone, no matter their age, should read this!